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Pet Master Review: Build Your Own Pet Kingdom

Pet Master

There’s a fun game on everyone’s phone, and if you haven’t heard, it’s called Pet Master. The developers who made this game, Moon Active, are well-known for making great games. This time, they’ve made a game where you get to make your own world of magical pets. The game is for people who are 17 years old or more and it can be played by people all over the world.

In Pet Master, you go on an adventure in many different lands filled with magical pets. You’ll meet friends, fight enemies, and even come across some crazy raccoons. You’ll spin, roll, fight, steal, defend, and make your pet camp bigger and better. Your goal is to be the most powerful in the kingdom of pets.

The game also gives you a chance to win big prizes when you fill up your pet albums. You can also swap and trade cards with other people who play the game. This makes the game more fun and helps you meet other players who love pets just like you.

Pet Master is easy to play but it also makes you think. It’s designed creatively, and it lets you interact with other players. Because of this, many players worldwide have started to love this game. The big question everyone is asking is: who will be the next Pet Master?

Read this Pet Master review to learn all the important details.

Who Can Play?

Pet Master is available to individuals at least 17 years old. This isn’t because the game is full of wild fights or scary things. It’s because players can make purchases within the game.

But what’s great about Pet Master is that it’s available for players all over the globe, from New York to Tokyo. There’s no rule that locks out any region. This can make the game feel even more personal and exciting, no matter where you live or who you are.

Pet Master

Pet Master Developer

Based in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Moon Active is a game developer that has skillfully fused innovation and engagement in its range of mobile games, captivating players around the globe.

Standout titles such as Pet Master, Zen Match, and the wildly popular Coin Master have enabled Moon Active to carve out its unique niche in the bustling and highly competitive world of mobile gaming. The company delivers not just immersive gameplay, but also visually arresting digital environments that keep players coming back for more.

Industry accolades for Moon Active reflect the developer’s excellence and remarkable growth. In 2019, the Israel Best Managed Companies awards bestowed upon them the title of “Fastest Growing Company.” This recognition underscored their dedication to excellence and brisk pace of expansion.

Moon Active broadened its horizons even further in 2020 by acquiring Melsoft, the brains behind the successful title, Family Island. This strategic move strengthened their standing in the mobile gaming market and extended their influence.

The ongoing success of Moon Active stands as a testament to their commitment to creating immersive games that thrill and connect their audience. As they continue to push the envelope of mobile game development, their standing in the industry rises. With a passionate player base and a reputation for innovative design, Moon Active has earned its place as a respected powerhouse in the mobile gaming world.


  • Ease of Access: No need for registration to start the game, making it straightforward for players to dive in and start their pet kingdom journey.
  • Virtual Coins Gameplay: The game operates on virtual coins, adding an element of strategic resource management without any real-world financial risk.
  • Abundance of Bonus Options: offers various bonus options, like raids or the Dice Roll feature, which add layers of excitement and keep gameplay dynamic.
  • Collectible Cards: The collectible card element of the game enhances its appeal, encouraging continued play to complete unique collections.
  • Social Interaction: Players can interact with friends within the game, trading cards and joining forces for events, which adds a social aspect to the gameplay experience.


  • Early Game Limitations: Some gameplay options are blocked at the beginning, which could potentially frustrate new players looking for the full experience.
  • Variable Virtual Prizes: The size of the virtual prizes from in-game chests is variable, adding an element of uncertainty to rewards.
  • Limited-Time Special Events: The game includes special events, but they are often time-limited, which may disadvantage players who can’t participate within the specific time frame.
  • No Real Cash Prizes
Pet Master

Gameplay and Mechanics

Pet Master immerses its players in a grand, magical saga of empire building within an enchanting world of pet kingdoms. Players are tasked to strategize, engage, and persist in their quest to create and manage the most impressive pet empire ever seen. The gameplay is rich and multifaceted, with plenty of modes and levels to explore, making each play session a unique experience.

