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Rewardify: Casual Mobile Games with Cash Rewards


Rewardify Inc., a standout mobile gaming startup based in San Francisco, is redefining the industry and making waves. This visionary company has set a new benchmark in mobile gaming with an innovative strategy: injecting real-world cash rewards into free-to-play mobile games.

Established in 2013, Rewardify owes its groundbreaking concept to the ambition of gaming enthusiast and entrepreneur Deb Smith. Intending to evolve the traditional gaming model, Smith replaced virtual points with tangible cash prizes, sparking a radical shift in how players perceive and benefit from their gaming prowess.

This approach turns conventional gaming dynamics on its head. Instead of accumulating meaningless points, players now have the chance to earn actual cash rewards. This paradigm shift elevates mobile gaming from mere leisure activity to a potentially lucrative pastime while maintaining the spirit of fun and competition inherent to gaming.

With its innovative strategy, Rewardify is adding a unique element to the gaming world and creating a unique space for itself in the industry. As a result, the company is transforming the mobile gaming landscape and redefining what it means to be a successful player in mobile gaming.

Uniqueness of Rewardify

Rewardify’s unique proposition—offering real cash rewards through gaming—has given it a special place in the mobile gaming arena. The company provides gamers with an unprecedented opportunity: the chance to win actual money while playing.

Rewardify’s Rewarding Games

Rewardify offers engaging games designed to stimulate the mind and provide opportunities for real-world prizes. The lineup includes exciting titles like Words to Win, Match to Win, and Lucky Match.

Words to Win

Words to Win

Words to Win ingeniously combines word puzzle challenges with the opportunity to win real cash prizes. By immersing players in many stunning global locations, the game offers mental stimulation and the prospect of cash rewards. For an in-depth analysis, see the complete Words to Win review on Real Money Gamer.

Match To Win

Match to Win

In Match to Win, players are on a virtual journey through tropical paradises. This match 3 puzzle game enthralls players with over 100 new levels set in visually stunning locales like the Hawaiian Islands, Paris, and San Francisco. As players progress through levels, they make matches and earn chances to win cash rewards.

Lucky Match

Lucky Match

The allure of Ireland comes to life in Rewardify’s free-to-play game, Lucky Match. Players quest through stunning Irish landscapes, matching symbols such as clovers, Lucky 7s, horseshoes, moons, and gold coins.

Every successful match in Lucky Match grants players tokens. They can use these tokens to redeem various rewards, such as entering grand prize sweepstakes. The prizes for these sweepstakes vary, with some as modest as $50 and others reaching a substantial $1,000.

Rewardify has introduced the Daily Super $10,000 Lotto feature in Lucky Match and Match to Win, boosting the excitement further. This feature gives players an additional daily opportunity to win big. The Lucky Match game is readily available for download on Google Play and the App Store, letting players set out on their Irish-themed adventure.

For a complete review of Lucky Match’s blend of enjoyable gaming and genuine earning potential, refer to our review on Real Money Gamer here.

Rewardify’s Credibility

In addition to offering an unconventional gaming experience, Rewardify has established its credibility in the gaming industry since its inception in 2013. Rewardify’s reward system enables players to collect tokens to redeem for instant-win scratchers, grand prize sweepstakes, or cash through PayPal.

Rewardify’s User Experience

The blend of entertainment and earning opportunities that Rewardify offers has received high praise from users. Positive feedback indicates that the platform is many players’ favorite mobile gaming app.

Rewardify’s Commitment to Users

Rewardify actively enriches user gaming experiences while simultaneously fostering stakeholder growth. The company aims to bring joy to mobile gamers and prosperity to its employees, shareholders, vendors, and partners.

Rewardify: A Leader in Reward-Based Mobile Gaming

With a solid track record and transparent reward system, Rewardify’s legitimacy is undeniable. The company offers an innovative platform where enjoyment and real-world profitability meet. Rewardify Inc. stands out in mobile gaming by transforming a simple pastime into a gateway for players to earn tangible rewards.

In line with this, Real Money Gamer’s review endorses Lucky Match as a perfect blend of enjoyable gaming and genuine earning potential. Rewardify’s commitment to “turning the play into pay” in delightful ways remains its core appeal, making it a leading name in the ever-evolving mobile gaming world.

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