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Diamond Strike: Match 3 Games App Review

Diamond Strike

You want a fast-paced, competitive match-3 game where you can play against people worldwide? Welcome to Diamond Strike – Match 3 Games, a very popular game that is fun to play and gives you the chance to win money.

Diamond Strike is different from other match-3 games because it has social features and new ways to play. It can be played on any mobile device. It works with Skillz, the most popular competition platform for mobile games (Android users must download the app from Skillz because it’s not available at Google Play).

You can play thrilling one-minute matches against other players. Diamond Strike is an easy and fun way to get into an exciting game experience, no matter where you are or how much time you have.

The game is easy to learn, but as you get better at it, it gets harder. This makes it fun for both new and experienced players. Plus, because it works with beautiful retina displays, every game on your screen looks bright and clear.

We’ll cover all the important details in this Diamond Strike app review.

Diamond Strike

Who Can Play Diamond Strike?

Diamond Strike is for people who are at least 17 years old because it has gambling features. Players have the chance to win both real money and fake money.

The chance to win real money can make the game more exciting, but it can also bring in mature themes that may not be appropriate for younger players. So, it’s important for both players and parents to know about this before jumping into the game.

Also, there are no particular regional restrictions, so people worldwide can join in the fun. Because the game can be played anywhere in the world, you can fight with people from different countries and cultures.

Developer Information

Diamond Strike – Match 3 Games is made on the Skillz platform. Skillz, known for being creative, wants to change how mobile games are played by creating a place where players from all over the world can compete in a fair and fun way.

They are the tech-savvy minds behind billions of casual mobile game tournaments. Each month, they give real-world prizes worth millions of dollars to the winners who are lucky and skilled.

But just who is Skillz? They are a platform for mobile games whose goal is to help developers turn their ideas into profitable brands. Skillz makes sure that developers can build great businesses without hurting the player experience by putting the focus on competitive gameplay. It’s about making games where the results depend on how good the players are, not how much money they have.

Their work to make competition fair has been noticed. Skillz has won much praise for changing how mobile games are played. They’re on Fast Company‘s list of the Most Innovative Companies and CNBC’s list of the Disruptor 50, and Forbes calls them one of the Next Billion-Dollar Startups. On the Inc. 5000 list, they were also named the number one fastest-growing company in the United States.

Diamond Strike


  • Addictive Gameplay: Diamond Strike’s gameplay is fun and gets people coming back for more. Users like that the game requires planning, timing, and thinking, which makes it different from other “match 3” games.
  • Real-Money Competitions: The game is more fun and interesting when you can compete in tournaments and win real money. Users say that this part has made them want to get better at the game and spend more time with it.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The game is fun because it has vivid graphics, fun sounds, and lively level designs. Users said that the visual and audio parts of the game stood out and made the game better for them.


  • Cash Withdrawal Issues: Some users have had trouble getting their cash prizes, especially when given extra cash instead of real cash. Users said the process was hard to understand and wanted more clarity.
  • Luck vs. Skill: Some users think games, like Diamond Strike – Match 3 Games, are more about luck than skill. This could be frustrating for players who want a true test of their gaming skills.
Diamond Strike

Gameplay and Mechanics

Diamond Strike changes the way match-3 games are played by letting players match more than one block at once. This adds a fun twist. This part of the game requires smart planning to make the most of each move and how it affects the game board. This keeps the game’s mechanics interesting and fun instead of frustrating.

The game has both single-player and team modes so that different types of players can enjoy it. Players can improve their skills at their own pace in solo mode.

On the other hand, the competitive parts of the multiplayer game make it even more fun. Skillz, the top competition site for mobile games, makes it possible for players to compete in multiplayer tournaments with real cash prizes.

Users have talked about how skill and luck work together in Diamond Strike. Some people see the game as a test of skill, while others see some chance in it. Even though people have different views, this element adds an extra level of surprise and excitement to the game.

Even though the game doesn’t let you choose a specific character, it gives you a sense of competition by letting you use your avatar in contests.

Diamond Strike – Match 3 Games hooks players with its mix of strategy, competition, and a little bit of the unexpected, along with its beautiful graphics and pleasing sound effects. This keeps players coming back for more gameplay.

Promotions and Rewards

Diamond Strike is known for its fun awards system, which seems to play a big role in how players feel about the game. Users can get in-game money and bonuses by playing the game.

The in-game money can be used for special game features or to make the game more fun. But it’s important to know that these awards are only virtual and can’t be turned into cash or prizes in the real world.

Payment and Purchases

Diamond Strike allows players to make in-game payments or microtransactions. Several people pointed out that the game changes depending on whether you use real money or bonus money. If you put real money into the game, it seems to give you a bigger edge, which could change how the game turns out.

When a player wants to cash out, they get a portion of their earnings in real money, and the rest is given to them as extra cash within the game.

Diamond Strike App Review: Final Thoughts

As we wrap up our review of Diamond Strike – Match 3 Games, it’s safe to say that this match-3 game stands out in the mobile gaming world. The fun gameplay, which requires players to plan and time their moves carefully, makes for an exciting and fun gaming experience. Skillz’s multiplayer competitions are a fun way for people to connect with each other in Diamond Strike.

Still, Diamond Strike is a fun and satisfying game because it has a unique mix of strategy, competition, and luck. The chance to win real-world prizes makes the game more exciting, and being able to talk to other players from all over the world adds to the general fun.

Even though there could be some problems, there’s no denying the game’s sparkling draw. Diamond Strike is definitely worth a try, whether you’ve played match-3 games before or are just looking for a new challenge.

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