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Coin Pusher Review: Is It Legit?

coin pusher review

Did you know that the thrill of arcade coin-pushing can now be experienced right from your mobile device? Coin Pusher is the game on everyone’s screens, bringing the classic carnival vibe right into the palm of your hand.

No arcade tokens needed. Coin Pusher is built on strategy and timing, with the added excitement of winning virtual prizes and coins. And while it might not reward you with real money, the game’s captivating features promise endless hours of fun.

Still unsure? Dive into this Coin Pusher app review and discover why this nostalgic game, developed by Italic Games, is climbing the popularity charts.

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Coin Pusher
  • Fun Factor
  • User Experience
  • Earning Potential
  • Beginner-Friendliness

Coin Pusher Review Summary

Coin Pusher, available for Android, recreates the excitement of traditional coin-pushing machines. It’s a fun game if you’re looking strictly for entertainment. However, if you’re really after the teased prizes and rewards, you’re better off with a different app (see our favorite Android apps that pay real money).


Entertainment value

Play anytime anywhere

Visuals and sound effects

Potential earnings


Skeptical real-world earnings

Reward redemption limitations

In-app purchases

What is Coin Pusher?

Coin Pusher is an immersive mobile game that recreates the excitement of traditional coin-pushing machines. The goal? Drop coins strategically to push other medals and prizes off the edge. It’s all about the right timing and strategy.

Developed by Italic Games, Coin Pusher boasts vibrant 3D graphics and intuitive gameplay mechanics. Exclusively available for Android devices through the Google Play Store, Coin Pusher is poised to become your next gaming obsession.

Coin Pusher Reviews and Popularity

Coin Pusher, available on the Google Play Store, has garnered substantial attention and feedback from its users. The game currently boasts a commendable 4.65-star rating from a pool of nearly 90,000 reviews, attesting to its widespread appeal. It’s also been downloaded more than 1 million times.

Diving into user testimonials, we see a variety of opinions:

“No wonder you guys have a 4.7 rating best coin dozer game period…Love the coin tower, never seen that before I thought that was so cool!” – brandy price

“The game would be better if it didn’t glitch so much…The game doesn’t tell you how to do anything. It’s a self-taught game.” – Billy Tripp

“I’m addicted…I absolutely love this game.” – Moonlitrose

These comments shed light on the overall experience Coin Pusher provides, offering potential players a real-world perspective on the game.

Eligibility and Participation

Looking to capitalize on your arcade game skills? Coin Pusher on the Google Play Store might just be your ticket. Android enthusiasts can readily access this game, diving into an authentic coin-pushing experience.

The app is rated T for Teen due to simulated gambling.

As this review unfolds, you’ll discover that Coin Pusher’s allure isn’t just in potential earnings. With vibrant 3D graphics and engaging gameplay, no one’s left on the sidelines. It’s free to play, ensuring every user can indulge in the coin-dropping thrill.

Is Coin Pusher Legit?

Coin Pusher has undoubtedly carved a niche in the mobile gaming sector since its introduction in July 2019. Its foothold is evident from its impressive statistics: boasting over a million downloads on the Google Play Store alone and a solid rating of 4.65 out of 5 based on almost 90,000 user reviews.

However, it’s fair to question the app’s legitimacy. Despite the opportunity to earn rewards, including money, playing the game, there’s no clear way for users to cashout or withdraw their earnings. And multiple users have complained about the balance not continuing to grow as the approach the cash-out minimum, or having trouble redeeming their earnings.

Pros of Coin Pusher

  • Entertainment Value: Coin Pusher offers a digital take on the classic arcade game, which many find entertaining.
  • Accessibility: The app’s mobile platform means users can play anywhere and anytime, offering a convenient gaming experience.
  • Visual and Sound Effects: Its graphics and sounds are reminiscent of traditional arcade games, enhancing the nostalgic feel.
  • Potential Earnings: Users have the chance to redeem in-game rewards or transfer them into tangible benefits.

Cons of Coin Pusher

  • Skeptical Real-World Earnings: The potential to convert in-game currency to real money might not be as promising as it sounds, urging players to spend more time than they might get in return.
  • Reward Redemption Limitations: A certain threshold or requirement for redeeming rewards might be difficult for casual players to reach.
  • Addictive Gameplay: The mechanics could encourage more playtime in the hopes of rewards, leading to potential overspending on in-app purchases.
  • Monetization Strategy: The app seems to bank heavily on in-app purchases, which might not be transparent about the real chances of earning significant money.
coin pusher review

Gameplay and Mechanics of Coin Pusher

Coin Pusher evokes memories of classic arcade entertainment. Let’s dive deeper into what sets its gameplay mechanics and features apart:

  • Core Mechanism: At the game’s heart, Coin Pusher offers players the rush of those nostalgic coin-pushing amusement arcade machines. A virtual platform brims with coins and prizes, awaiting the player’s strategic moves. Skillfully dropped coins push treasures toward the edge, granting players their spoils.
  • Objective Simplified: The primary goal is clear: accumulate coins and prizes. Still, perfect timing ensures the cascading effect, with lucrative rewards waiting for those who master it.
  • Special In-Game Features: Coin Pusher goes beyond mere push-and-collect mechanics. The game captivates with radiant 3D graphics, creating an authentic arcade ambiance. Realistic physics gives coins a genuine feel, with larger-than-life jackpots and distinct prizes upping the thrill. Also, daily events and quests provide players avenues to earn bonus coins and rewards.

Coin Pusher masterfully interweaves nostalgia with contemporary game design, offering an appealing pastime for those yearning for arcade days while relishing modern mobile gaming’s convenience.

