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Cashyy Review: Is This Gaming App Legit?

cashyy review

With new games constantly being developed promising big winnings, it can be hard to find a legit way to actually earn money through mobile gaming. Today we are reviewing Cashyy, an online gaming app that pays users to play sponsored games and complete missions. 

I know, it sounds too good to be true. But, throughout this Cashyy review, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the app, from how it works to if it’s legit or not (spoiler alert, it is).

Trust us. You’ll want to continue reading to learn how to set up your account and find out our recommendations to optimize your winnings.

What is Cashyy?

Cashyy is a completely free app available for download on Android devices (not available for iOS). Like other money-rewarded play apps, Cashyy offers users the chance to earn money by downloading and playing new mobile games.

Rack up coins by discovering new games and completing tasks, and when you’re ready, exchange your winnings for real cash prizes via PayPal or gift cards.

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Developed by justDice, you can rest assured Cashyy will feature bright graphics and interactive gameplay.

Other rewarded gameplay apps you might recognize from justDice include:

When you play justDice games, you know to expect binge-able gameplay that’s easy to navigate.

Cashyy promotes a wide range of games to choose from, ensuring there is something everyone will love! You won’t get bored playing Cashyy because there are always new popular games to try out.

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Cashyy Reviews

Cashyy’s popularity is reflected in the app’s 4.3-star rating with more than 170,000 customer reviews. The app was launched in late 2020 and has already been downloaded more than 5 million times.

Who Can Play Cashyy?

If you want to earn money in your free time and have an Android device, Cashyy is for you! Keep in mind that the game is rated T for teens, so you must be 18 years old to play for real money.

Is Cashyy Legit?

Yes, Cashyy is legit, and it pays out money to users of all skill levels for playing games. Cashyy puts a fun twist on making money. The earnings are limitless with this app, so it’s easy to make some extra cash.

If you don’t trust us, just read the countless glowing reviews.

For example, players like Roger Ellsworth have left Cashyy five-star reviews stating:

“This is the real deal. It pays to have patience, so do what they say in this app. Keep an eye on your coins to find out how much you could redeem on PayPal […], and you will get paid. THANK YOU, CASHYY!” 

Millions of users just like you are raving about how they were able to quickly earn money, thanks to Cashyy’s low payout minimum. By simply downloading the app from the Google Play Store, you can have fun playing games while putting some extra spending money into your PayPal account.

Cashyy might not let you quit your day job, but if you have free time, you might as well spend it making money while playing games. Time is money, so you might as well spend your time wisely by playing mobile games to earn real cash rewards.

All rewards on Cashyy are generated from users discovering new games to download and completing missions.

You might be thinking to yourself, ‘Well, where is the catch.’ But that’s the thing, there is no catch. Cashyy sponsors new games and helps them by recruiting users like you to play. To sum things up, yes, Cashyy is a legit real money gaming app that offers free cash prizes without the risk of putting up any of your own money.

cashyy review

How Does Cashyy Work?

Cashyy is a gaming app that connects users to countless sponsored games.

By setting up your Cashyy account, you can instantly earn money through their simple-to-use gaming platform. Choose from a wide range of popular games from every genre to earn coins.

As you complete tasks through Cashyy, you can transfer your coins into real money through PayPal. Start collecting money once you hit 2,000 Cashyy coins, equivalent to $0.20. It’s important to keep in mind that as you redeem higher PayPal rewards, the value of a Cashyy coin goes up.

How to Play Cashyy

Download and set up Cashyy on your Android device to start playing and get a free 1,800 Cashyy coins directly put into your account. Before you can start making money, you will be prompted to answer a few questions about yourself, like your age, gender, and name. After you have completed that, you will be asked to grant Cashyy app tracking permission to begin earning money instantly. If you forget to do this step, you won’t be able to reap the rewards of your gameplay.

Now that you can earn money in the app, download one of Cashyy’s sponsored games. Once the game is ready to go, Cashyy will explain your mission and how many coins you will receive once it is completed. Whether beating levels or playing an app for a certain number of days, you must finish your mission to get your reward.

cashyy review

How Much Can You Win on Cashyy?

Although Cashyy is a great way to make a few quick bucks in your spare time, completing one mission usually isn’t rewarded with many coins. To increase the amount of money you’re making, try downloading multiple games to try out simultaneously.

If you are already playing mobile games to unwind might as well make some money at the same time.

Consistency is key when it comes to making money off of reward gaming apps like Cashyy. Simply play and complete missions every day to make up to $40 a month. This means you can treat yourself to the item that’s been in your online shopping cart for a while. You know the one.

To optimize your Cashyy earnings, utilize the referral program. By inviting your friends and family to become new users, you automatically get paid 100 coins. Once they start earning, you also get 25% of all coins your friend earns, and they also get 25% of your coins. Don’t worry. That doesn’t mean that you have to share your earnings with someone else. You simply get free coins just from them playing.

It’s time to take charge of your income with the help of Cashyy. Now we can’t promise that you will become a millionaire, but you might be able to sleep just a little bit more comfortably at night knowing that you made free money in your spare time.

How to Get Started on Cashyy

Download Cashyy

Become one of the 5 million users that have downloaded Cashyy today. It’s free on all Android devices.

Set Up Your Account

Once your app has been installed, answer a few short questions about yourself, like your age, gender, and name. Then choose how you want to set up your account either via Facebook or email.

As a reward for taking the first steps on Cashyy, 1,800 coins will be deposited into your account. See, that’s how easy Cashyy is! In less than one minute, you are able to accumulate 1,800 coins. This means you are only 200 coins away from being qualified to complete your first payout via PayPal.

Grant App Tracking Permission

The most important step is to grant Cashyy app tracking permission. Even though the sponsored games are fun to play, you are using Cashyy to make real money. If you forget to grant app tracking permission, you won’t be able to transfer any of your hard-earned coins into PayPal rewards.

Don’t worry Cashyy prompts you to grant app tracking permission, but if, for some reason, it doesn’t work, you can enable it in your settings later. It is necessary to grant this app access because it will be unable to track the time you spend playing the sponsored apps without it. If you don’t set up this requirement, the amount of time you spend playing will not be tracked, meaning that you will not be rewarded for your efforts.


Download Games and Withdraw Your Money

Now that you can finally make money, start downloading games that pique your interest through the Cashyy platform. With each game you download, Cashyy will give you a mission to complete to receive coins.

It’s important to stay focused and finish all steps of your mission. If you don’t complete the task, you won’t be rewarded. We recommend downloading multiple games at a time to optimize your earnings.

The referral program is another good way to increase your profit. Participate in the program and get access to extra bonuses by referring your friends and families to Cashyy. Growing your referral program with like-minded people who enjoy gaming is the best way to easily make money without trying.

To withdraw your money, Cashyy uses PayPal for secure money deposits. Cashyy might ask you to verify your account with a selfie to ensure security. Once your rewards are deposited, you can instantly transfer your money from PayPal to your bank account. That’s right, real money in your bank account!

Cashyy Review: Final Thoughts

Cashyy is a legit cash prize mobile game that connects users with new popular games to try out. Players worldwide can access countless missions to earn coins and make real money.

We recommend Cashyy to any Android user looking to earn some extra money. Because, at the end of the day, who doesn’t want more spending money? Now that you’ve finished reading this Cashyy review, there’s no better time than today to start earning.

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