WorldWinner App Review – Is It Legit?


What is WorldWinner?

WorldWinner is a free casual gaming arcade that offers over 20 games on their platform. The WorldWinner app is available for free on all iOS and Android devices and can be played on desktop.

Regardless of what device you’re playing on, WorldWinner offers unlimited free practice rounds in addition to real cash prize gaming. WorldWinner tournaments use the entry fee model, meaning that all participants must submit a small entry fee to be able to play for cash.

Entry fees can be priced anywhere between a few cents to a dollar or so. They are priced according to the cash prize pool amount; so the more an entry fee costs, the more cash prizes will be on the line.

Every cash prize match on WorldWinner is based entirely on skill, and there are no bots on the app. You will always play against other real people on WorldWinner and you’ll never have to bet your luck against the house.

Over on the Apple Appstore, WorldWinner has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating with over 27 thousand user reviews. There are thousands of users currently playing and winning on the WorldWinner app, and you can too.

We’ve bundled up everything you need to know about WorldWinner. Continue reading to learn all of the essentials about this app, including where to download and how much you can actually win through the WorldWinner arcade.

Is WorldWinner Legit?

Yes, WorldWinner is a legit cash prize gaming app that pays users real cash prizes every day. They pay winners primarily through PayPal so you can get your winnings into your digital wallet as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

However, you do not have to play for cash to be able to play any of the games on the app. WorldWinner offers free entry their entire arcade, so there are no required in-app purchases to be able play.

But if you want to play for cash prize, you will have to make an in-app deposit to cover your entry fees. This fact ultimately means that every cash tournament on WorldWinner comes with a bit of risk. If you win the tournament, you will profit from the game, but if you lose the tournament you will lose your entry fee. To sum things up, yes WorldWinner offers legit cash prizes through PayPal but their cash prize tournaments do come with some risk attached.

WorldWinner Games

Every game on the WorldWinner platform has awesome graphics and easy to use game controls, so users of all experience levels can enjoy. Here is an overview of every game on the WorldWinner platform.

  • Atari Breakout Blitz
  • Bejeweled Champions
  • Big Money
  • Bingo Bingo!
  • Block Trail
  • Boggle
  • Catch 21
  • Domino Dynasty
  • Dynomite
  • Freecell Solitaire: Carnivale of Cash
  • Hidden Objects
  • King’s Crossing
  • Luxor
  • Pop & Plunder
  • Puzzle Match
  • Pyramid Solitaire
  • Scrabble Cubes
  • Solitaire Rush
  • Solitaire TriPeaks
  • Spades Showdown
  • Spider Solitaire
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Two DotsWheel of Fortune
  • YAHTZEE Roll Dice, Win Cash

How Much Cash Can You Win on WorldWinner?

There is no set limit to how much you can win on the WorldWinner app. Your winning potential all comes down to the amount of entry fee cash you are willing to risk. With every potential reward comes potential risk, so the amount you can win is entirely dependent on how many tournaments you can enter.

Currently, the most you can win on the WorldWinner app with just one game is $40. Here’s how a high-paying tournament is divided on WorldWinner.

Solitaire Rush: $70 prize pool, $4.50 entry fee, 21 participants

  • First place wins $40
  • Second place wins $15
  • Third place wins $10
  • Fourth place wins $4.50
  • Fifth place wins $.25
  • Sixth- tenth place wins $.05

Yes, thousands of dollars in cash prizes are won every single day across the WorldWinner- but it’s important to set realistic winning expectations. While the app does pay cash prizes, it is not a means to get rich quick or supplement your paycheck.

The cash prize tournaments on WorldWinner are just for fun! So don’t put pressure on yourself to win a hoard of cash just by playing.

Who Can Play WorldWinner?

Anyone can play the free practice rounds on the WorldWinner app or desktop site, but there are some necessary requirements one must meet to be eligible for WorldWinner cash tournaments.

All cash prize participants must be at least 18 years of age and living in an eligible location. Currently, cash tournaments on WorldWinner are not permitted in the following US states: AR, AZ, CT, DE, LA, MT, SC, SD, TN, and VT.

If you meet the age and location requirements listed above, you can start playing and winning on WorldWinner today.


WorldWinner is a free gaming platform with an arcade of over 20 games that anyone can enjoy. You can play WorldWinner on the iOS or Android app or on desktop for free or for real cash prizes today.

To get started, just download the app or sign onto, create your free account, and start playing!