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How to Win More on The WorldWinner App: WorldWinner Tips and Tricks

One app, tons of games. You might be surprised to learn how much you can play and win on WorldWinner. We’re going to walk you through tips and tricks for every WorldWinner game, so you can maximize your score and win real cash while you play.

What is WorldWinner?

WorldWinner is a free casual gaming arcade developed by Game Taco that offers unlimited cash prize and free play competitions in over 20 games. WorldWinner is available for free download on iOS, Android and you can play on desktop.

Every one of their games offers free play and cash prize tournaments with completely skill-based gameplay. If you want to boost your skills and win more often on any WorldWinner games, continue reading to learn all our go-to tips and tricks.

WorldWinner Tips and Tricks

Atari Breakout Blitz

Atari Breakout Blitz is WolrdWinner’s latest installment. This game is a revamp of Atari Breakout, a classic video game first developed in 1976. Atari Breakout Blitz challenges users to break through a wall of bricks with a ball. You’ll keep control of your ball with a paddle, that can be moved with your finger on the bottom half of your screen. Be sure to keep control of your ball, if it falls beneath your paddle to the bottom of the screen, you will lose it for good. There are only four balls per round, and the game will end once your run out of bells or run out of time.

Here are the top tips to keep in mind for Atari Breakout Blitz on WorldWinner.

  • Learn the function of every brick and power up

There are several different types of bricks that you will have to break through, and some of them will enact power ups and point boosters. Learn them all through the in-game tutorial to ensure they don’t go to waste in your game play.

  • Target Gold Mine Bricks

Gold Mine Bricks can be worth up to 200k points, but their point value diminishes the longer they remain unbroken. Target Gold Mine Bricks as soon as they become available to get the maximum number of points available.

  • Use Double Point power up wisely

Only activate a Double Point power up when you know you have a big combo in the bag. Activating a Double Point power up without an action plan can waste this crucial opportunity to significantly increase your score.

Bejeweled Champion

Bejeweled Champion is a classic match-3 puzzle game that challenges users to clear the board of gem by swapping their places. When 3 or more gems of the same color are swapped into place, they’ll clear the board, and more gems will come into place. Your primary goal should be to clear the most gems in as little moves as possible.

Here are the top tips to keep in mind when playing Bejeweled Champion on WorldWinner.

  • Play from the bottom of the board

When you swap at the bottom of the board, more jewels will be adjusted with every turn. Playing from the bottom of the board could give you more opportunities for smart, point-boosting moves overall.

  • Try to make multiple matches with one swap

Look for opportunities to clear multiple sets of jewels with just one swap. This will give you a greater point total overall than if you would have cleared the jewel-sets in separate moves.

  • Create a chain of power ups

It might be your instinct to utilize a power up as soon as it becomes available, but it might be worth it to resist this urge. If time allows, wait to activate power ups until you can set off multiple power ups in one move. If you’re playing from the bottom of your board, it usually doesn’t take long for multiple power ups to stack up beside each other.

Big Money

Big Money is a pattern-finding puzzle game that challenges users to collect as many coins as possible before the 5-minute time runs out. To collect coins, tap on like-color coins in groups of three or more, this will clear them from the board and make room for more. Collecting coins will cause the money meter to rise, and when it reaches the top a money bag will appear onto the board. The money bag can be cleared when the coins it is on of of are collected, which may take some arranging.

Here are our top tips for Big Money on WorldWinner.

  • Plan your moves

Scan the board in between every move to ensure you’re playing with precision and strategy. One smart move that takes a few seconds is better than a rushed move.

  • Collect Money Bags as soon as possible

Once your money meter reaches maximum capacity, a money bag will be placed on your board. Be sure to clear it as soon as you can, clearing a money bag will increase your level. The more levels you complete in the round, the higher your score will be.

  • Collect as many coins as you can in one move

The more coins you collect in every move, the higher your point total will be.

Bingo Bingo!

Bingo Bingo! Is WorldWinner’s bingo caller game. The gameplay is similar to most other mobile bingo games available on the app store, so if you have ever played a bingo app before you likely already know how to play Bingo Bingo! The objective of the game is to daub as many bingo squares as possible before the clock runs out.

  • Wait to claim bingos

When you see that you have daubed a bingo, wait to claim it until you have multiple bingos on your board. This will increase you point total overall

  • Hold your 2x power ups

Wait until you have a good combo in the bag before enacting a double point powerup to make sure that the power up doesn’t go without good use. Even better, activate your double point power up before you claim a multi-bingo to maximize your points.

Block Trail

Place block puzzle pieces on a 10×10 grid, when you completely clear a row or column with pieces, the row will clear and make room for more. See how many sections of the puzzle grid you can clear before the timer runs out.

  • Start from one corner

This will keep your puzzle grid organized, which is paramount for surviving the entire round.

  • Always leave space for a 3×3 square

A 3×3 square is the largest puzzle piece that will become available, and it is often what makes us run out of moves. Make sure that you always have enough space to place a 3×3 piece on your puzzle grid.

  • Don’t rush

Yes, Block Trail has a time limit, but speed isn’t everything in this game. Prioritize making smart, strategic moves over speedy, sloppy placements.


See how many words you can create out of the 16 letter tiles on the board. When you spot a word, drag your finger from one letter to another to lock it in.

Here are our tips for Boggle on WorldWinner.

  • All Letter Bonus

Get a 100-point bonus when you use every letter on the grid.