How to Play Coin Pusher

Diving into Coin Pusher’s world is a mix of strategy and chance. Master its unique arcade dynamics with this guide:

  • Drop to Win: Initiate the game by introducing coins onto a platform. Strategically position each coin to push maximum treasures off the edge.
  • Timing is Key: As emphasized by experienced players, perfect timing can mean the difference between a missed opportunity and hitting the jackpot.
  • Special Prizes and Quests: Coin Pusher doesn’t stop at mere coin drops. Engage in daily events and quests for bonus rewards, enriching the gameplay experience.
  • Harness Realistic Physics: The game’s vivid graphics and naturalistic physics set the stage for strategic gameplay. Observe coin interactions and use this knowledge for optimal results.
  • Stay Updated: With Italic Games’ dedication, updates might introduce new features or enhanced mechanics. Stay alert to these changes.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Acquainting oneself with the game’s rhythm and intricacies improves chances of success. Regular gameplay hones anticipation skills, helping players strategize better.

Coin Pusher melds the charm of vintage arcades with strategy-driven rewards. Success lies not just in coin drops but in understanding and mastering the game’s nuances. Patience, observation, and consistent gameplay pave the way to victory.

coin pusher review

How Much Can You Win on Coin Pusher?

Navigating the virtual arcade world of Coin Pusher, players might wonder about their potential rewards. Let’s explore the realistic expectations and insights associated with the game’s payouts and engagement levels.

  • Setting Realistic Expectations: Coin Pusher, like most skill-based games, doesn’t guarantee fixed earnings. Based on user reviews, winnings vary. Some players have recounted joyous moments of substantial rewards, while others mention more modest gains. However, it’s paramount to approach the game as a form of entertainment first and a potential earnings platform second. The joy derived from playing should be the primary driver, with any monetary rewards being a delightful bonus.
  • Special Events and Tournaments: Coin Pusher consistently keeps its community engaged with an array of events and challenges. According to reviews and the article information, these special events often come with heightened rewards, offering players an opportunity to earn more than in regular gameplay. Seasoned players frequently recommend keeping an eye out for these events and participating actively to maximize potential rewards.
  • Game Duration and Engagement: One aspect that stands out from user feedback is the game’s ability to captivate. Some sessions can stretch for longer durations, especially when players get engrossed in strategic planning and coin dropping. Still, longer play doesn’t necessarily correlate with higher rewards. The player’s strategy, timing, and sometimes luck determine the payoff. The game’s design encourages regular engagement, with daily quests and events prompting players to return. Yet, players must strike a balance between time spent and anticipated rewards.

Coin Pusher does present chances to earn rewards, but it’s essential for players to note that the game doesn’t guarantee significant monetary gains. The primary allure should be its nostalgic arcade-style gameplay and the strategic challenges it offers.

While certain strategies and consistent participation might boost your reward potential, it’s crucial to approach the game with the mindset of playing for enjoyment first.

Any real money rewards should be viewed as a bonus, enhancing the overall experience rather than being the main objective.

Getting Started with Coin Pusher

Dive into Coin Pusher with this easy-to-follow guide, tailored for Android users:

Downloading Coin Pusher:

  • Access Google Play: On your Android device, visit here.
  • Installation: Tap the “Install” button on the app’s page. The game will then begin to download and install.

Beginning Your Coin Pusher Journey:

  • Open Coin Pusher: Once installed, find and tap the game’s icon, visible on your device’s home screen or app drawer.
  • Initial Instructions: When first opened, the game might guide you through tutorials or prompts. This introduction aids in grasping the game’s mechanics, so stay attentive.

Guidelines for Winning:

  • Understand the Basics: Familiarize yourself with the primary goal – strategically dropping coins to push others off the ledge.
  • Master the Timing: Veteran players often highlight the importance of coin drop timing. Fine-tuning your drops can lead to more rewarding outcomes.
  • Play Daily: Participate in the game’s daily events. These can be a lucrative source of bonus coins and other incentives.
  • Stay Informed: Keep a lookout for in-game announcements or unique events, which can present opportunities for additional bonuses.
  • Keep the Game Updated: With the dedicated team at Italic Games continually refining gameplay, ensure you regularly check the Google Play Store for any game updates.

Launching into Coin Pusher is straightforward, but perfecting your strategy will require patience, keen observation, and perhaps a sprinkle of luck. Dive in, hone your skills, and may fortune be on your side!

Withdrawal of Earnings or Redeeming Rewards

The Coin Pusher app allows users to accumulate coins and small cash amounts for potential redemption. Yet, multiple user reviews on the Google Play Store highlight a significant issue: the absence of a visible cash-out button. Several users report difficulties in finding a way to withdraw their earnings, with some noting that, upon nearing the $20 prize threshold, the game stopped adding to their total.

While the app teases the possibility of winning tangible prizes, such as an iPhone, the redemption process remains unclear. Many reviews express concerns over not receiving rewards, even after waiting for the promised “7 days of processing and checking”. Though PayPal and Amazon are cited as potential payout channels, there’s no concrete evidence of partnerships with these or any other external platforms.

While Coin Pusher promotes the potential to earn and redeem rewards, its transparency and legitimacy are questionable based on user feedback. Caution is advised for anyone considering significant time or monetary investments.

Coin Pusher App: Final Thoughts

Coin Pusher effectively captures the arcade experience for mobile users. Its standout features include high-quality design, sharp graphics, and the allure of collectible toys and jackpot mechanics.

Yet, caution is advised for those considering diving deep into the game with hopes of substantial earnings. The chances of reaping significant rewards are slim.

The app shines as an entertaining and nostalgic diversion. Those with aspirations of making serious money might find more fruitful ventures elsewhere. For the curious, the app is well worth a download, but it’s essential to approach with the mindset that its core offering is amusement.

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