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Bingo Jungle Review: Is It Legit and Can You Win Money?

bingo jungle review

Bingo Jungle is an Android mobile game available through the Google Play store that’s captivating a growing number of users on digital platforms. This app ingeniously combines the traditional game of Bingo with modern technology, appealing to a broad audience with its user-friendly interface and tantalizing rewards.

The app actively engages potential players through enticing advertisements and offers. With free initial deposits and bonuses, as well as a variety of reward tiers, Bingo Jungle presents a virtual casino experience that fits conveniently in the palm of your hand. Users can dive into competitive tournaments, practice games using in-app currency, or simply enjoy the thrill of a classic game of Bingo.

What sets this app apart is its combination of sleek design and comprehensive layout, providing an intuitive and enjoyable gaming experience. The allure of cash rewards coupled with the potential for users to deposit real money for virtual perks adds a level of excitement and investment to the game.

This Bingo Jungle review dives into these features, offering an insightful look into the dynamic and immersive game. The analysis is based on firsthand experience with the app, providing an honest and transparent perspective for potential users considering joining the expanding Bingo Jungle community.

bingo jungle review

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Who Can Play Bingo Jungle?

Bingo Jungle is designed exclusively for adults. With a strict age requirement, only those who are 18 years or older are permitted to partake in the platform’s assortment of games and features.

This age restriction reflects the app’s use of real money in gameplay, where players can deposit funds to participate in matches and have the opportunity to win prizes.

On another note, geographical considerations are subtly woven into the user experience. A notable feature is the app’s request for a user’s location through GPS tracking. While the exact implications of this feature are not immediately apparent, it hints at potential regional factors influencing the app’s operation. It could potentially affect access to specific games, features, or promotional offers.

Still, it’s worth mentioning that Bingo Jungle does not entirely exclude players who prefer not to engage in monetary transactions. The app provides alternative free features, such as a gem practice area and daily check-in rewards, which can provide a similar sense of engagement and competitive fun.

Yet, while the player base might be impacted by age and location constraints, Bingo Jungle makes efforts to be inclusive and appeal to a wide range of users.

Developer Information

Indie Saga is known for creating popular ultra-casual games. The development team, young and driven, continually strives for innovation. In publishing, the company’s experienced core members leverage their broad industry knowledge and strong channel relationships to launch games across various platforms successfully.

Operational efficiency is another hallmark of Indie Saga. The operational team, skilled and adaptable, ensures a seamless gaming experience by effectively managing any unexpected events throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Their most recent release, Winner Trip, is a free Solitaire & Bingo game offering a fair competition ground for players worldwide. Its features include easy game mode switching and the ability to play anywhere, anytime. The game maintains the classic Bingo feel while incorporating a competitive edge, requiring players to use skills and strategy.

The accessible and relaxed gameplay of Winner Trip and its emphasis on fair competition reflect Indie Saga’s commitment to creating engaging and balanced games. If you’re ready for a fresh take on classic Bingo, consider giving “Winner Trip” a try.

While we haven’t done a full-on review on Winner Trip, one of the top recommended bingo games is Blackout Bingo. Check out our full Blackout Bingo review.

bingo jungle review


  • User-Friendly Gameplay: With a design focused on ease of use, Bingo Jungle clears the path for users with its straightforward rules and accessibility.
  • Edge of Competition: This application has successfully integrated competition into entertainment by enticing users with different levels of games and the prospect of prize pools.
  • Aesthetic Design: An element of visual delight is intertwined with the gaming experience, courtesy of the app’s thoughtful and appealing design.
  • Diversified Earning Mechanisms: The app capitalizes on multiple avenues for users to earn in-game currency – from daily check-ins to watching ads, and even a prize wheel.
  • Nurturing Novices: Catering to beginners, Bingo Jungle provides practice rounds and tutorials, establishing a robust understanding of the gameplay.
  • Risk-Free Gaming Space: A “practice area” exists where gems replace real money, allowing users to enjoy the game sans financial apprehensions.


