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Yatzy Duel Review: Roll The Dice and Win Real Money

yatzy duel review

Yatzy Duel, developed by Malang Games, is making waves in the digital board game world. This review looks at a game that’s quickly becoming a favorite.

You can find Yatzy Duel on Skillz, the Galaxy Store, and the App Store. It’s not just a game we remember from our childhood. It’s a growing community of eager players brought together by modern tech.

It keeps the classic Yatzy rules we love but adds new, fun game features. Plus, the social parts of the game make it even more enjoyable.

The best part? Its design is smooth and it’s boosted by Skillz. This gives players a new but familiar game experience. This Yatzy Duel review shows it’s more than dice rolling – it’s about making friends and enjoying some friendly competition online.

Yatzy Duel
  • Fun Factor
  • User Experience
  • Earning Potential
  • Beginner-Friendliness

Yatzy Duel Review Summary

If you’re a fan of dice games, you’ll love Yatzy Duel. Whether enjoying free games or turning up the stakes and playing for cash, this app provides endless fun. It’s available from the Apple App Store, the Galaxy Store, and Skillz.


Real Money Prizes

Classic Gameplay

Modern Integration

Accessible on Multiple Platforms


Location Restrictions for Cash Tournaments

Potential Learning Curve

In-Game Purchses

Who Can Play Yatzy Duel?

Yatzy Duel, available on Skillz, the Galaxy Store, and the App Store for those 17 and older, caters to mature gamers looking for dice-based contests with cash rewards.

However, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, and South Dakota have restrictions against cash competitions, nudging players toward virtual currency gameplay.

Is Yatzy Duel Legit?

Yes, Yatzy Duel is a legit app that offers the chance to win real money prizes. If you’re unfamiliar with the game or its developer, you can gain confidence from the fact that it’s on the Skillz platform. Skillz is a well-established and trusted authority in the world of real money gaming.

Although Yatzy Duel is legit, it’s important to recognize that you can lose money playing this game. If you pay an entry fee to join a cash tournament and you don’t win, you’ll lose the entry fee. We recommend starting with the free games and eventually joining cash games with low entry fees to minimize risk.

Yatzy Duel Reviews

In addition to our own review, we like to show what other players think about the apps we cover. Yatzy Duel has a perfect 5-start rating on the Apple App Store, based on 11 user reviews. It’s also got a 5-star rating on the Galaxy Store, based on 4 user reviews.

A player with the username gnes** on the Galaxy Store says, “Very fun quick games,easy to play.”

And bang** says, “Love this game.”

Developer Information

Malang Games is an esteemed name in the mobile gaming realm, having garnered praise for its dedication to offering captivating titles. With a varied portfolio, they’ve managed to appeal to a broad spectrum of gamers, consistently delivering games that blend innovation with enjoyment.

Malang Games’ recent releases underscore their knack for blending innovation with classic gaming themes. Age of Bingo: World Tour, introduced in July 2023, rejuvenates traditional bingo by adding a global twist. As players engage, they are transported on a virtual world tour, making each game an exciting journey.

In May 2023, they released Bubble Shooter: Champion. This game, focusing on the simple joy of matching and popping bubbles, seamlessly marries straightforward design with strategic depth.

Their April 2023 release, Idle Fishing: Sea of Fantasy, lets players fish in a mesmerizing marine environment, emphasizing both collection and care of their catches, adding a unique dimension to casual gameplay.

Malang Games’ reputation in the mobile gaming community stands strong, attributed to its innovative approach to revitalizing classic concepts and an unwavering commitment to enhancing the player experience. Their track record speaks volumes about their prowess and dedication in the mobile gaming landscape.

yatzy duel

Pros of Yatzy Duel

  • Real Money Prizes: Compete in tournaments and head-to-head matches for a chance to win cash prizes.
  • Classic Gameplay: Maintains the beloved mechanics of traditional Yatzy, appealing to long-time fans.
  • Modern Integration: Skillz integration brings a contemporary touch, introducing a competitive element.
  • Accessibility: Available across multiple platforms like Skillz, the Galaxy Store, and the App Store.

Cons of Yatzy Duel

  • Cash Restrictions: Players in certain states (e.g., Arkansas, Connecticut, etc.) are prohibited from cash competitions and are directed towards virtual currency play.
  • Potential Learning Curve: The blend of traditional gameplay with modern features may pose a learning curve for some.
  • In-Game Purchases: The lure of real cash prizes might lead to increased in-game purchases, which could become costly for some players.
yatzy duel review

Gameplay and Mechanics of Yatzy Duel

Yatzy Duel offers an enticing fusion of classic dice mechanics with modern digital gaming. Crafted to provide both novices and seasoned players an engaging experience, the game encapsulates strategy, chance, and a touch of nostalgia.

Yatzy Duel takes its roots from the beloved classic board game where dice rule the outcomes. Players are tasked with rolling five dice, making strategic choices on which dice to retain and which to roll again. The decision isn’t a simple one, as players have a limited window of two rerolls per turn.

