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Cribbage Blitz Review: Solitaire Meets Cribbage

Cribbage Blitz Review

Cribbage Blitz is fast becoming a top mobile app for card lovers, available for iOS and Android users. It’s not your typical card game. The app seamlessly combines traditional Cribbage with the solo challenge of Solitaire, enhanced by creative features from Skillz.

Beyond the game, it’s a bustling space for players to connect, pitting their skills against others globally. Strategy and careful planning are key. And if you’re a Cribbage enthusiast, there’s a bonus: in certain areas, you can compete in cash tournaments via the Skillz platform, turning your prowess into real money rewards.

Cribbage Blitz stands out for its rich gameplay, engaged community, and innovative design. For Cribbage veterans and novices alike, this app offers a unique and potentially profitable card-playing journey. In this Cribbage Blitz review, we cover all the important details.

Cribbage Blitz
  • Fun Factor
  • User Experience
  • Earning Potential
  • Beginner-Friendliness

Cribbage Blitz Review Summary

Cribbage Blitz merges the classic card games of Cribbage and Solitaire, providing a fun gaming experience that stands out from other card game apps. It is available for iOS and Android (Android users can get it from Skillz), and cash tournaments are available in about 75% of the world. Users who don’t want to enter cash games or tournaments can play free games for virtual currency. Overall, Cribbage Blitz is an entertaining game that offers an enjoyable play experience, plus a chance at real cash prizes.


Engaging gameplay

Innovative design

Social connectivity

Cash tournaments

Nostalgic appeal


Fairness concerns

Tournament fee limitations

Scoring ambiguities

Who Can Play Cribbage Blitz?

Cribbage Blitz can be played on iOS and Android devices. iPhone and iPad users can download it directly from the Apple App Store. Android users can get Cribbage Blitz from the Skillz platrom (it is not available in the Google Play Store). It is rated 17+ in the App Store due to the involvement of real money.

It’s essential for players to note some geographic constraints when it comes to cash tournaments via Skillz. They’re available in a majority of the world, roughly 75%, but residents in AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, and SD will find themselves outside this loop.

Still, there’s a silver lining for those in excluded regions. The game’s virtual currency lets them engage in friendly matches, ensuring everyone can get in on the action.

cribbage blitz review

Cribbage Blitz Reviews

We’re not the only ones who love Cribbage Blitz. The game has an 4.8/5-star rating in the Apple App Store, based on more than 600 user reviews. Android users give it a 4.5 average rating in the Galaxy Store, with nearly 100 reviews.

Combine those high ratings with the established reputation with the Skillz platform, and it’s easy to see that Cribbage Blitz has plenty to offer.

Developer Information

Tether Studios has made a notable mark in the mobile gaming industry. Their portfolio, which includes over 20 million players, speaks to their reach and influence. Among their contributions to Apple’s iOS platform are games such as Cash Out Bingo, Rummy Royale, Mahjong Solitaire Cube, Super Blast, and Cribbage Blitz.

Beyond their extensive game library, Tether Studios emphasizes community engagement and the growth of Mobile eSports. Their approach combines a commitment to innovation with a focus on serving a diverse player base.

cribbage blitz

Pros of Cribbage Blitz

  • Engaging Gameplay: The game offers a stimulating experience that’s not only addictive but can also keep the brain agile.
  • Innovative Design: Cribbage Blitz puts a fresh spin on traditional Cribbage by melding solitaire and multiplayer aspects.
  • Social Connectivity: Players have the chance to go head-to-head with real individuals, enhancing interaction and rivalry.
  • Cash Tournaments: Through a collaboration with Skillz, players have the opportunity to join tournaments and play for real money prizes.
  • Nostalgic Appeal: Many users appreciate the game’s distinctive gameplay, which evokes a sense of nostalgia.

Cons of Cribbage Blitz

  • Fairness Concerns: There are occasional mentions of perceived discrepancies, such as asynchronous clock starts for opponents and inconsistent game results.
  • Tournament Fee Limitations: A few users have voiced concerns over the entry fees for contests and perceive the leaderboard payouts as minimal.
  • Scoring Ambiguities: Some users express confusion regarding the scoring methodology, desiring more simpler explanations.
cribbage blitz

Gameplay and Mechanics

In Cribbage Blitz, tradition meets a fresh twist blending the strategic depth of Cribbage with the solitary challenges of Solitaire, this game emerges as an enticing offering for card gamers.

Played solo with a single deck across four meticulous rounds, players are tasked with one primary mission: surpass their adversary’s score.

The gameplay orbits around the ‘crib,’ a collection of cards each player curates. To this, two concealed cards are appended, and in a unique departure from other card games, the deck remains static across rounds, preserving each card’s individuality.

The intrigue intensifies as players navigate their turns, the crux of which lies in strategically leveraging crib cards to forge high-scoring combinations. While gameplay unfolds in a structured three-stage format, participants face pivotal decisions at each juncture:

  • Drawing & Discard: Eight cards are dealt: six to the hand and two to the crib. The challenge? Deciding which two hand cards best fortify their crib.
  • Pegging: Players sift through their cards, sculpting intricate scoring combos while ensuring they never breach a 31-point threshold.
  • Counting Phase: Using the hand and the unveiled Flop card, scores are chalked up. Still, oversights are costly: three ‘muggins’ penalties spell the game’s end.
cribbage blitz

The landscape of Cribbage Blitz is dotted with distinct arenas:

  • Peg Board: The nexus of point accumulation, with players aspiring for a commendable 7,100.
  • Flop Card: This revealed card is a lynchpin in crafting pivotal scoring combinations.
  • Hand & Crib: These elements drive the game’s dynamics during the intensive Playing Hands phase.

