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Zen Match Review: A Relaxing Puzzle and Mahjong Game

Zen Match Puzzle

Embrace tranquility with Zen Match – Relaxing Puzzle, a breakout sensation in digital games, merging mental exercise with serenity. Graced with the patronage of over 10 million players globally, Zen Match offers a distinctive, peaceful twist on traditional tile-matching games.

Optimized for mobile platforms, this game brings a fresh spin to classic mahjong with its modernized mechanics, visually stunning design, and refreshing narrative. We’ll cover all the details you need to know in this Zen Match review.

Set apart from commonplace puzzle games, Zen Match seamlessly interweaves gameplay with mindfulness. The initial concept might appear straightforward — align three identical tiles to clean the board — but the challenges intensify as players ascend through the levels. This fosters a mental agility that becomes increasingly essential to overcome progressively complex hurdles.

The exceptional appeal of Zen Match lies in its creative blend of problem-solving, relaxation, and artistic freedom. As players unravel the riddles of tile-matching, they are simultaneously entrusted with curating their unique Zen retreat. Enabled by various lush landscapes and soothing visual elements, the game evolves into a personalized sanctuary away from the commotion of daily life.

Adding another distinctive feature to its repertoire, Zen Match introduces an intriguing daily challenge mode. This addition involves the care and cultivation of a virtual houseplant that flourishes with each completed puzzle, providing an engaging motivation for daily visits to the game and presenting new and exciting mahjong challenges to conquer.

The singular blend of traditional gameplay, relaxing elements, and inventive design found in Zen Match has drawn an extensive and dedicated player base. The game’s captivating mechanics, daily challenges, and aesthetic appeal create an irresistible charm that keeps players coming back for more.

Catering to both seasoned gamers and novices alike, Zen Match provides an unparalleled platform to stimulate the mind while simultaneously cultivating an atmosphere of tranquility. Set out on your Zen journey today and dive into the multidimensional world of Zen Match.

Zen Match

Who Can Play Zen Match?

Zen Match welcomes players of all ages, with a rating of 12+ in the App Store and Google Play. This means that individuals as young as 12 can play in the tranquil and thought-provoking world of tile-matching and mahjong puzzles.

There are no regional limitations to playing Zen Match, making it accessible to players from all corners of the globe.

Zen Match

Developer Spotlight: Moon Active

The Tel Aviv-Yafo-based game developer Moon Active has captivated audiences worldwide with its portfolio of innovative and addictive mobile games. With hits like Pet Master and Coin Master, Moon Active has gained a reputation for delivering engaging gameplay and stunning visuals that stand out in the crowded and competitive mobile gaming space.

Moon Active has received numerous awards for top-tier games, including recognition within the mobile gaming industry. In 2019, the developer was awarded the “Fastest Growing Company” title at the Israel Best Managed Companies awards, highlighting their commitment to excellence and rapid growth.

Additionally, Moon Active acquired Melsoft, the developer of the hit title Family Island, in 2020, further expanding its reach and influence in the mobile gaming market.

Through its dedication to creating captivating and immersive games, Moon Active has solidified its position as an industry leader.

With their passionate player base and commitment to pushing the boundaries of game development, it is no wonder why Moon Active stands out as one of the most respected developers in the mobile gaming world.


  • Visual appeal: With beautiful tile icons and room decorations, Zen Match – Relaxing Puzzle immerses players in a tranquil setting, offering a visually delightful experience.
  • Strategic thinking: Despite an element of luck in later stages, the game provides opportunities for strategy and planning. This adds a layer of critical thinking to the gameplay, keeping players engaged and stimulated.
  • Regular updates: The game’s developers keep the experience fresh by frequently releasing updates. These introduce new rooms, journeys, and features, giving players new content to explore and enjoy.
  • Sense of accomplishment: The progression through levels and earning a spot in the Zen Masters League offer a rewarding experience. This sense of achievement motivates players to continue improving their skills.


