Sugar Rush Game App Review: Skillz Match 3 Game With Prizes

Sugar Rush Game App Review: Does This Skillz Match 3 Game Pay Legit Money Prizes?

Sugar Rush Game App Review

If you have a sweet tooth and love playing mobile games, Sugar Rush is here to satisfy your craving! Described as a mobile game that features cash prizes, this app might become your new favorite way to make money online.

There’s something so exciting about receiving that notification saying money was deposited into your account. By playing games that pay real money, you can receive that notification a little bit easier.

If you want to know if this is the app for you, keep reading this in-depth Sugar Rush game app review for an insider look at this addictive app.

What is Sugar Rush?

Sugar Rush is an interactive, skill-based mobile game great for fans of match 3 games. Collect points by combining tiles of matching colors.

Get your dosage of Sugar Rush by playing this super sweet game! Developed by Skillz, you can expect colorful graphics and interactive gameplay when playing Sugar Rush. This app is downloadable for free on iOS and Android devices and is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

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Even before downloading Sugar Rush, you can expect a binge-able game that showcases Skillz’s high standards of mobile gaming.

Who Can Play Sugar Rush?

Sugar Rush has an age requirement of at least 18 years old to withdraw their winnings from tournaments.

Unfortunately, residents of the following states will be ineligible to compete for money: AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, and SD. However, Sugar Rush features addicting free gameplay for those who cannot participate in cash tournaments.

The game can be played on iOS and Android devices. The Android version is not available on Google Play, but it can be downloaded from Skillz.

Is Sugar Rush Legit?

Yes, Sugar Rush is legit and pays real money for those who play and master this game. Skillz is a trusted and well-established platform, so you can rest assured that your in-app earnings are legitimate.

Download Sugar Rush on your iOS or Android device to start playing this binge-able match 3 game with a fun twist! Accumulate points by effectively combining tiles of matching colors and outscore your competition to receive real cash prizes.

For those looking to challenge others with some light-hearted competition, a small cash entry fee must be deposited to join tournaments. For those new to Sugar Rush or match 3 games, practice your skills with the app’s free gameplay. As you get more comfortable with Sugar Rush, you can begin entering tournaments.

To sum things up, Sugar Rush is a legit money-earning mobile app based on skill. Although there’s a risk factor to competing in cash tournaments, Sugar Rush offers a variety of entry fees, from smaller to more expensive. So, even if the thrill of risking it all isn’t your thing, you can still play Sugar Rush for real money prizes.

Sugar Rush Reviews

Sugar Rush’s ratings are reflected in the app’s seamless gaming platform. It boasts a 4.5-star rating on the Apple App Store based on over 200 reviews. Sugar Rush currently doesn’t have any reviews for Android users.

Check out some of these raving reviews from players like mrsamberw, “I’ve been playing this game for years, and it is really fun! I find it relaxing to play. it’s like Candy Crush but way better!”

And this one by Kimberlyhub, “Love making money playing games and competing!”

As you can see, mobile money-makers just like you love this exciting game.

How Does Sugar Rush Work?

sugar rush game app

Get your fingers warmed up because it’s time to start matching tiles on Sugar Rush.

Download the app and set up your account via Facebook or email to begin practicing your match 3 skills and going head-to-head against users worldwide.

Deposit money to win money on Sugar Rush. Cash entry fees are required to participate in tournaments. Prize pools are made up of those fees and can even go back into your pockets if you beat your opponents. Cash incentives help make Sugar Rush more compelling, so despite the game’s risk factor, you can still earn sweet money prizes.

Players should note Sugar Rush features free gameplay for users who prefer or cannot play for cash– which is just as thrilling.

How to Play Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush is a strategic skill-based game that gets players thinking. Think a few moves ahead to maximize your score and beat your competition.

When you begin a level, a colorful screen of delicious-looking sweets will fall in front of you. Start connecting matching tiles in groups of three or more to receive points. While Sugar Rush may seem initially easy, you will quickly find that the 1-minute match timer requires strategy.

A unique feature of this match 3 game is Sugar Rush’s multi-move system that allows you to play as quickly or slowly as you like. So you can make simultaneous matches across your whole board without waiting for new pieces to drop.

To add some extra sweetness to this game, Sugar Rush also rewards players with power-ups and special moves to boost their score even higher. We recommend implementing strategy into your practice so you can get the most points possible. The more tiles you match, the greater your chances of winning will grow.

Consistency is key when it comes to improving your skills. So, if Sugar Rush joins your current gaming rotation, you are in luck.

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How Much Money Can You Make on Sugar Rush?

sugar rush game app

Players who improve their Sugar Rush technique can move up and compete in tournaments with $211 in prizes guaranteed. Meaning that the top three ranking players can make anywhere from $30 to $42 in as little as 1-minute per game.

Just think of all the tournaments you could’ve competed in during the time you’ve been reading this Sugar Rush game app review.

Although it’s important to keep in mind the potential risks of losing your cash entry fee, this app offers countless opportunities to practice for free. Additionally, players can compete in tournaments with smaller cash entry fees, so they never have to feel the pressure of high-risk games. On average, those tournaments’ winning range from $1 to $20.

Ultimately, Sugar Rush won’t fund your cost of living, but it can help you remove the guilt from treating yourself!

How to Get Started on Sugar Rush


Sugar Rush is free to download on the App Store for iOS users or on Skillz for Android users (not available on Google Play). Log in with your Facebook or email and choose an avatar to set up your account.

Start Playing

Put your quick-thinking hat on and start playing this super fun match 3 game. The more tiles you match, the more points you receive. Whether you want to play for fun or compete in tournaments for real cash prizes, Sugar Rush has you covered.

Withdraw Your Money

When you are ready to withdraw, securely transfer your in-app earnings into real money by depositing your money into your bank account or PayPal. In a few short days, you will be able to access the prizes you earned by playing and winning Sugar Rush.

Sugar Rush Game App Review: Final Thoughts

sugar rush game app review

Devour all the sweets on the screen and earn legit money from Sugar Rush.

Now that you’ve finished reading this detailed Sugar Rush game app review, you know why we recommend downloading this app onto your iOS or Android device. With fast-paced 1 minute games, Sugar Rush can be played anywhere at any time, whether you’re on a break from work or in your bed. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start making real money on Sugar Rush by competing against players across the world!

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