  • Access to Phone Permissions: The app requests access to phone permissions like GPS and phone calls, an aspect users need to be comfortable with.
  • Real Money Deposits and In-App Purchases: The app encourages real money deposits and has in-app purchases for accessing certain features and games. This might be an important factor for users budgeting their gaming expenses.
  • Withdrawal Process: The process to cash out winnings can take between 1 to 6 weeks, a significant consideration for users who plan to play for monetary rewards.
  • Game Development Stage: As Bingo Jungle is in early access, it’s under active development, implying potential changes and improvements over time. This is a factor for users who prefer stable, final-release games.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Bingo Jungle presents an engaging gaming experience for players who enjoy quick, competitive rounds of the classic game, Bingo. Aiming to compete against others for cash or gem rewards, players navigate through an interactive world filled with varying game modes. Each presents unique challenges and benefits.

The fundamental mechanics of the game are similar to traditional Bingo. Still, the app has a competitive edge, being a tournament-style game with various sub-games, each featuring its unique prize pool. Players deposit real money or use in-game gems to participate in these games, with the objective to achieve Bingo as fast as possible.

A standout feature in Bingo Jungle is the ability for players to select certain numbers to appear on their board. This feature adds a strategic element to the usually luck-based game. This can be useful during the fast-paced rounds of Bingo, where speed and accuracy are keys to winning.

The game also offers a gem practice area where players can hone their skills using the game’s primary currency – gems. This practice mode provides a risk-free environment for players to familiarize themselves with the game mechanics before jumping into the competitive fray.

Beyond the basic gameplay, Bingo Jungle offers additional earning opportunities through daily check-ins, watching ads, and a mini-game area. Players can spin a prize wheel or scratch cards for a chance to earn extra gems or cash rewards.

There is also a Bingo Cup and Bingo Slots area where players can join games with larger prize pools, adding another level of competition and potential reward.

The game presents an ‘elite club’ for premium players, offering improved bonuses and exclusive rewards. Yet, like many of the game’s features, this is locked behind a premium subscription.

It’s important to note that Bingo Jungle, while providing an enjoyable gaming experience, does seem to heavily lean towards requiring real money deposits for significant gameplay and reward opportunities. The game is still in early access, which could mean potential changes or improvements to its mechanics and features in the future.

bingo jungle review

Promotions and Rewards

In addition to its primary gameplay, Bingo Jungle offers various ways to earn rewards. Daily check-ins and ad viewing opportunities provide chances for players to earn extra gems or cash rewards. The game also features a mini-game area where players can participate in activities such as spinning a prize wheel or scratching off cards for rewards.

Remember, these promotions offer in-game rewards and advantages, not real-world prizes or cash. The rewards earned contribute to your overall success in the game, enhancing your ability to compete in the different game modes and potentially earn larger rewards.

Is Bingo Jungle Legit, and Can You Win Money?

Bingo Jungle is a legitimate game that operates as a competitive tournament-style bingo. Winning real money is possible, but often it requires a deposit of real money to participate in most games.

Free ways to earn in-game currency, known as gems, exist, but these usually entail watching advertisements or daily check-ins. Winning substantial amounts without investing real money seems challenging, as games typically require an entry fee that may not be fully recouped even with wins.

Additionally, cashing out winnings involves a processing fee and can take one to six weeks. While the game offers an engaging bingo experience, its potential as a viable money-earning platform appears limited unless you’re prepared to invest your own funds.

As of this review, Bingo Jungle is in early access, which may mean changes in the future.

Bingo Jungle Review: Final Thoughts

Bingo Jungle, an innovative app, integrates the thrill of competition with social interaction through unique features like tournament-style games, bingo slots, and a ‘bingo cup.’ While the app offers new players a welcome bonus, full gameplay access hinges on an initial deposit, posing potential barriers for newcomers. Still, its engagement is enhanced by daily check-ins, the ability to earn free gems, and occasional gifts, striking a balance between initial investment and long-term rewards.

The app’s rules are direct, although gameplay can become rapid, particularly with the use of power-ups. This feature adds a competitive element through a scoring system emphasizing accuracy, speed, and outperforming others while penalizing premature ‘Bingo’ calls. This structure merges the charm of traditional bingo with a social gaming experience, forming an enjoyable mix.

Financially, Bingo Jungle leans towards players willing to invest, offering a withdrawal system through PayPal, with a processing period of one to six weeks and a fee. Despite these considerations and being in early access, the app presents a compelling experience to its target audience, fusing classic bingo components with social gaming and appealing to both competitive and casual players.

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