Once the rolling phase concludes, players face another strategic junction: they must assign a score, derived from the dice outcomes, into one of the available score boxes, or take a zero for that turn. The game reaches its crescendo when all score boxes have been filled. Here, the player with the highest accumulated score takes the crown.

yatzy duel review

In-Depth Mechanics:

  • Score Boxes: A critical component of the game, score boxes dictate potential scoring combinations. For instance, if a player rolls three 5s and two 6s, they might opt to record this under the “Full House” category, which would reward them with a set 30 points. Still, the “3 of a Kind” or “Chance” boxes remain viable options too, where they would record the sum of all the dice. Strategic decisions on where to allocate scores can make or break the game.

Match Scoring: The game provides a variety of scoring opportunities.

  • “3 of a Kind” and “4 of a Kind” require players to roll at least three or four of the same dice, respectively. The score? The sum of all dice.
  • “Small Straight” and “Large Straight” challenge players to roll sequences, rewarding 40 points for a four-dice sequence and a generous 50 points for a five-dice sequence.
  • Landing a “Yatzy,” the pinnacle move of the game, necessitates all five dice to show the same number, netting the player a hefty 70 points.
  • “Chance” is the wildcard category, allowing any combination of dice with a score being the sum of all dice.

Bonuses: Yatzy Duel introduces additional layers of strategy with bonus opportunities.

  • Sub Bonus: Players who accumulate 63 or more points in the upper section are rewarded with an extra 50 points.
  • Yatzy Bonus: Those skillful enough to roll more than one Yatzy in a game can cash in on an additional 100 points for each extra Yatzy.
  • Time Bonus: At the conclusion of turn 13, players receive a bonus point for every second they’ve saved, urging players to be swift yet thoughtful.
yatzy duel

Unique Features and Challenges of Yatzy Duel

The allure of Yatzy Duel lies not just in its mechanics but in its modes. Players can challenge themselves in tournaments or go head-to-head against other users. And for those with a competitive edge, the game introduces real cash prizes in certain areas.

For those looking to hone their skills, the game provides different modes ranging from “Practice” for beginners to “Novice” for those ready to test their mettle.

Yatzy Duel, with its intricate balance of strategy and luck, offers players an experience that’s both familiar and fresh. Whether you’re rolling for a Yatzy, strategizing on score box allocations, or diving into intense head-to-head battles, the game promises a thrilling dice-driven adventure.

yatzy duel review

Promotions and Rewards

Yatzy Duel isn’t merely a dice game; it serves as a platform for competitive recognition. Like other Skillz games, Yatzy Duel entices players to engage in special events and tournaments, seamlessly combining leisure with competitive flair.

At the core of its competitive essence is the game’s real-time leaderboard, offering players a quick comparison against global competitors. As they accumulate points and hone their tactics, they ascend the leaderboard, bolstering their sense of triumph.

The chance to secure real money in particular tournaments intensifies the excitement. Navigating these tournaments requires a blend of skill, strategy, and luck. This challenge is what draws players continuously. Beyond the potential for monetary rewards, it’s the pure spirit of competition that truly drives player involvement.

Payment and Purchases

Yatzy Duel offers an assortment of in-game purchasing alternatives. Players find ease with the integration of popular payment methods like PayPal, Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, and credit cards, ensuring smooth transactions.

These in-game investments can span from tournament entries to gameplay boosts. The standout attraction remains the opportunity to participate in cash-prize tournaments. Through these investments, players have the potential to secure larger cash winnings.

In terms of cashing out, Yatzy Duel places a premium on both swiftness and security. Especially with platforms like PayPal, the cash-out procedure is designed to be both quick and user-friendly. The game’s transactional philosophy is centered on ensuring a safe payment environment and streamlined winnings retrieval.

VIP or Loyalty Program

Through Skillz, Yatzy Duel celebrates its most devoted players with the Black Tier program, a symbol of commitment and prestige. To achieve this distinguished status, players must gather 800,000 Ticketz in just a month. Each game brings players closer to this esteemed recognition.

If players waver from their Black Tier standing, Skillz ensures they receive a timely notification, keeping them informed and ready to act to maintain their elite rank.

The Black Tier is not just a token of achievement; it offers real benefits. Members get a generous 6x Ticketz multiplier for each game, win or lose. Moreover, the cash withdrawal timeline is reduced to just 10 business days, a significant improvement from the standard 4-6 weeks.

To ensure a premier gaming experience, Black Tier members have access to a dedicated VIP Concierge team, prepared to assist with any in-game or account-related concerns.

Yatzy Duel Review: Final Thoughts

Yatzy Duel has carved a unique niche in the mobile gaming landscape by blending strategic gameplay with compelling social interactions. This game, while being straightforward to learn, offers players the chance to win real money, heightening its allure. The dynamic leaderboard intensifies the competitive spirit, ensuring players remain hooked and intrigued.

While beginners might initially grapple with some of the game’s mechanics or promotional nuances, the ease of learning makes Yatzy Duel accessible to all. Within a short span, newcomers can understand and master the game, optimizing their chances to earn real rewards.

Yatzy Duel offers an enticing gaming experience, combining easy-to-learn mechanics with the excitement of connecting with fellow players and winning real cash prizes.

For enthusiasts looking to explore more in the realm of Yatzy mobile games with monetary incentives, Yatzy Royale is worth a glance.

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