  • Frustration with pricing: Fluctuating prices for in-game items such as shuffles and redos have led to some player frustration. This volatility makes it challenging for players to plan and budget their resources effectively.
  • Progression limitations:  As the game advances, players may encounter levels that seem impossible without resorting to in-app purchases or extensive item use. This can hinder progress and lead to player frustration.
  • Limited room customization: The game has higher requirements for certain room items. Despite some players expressing a desire for more customization options, these requirements make it difficult for them to design rooms to their liking.
  • No cash prizes: Despite its rewards being richly engaging, it’s crucial for players to understand that they are virtual, serving to provide in-game benefits and advantages. These rewards, no matter how compelling, do not correspond to real-world monetary value or tangible prizes.
Zen Match

Gameplay and Mechanics

Zen Match brings a modern flair to classic mahjong with its variety of levels, a competitive league, and a fascinating collection mechanic. The objective is straightforward: match three tiles and clear the board. As the player progresses, the game takes on a more strategic dimension, demanding thoughtful decision-making and a keen eye.

The most recent update to the game offers a complete redesign of the level experience. The game’s visuals have been enhanced with new tile icons, contributing to the fresh look and feel. Additionally, players can embark on a new journey, taking their gameplay experience to unprecedented heights.

The addition of Gems, a currency earned by passing levels, has brought about a new dimension to the game. Players can use these Gems to rise through the ranks of the Zen Masters League, adding a competitive aspect to the relaxing gameplay. Moreover, the leaderboard feature allows players to compete against others, adding an element of social interaction and friendly rivalry.

Also, as players advance, they may face increasingly challenging levels. This steep difficulty curve, while stimulating, can occasionally feel overwhelming. It is balanced by the game’s overall relaxing atmosphere, making Zen Match a complex blend of strategy, competition, and serenity.

Zen Match

Promotions and Rewards

Zen Match offers a variety of promotions and rewards to enhance the player experience. These include opportunities to earn in-game currency and various bonuses, which can be used to purchase tools such as shuffles and redos, accelerate progress, or acquire new room decor items.

The game also features special events, introducing new rooms, journeys, and features that freshen up the gameplay and offer novel content for players to explore.

Despite these rewards being richly engaging, it’s crucial for players to understand that they are virtual, serving to provide in-game benefits and advantages. These rewards, no matter how compelling, do not correspond to real-world monetary value or tangible prizes.

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Payment and Purchases

The game currency of Zen Match is based on in-game purchases and microtransactions. Players have the option to buy gems, shuffles, and redos, which aid in-game progression and can add a strategic element to gameplay.

Shuffles allow players to reorganize the board, potentially offering more favorable tile placements, while redos provide a chance to rectify previous moves.

The cost of these in-game purchases, particularly when levels get challenging, has been a sticking point for some players. They argue that the rewards for completing a level are disproportionately low compared to the cost of these tools. This could influence the player’s overall experience and perception of the game’s fairness. The game supports various payment options for these in-app purchases.

Zen Match Review: Final Thoughts

Zen Match skillfully marries the calming influence of zen aesthetics with the stimulating challenge of puzzle games. Its visually compelling design, characterized by charming tile icons and thoughtful room decorations, immerses players into a tranquil environment where they can exercise their strategic prowess in tile matching.

The game invites players to strategize and plan their moves, adding a layer of critical thinking to gameplay. Regular updates imbue new life into the game, introducing new rooms and features, and ensuring a continuous element of discovery.

Although Zen Match is rich in its engaging aspects, it presents certain challenges for its players. Newcomers might need some time to get accustomed to the game mechanics, especially as the game leans more towards luck dependence in later levels and the need for in-app purchases becomes more evident.

Navigating through the fluctuating prices of in-game items could be tricky for those trying to manage their resources effectively. The limitations on room customization and progression could also potentially hinder the full gaming experience for some players.

Still, Zen Match meets its goal of delivering a relaxing and captivating gaming experience for its target audience. It presents a variety of gameplay options, a balance of strategy and luck, and a continuous sense of achievement through rising in the ranks of the Zen Masters League.

While it has its fair share of challenges, Zen Match offers an intriguing, immersive journey that is hard to put down. For those seeking a peaceful retreat intertwined with a strategic challenge, Zen Match provides a unique, engaging adventure.

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