Yet, as players duel for dominance, Cribbage Blitz introduces a nuance: while adversaries are of equivalent skill, synchronous play isn’t guaranteed. This design choice ensures that each contest feels both familiar and unpredictably fresh.

What elevates Cribbage Blitz from a mere game to an art form is its embrace of both heritage and innovation. Traditional scoring avenues coexist with new rules that compel players to think on their feet. The discard phase, for instance, morphs into a strategy hub, where decisions on card retainment can dictate success in later rounds.

To master Cribbage Blitz is not just to grasp its rules—it’s to immerse oneself in an evolving dance of strategy and anticipation, refined with every hand played.

cribbage blitz

Promotions and Rewards

Cribbage Blitz players are continually incentivized through many promotions, rewards, and time-sensitive offers. These rewards could range from virtual accolades, like in-game currency, to tangible benefits, like real-world prizes.

A notable feature in this gaming landscape is Skillz Bonus Cash. Think of it as a special currency that can be utilized to enter tournaments, giving players an exciting chance to vie for real cash prizes. But it’s essential to remember: Bonus Cash stands distinct from real cash.

While it can be the ticket to enter a contest, it can’t be cashed out. When players join a match, typically, 90% of the entry fee gets drawn from real cash and a mere 10% from Bonus Cash.

And if the real cash at hand falls short? Bonus Cash steps in, covering a more significant chunk of the entry. Victories lead to a sweet deal. Not only is the entry fee refunded in the same payment proportions, but any earnings beyond that come purely in real cash.

How does one amass this valuable Bonus Cash? Several avenues beckon:

  • Referral System: By introducing friends to Skillz, players stand to gain. With a unique invite link at their disposal, referrals that lead to a friend’s initial deposit into Skillz result in Bonus Cash rewards for both.
  • Trophies: Certain achievements in the game come adorned with Bonus Cash prizes. Players can monitor their progress, and upon completion of a trophy, they can lay claim to their earned reward.

Within the game, the Store screen periodically showcases special offers, complete with a countdown timer signaling the ticking opportunity. But here’s a catch: not every offer graces every player. Thus, frequent check-ins ensure one stays in the loop.

Cribbage Blitz doesn’t just test players’ strategic prowess but also showers them with myriad opportunities. Be it Bonus Cash or real-world prizes, the rewards promise to be as engaging as the game itself.

Payment and Purchases

Cribbage Blitz allows players to make in-game deposits using a range of methods such as PayPal, Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, and traditional credit cards. These deposits offer more than just an enhanced gaming experience; they introduce players to real money competitions, where tangible cash prizes await.

While players can spend on virtual currency or gameplay boosts, many are drawn to the allure of cash tournaments. Depositing funds provides players the opportunity to access exclusive features, enter elite tournaments, and raise their competitive stakes.

But the appeal goes beyond fast progression or premium content. It’s the exhilarating prospect of competing for real rewards. And when players are ready to cash out, PayPal proves to be both the quickest and most efficient option, allowing immediate access to their earnings.

Above all, Cribbage Blitz emphasizes providing secure and user-friendly payment methods, ensuring that players experience smooth and hassle-free transactions.

cribbage blitz review

VIP or Loyalty Program

Skillz offers an elite VIP experience for its most loyal players through the Black Tier program. To achieve this distinguished status, players must accumulate 800,000 Ticketz within a month. Every match played contributes to this goal, ensuring that dedicated players have a clear path to joining this exclusive circle.

If nearing the threshold for losing this coveted status, Skillz provides an email reminder to help players stay on track. But Black Tier membership is about more than just recognition; it comes with tangible benefits.

Members enjoy perks like a 6x Ticketz multiplier for every match, regardless of the outcome. Additionally, they benefit from expedited cash withdrawals, which are processed in a mere 10 business days as opposed to the standard 4-6 weeks.

Still, Skillz ensures their Black Tier members receive the finest support. They are granted exclusive access to a dedicated VIP Concierge team for any account or match-related queries.

Cribbage Blitz Review: Final Thoughts

In the landscape of card games, Cribbage Blitz carves out its niche. The game artfully marries elements of Cribbage and Solitaire, offering an experience that’s both familiar and refreshingly innovative.

For the seasoned Cribbage player, this game is more than just a delightful diversion. It becomes a genuine opportunity to win real money, with their prowess in classic mechanics paving the way for consistent victories. Yet, the beauty of Cribbage Blitz is its accessibility. Novices aren’t left behind. Embracing a classic game might seem daunting, but the learning curve here is gentle. A few rounds in, and even a beginner can find their rhythm, possibly leading to real cash rewards with time and practice.

Beyond the allure of strategy and winnings, there’s the added draw of the game’s social fabric. Players connect, interact, and engage with peers, weaving a tapestry of camaraderie. All said, Cribbage Blitz stands as a testament to modern gaming’s potential: where entertainment, connection, and opportunity converge for card game enthusiasts and novices alike.

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