Players set out on an exciting journey that extends across various magical pet kingdoms, each offering unique challenges and opportunities. There are countless avenues for success, with the ability to spin, roll, attack, raid, and protect in addition to building and managing their pet camp. Each player’s progression through the game is determined by their strategic choices and their ability to leverage in-game resources and special features.

With a blend of competitive and cooperative gameplay elements, Pet Master demands not only individual skill but also clever social strategies. Players must navigate a landscape of friends and foes, harnessing their abilities to establish alliances, fend off attacks, and expand their influence across the ever-evolving pet kingdom.

Still, the game’s mechanics reward ingenuity, strategic thinking, and adaptability, offering a rich and rewarding experience that scales with the players’ commitment. The goal? To reach the pinnacle of power and become the dominant force in the enchanting world of Pet Master.

Pet Master

Promotions and Rewards

Consistent with its commitment to keeping the player experience dynamic and engaging, Pet Master regularly introduces a flurry of promotions, rewards, and special events. These initiatives, running the gamut from virtual prizes to gameplay enhancements, breathe fresh life into the game, ensuring players always have new challenges and incentives to explore.

Yet, it’s important to clarify that these promotions offer no real-world prizes or monetary rewards. The value they bring is firmly rooted within the gaming universe of Pet Master, offering players a richer, more rewarding journey through the vibrant virtual landscapes.

Payment and Purchases

Even though Pet Master is fundamentally a free-to-play game, it cleverly incorporates elements of in-game purchases and microtransactions. This approach allows players to augment their gaming experience by acquiring various items, unlocking exclusive content, or speeding up their progress using real-world currency. These transactions can conveniently be conducted through a variety of digital payment methods, including credit cards and mobile wallets.

The microtransaction feature grants players the flexibility to customize their gameplay, letting them decide how fast or strategic they want their gaming adventure to be. The ability to unlock and advance faster through the game might be an attractive proposition for many, ensuring Pet Master caters to a wide spectrum of player preferences.

Pet Master

VIP or Loyalty Program

Recognizing the value of its devoted player base, Pet Master extends a special token of appreciation through its VIP or Loyalty Program. The program is designed to reward regular players with a host of exclusive benefits that elevate their gaming experience.

Members of this elite club gain access to a suite of perks, including special content, expedited customer support, and unique gameplay-enhancing rewards. This preferential treatment not only amplifies the gaming journey for committed players but also serves as a testament to Pet Master’s dedication to fostering a vibrant and engaged community.

Pet Master Review: Final Thoughts

Pet Master encapsulates a world of enchanting gameplay, captivating design, and interactive social elements that draw its players into an immersive journey of constructing pet empires and navigating whimsical kingdoms. Each element, from the thrill of the in-game slot machine to the strategic requirements of raids, is thoughtfully crafted to engage players at every turn.

Still, every game has its learning curve, and Pet Master is no exception. The robust set of features and mechanics may initially present a challenge to newcomers. Understanding the game’s promotions, leveling up, navigating the map, and strategizing attacks and defenses requires patience and practice. Yet, the vibrant guidance from the game’s characters and the supportive player community make these hurdles surmountable and part of the exhilarating journey.

Despite these initial challenges, the intrinsic reward of progressing through the game and the allure of the playful narrative make Pet Master an addictive pastime. It brilliantly balances a host of gameplay options, ranging from casual spins to strategic attacks, while also providing opportunities for players to form alliances, trade cards, and even compete with friends. These dimensions of interactivity further heighten the sense of engagement, making Pet Master not just a game but a lively, virtual community.

Pet Master delivers an entertaining and enjoyable gaming experience tailor-made for its target audience. It offers a digital escapade into a realm of pets and kingdoms, where every spin, every move is a step into a delightful adventure. From casual gamers seeking a fun pastime to dedicated players looking for a rewarding challenge, Pet Master opens its pet kingdoms to all, promising an extraordinary journey at every turn.

Yet, it’s crucial to remember, Pet Master remains purely an entertaining pursuit, offering no real-world monetary rewards. If real money gaming is more to your taste, visit our top recommendations for real money gaming apps for a selection of games that offer the thrill of potential real cash prizes.

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