  • Look for common suffixes and prefixes

Common suffixes include -er, -ed, -es and some common prefixes are ex-, re-, and de-. See if any words you found can be made into new words with these suffixes and prefixes or turn them into plural versions of the word if the letters are available.

  • Look for five- letter words and beyond

You will earn bonus points when you find a word with five or more letters.

Catch 21

This game is a single player version of blackjack. See how many stacks of 21 you can create with your deck of cards by filing them into four slots. If one of your slots goes over 21, that will result in a bust. The game will end after the time runs out or after you have received three busts.

Here are the tips we use to maximize our score with Catch 21 on the WorldWinner app.

  • Leave one slot empty

Keeping one slot unoccupied could be your saving grace in this game. Save one slot for emergencies only when you are faced with making a bust.

  • Group low cards together

If you don’t need low cards, put them aside into a low card slot. This could help you create Five Card Charlies, which give you point bonuses when you fill a slot with five cards.

  • Use the undo button

Develop and eye for missed opportunities. The undo button will backtrack one move, so act fast and use it whenever you need to.

Domino Dynasty

Place dominos on the board by linking them to tiles with the same number. The objective of the game is to clear your hand of 7 domino tiles as quickly and efficiently as possible. You will play as many rounds of dominos as you can against the computer before the 5-minute timer runs out.

Here are some good tips to win more often with Domino Dynasty on WorldWinner.

  • Use the Firecracker

You only get one Firecracker power up in every game, so use it wisely. The Firecracker can clear an end of the domino trail so you can play off of it with your hand in lieu of drawing more tiles.

  • Be strategic about open ends

When the sum of the open ends on the game board equals a multiple of 5, you will win some extra bonus points.


Dynomite is WorldWinner’s version of a bubble shooter game. Launch eggs from your screen shot into the puzzle. When a like-colored egg reached a group of three or more eggs, they will crack and leave room for more. Your goal is to clear all of the eggs from the board before the 5-minute timer runs out.

Here are the tips that we recommend to win more on Dynomite.

  • Aim for the top

When eggs are unsupported from the top, they will fall. Aim for the top-most set of eggs that you can, this will clear the eggs beneath them.

  • Use the ricochet function

Slingshot your eggs into the corner of your screen. They will ricochet, and help you get into nooks and crannies of your egg puzzle that you would not have been able to reach otherwise.

Freecell Solitaire: Carnivale of Cash, Solitaire Rush, Pyramid Solitaire, and Solitaire TriPeaks

WorldWinner offers several versions of competitive solitaire that quantify your skillset through a timer and a comprehensive point system. The games use the rules of Klondike, TriPeaks, Pyramid, and freecell solitaire to test your skills.  The objective of every solitaire game is to solve your deck as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Here are our top tips for winning solitaire games on World Winner.

  • Take the 30-second grace period

The game timer starts 30 seconds after your cards have been dealt, but the timer will start if you start arranging cards. Don’t make any moves during this time, just plan your strategy, it will give you a leg up one the clock starts ticking

  • Know when a game is unsolvable

Not every game of solitaire can be solved. When you have run out of moves, end the game early to get the best time bonus you can.

  • Wait for hints

If you aren’t sure what to do next, wait for a hint. The game will highlight cards that can be moved after a few seconds of inactivity.

King’s Crossing

This chess game challenges users to get the king to the throne on a randomized chess board in the least number of points possible. The king can only move along the highlighted path, so it’s your job to move the other pieces on the board to make way for the king.

Here are our go-to tips to increase your score in King’s Crossing on WorldWinner.

  • Utilize undo

Not everything is permanent. If you notice that you made a wrong move or have a better opportunity, don’t hesitate to use the undo button.

  • Go for streaks

Streaks occur when you move a king two or more spaces on the path, and they will result in a point bonus.

  • Watch out for bishops in corners

Keep any bishops away from corners when a king is passing through. A bishop can kill a king in this position.

Pop & Plunder

In this bubble shooter game, you have 5 minutes to clear 31 rows of bubbles with you bubble cannon at the bottom of your screen. When you launch a bubble into a like-color group of 3 or more, they’ll pop and make room for more bubbles from your grid of 31 bubble rows.

Here are some tips and tricks for Pop & Plunder on WorldWinner.

  • Aim for the top

When you pop bubbles at the top of your screen, the bubbles below will drop along with the popped bubbles. Dropped bubbles are worth a lot more points than popped bubbles, so aim for the top to I crease your chances of dropping bubbles with every move.

  • Drop special bubbles

Avoid popping special bubbles, they’re worth more when they’re dropped.

  • Swap bubbles

Keep checking to see what’s on deck in your bubble launcher. You can always swap the bubbles in your queue if one color needs to be prioritized over another.

Puzzle Match

Match pairs of stones to create perfect circles. The object of the game is to clear the board as fast as possible by creating perfect puzzle pairs.

Here are our tips and tricks for Puzzle Match on WorldWinner.

  • Recognize when there are no more moves

If you do not have any more moves, end the game as soon as possible to maximize your time bonus.

  • Play from the bottom

Matching stones located at the bottom of your screen will increase your point potential overall.

  • Don’t tap pre-matched stones right away

Resist the urge to tap pre-matched stones right away. Save them for when you have a streak going, as they are a guaranteed way to lengthen your streak.


The object of the game is to create as many words as possible from the cube of scrabble tiles. The game begins with 27 cubes, and each cube can be used up to 3 times throughout the game.

Here are some top tips for SCRABBLE Cubes on WorldWinner.

  • Spot longer words

You’ll get bonus points for every word over 6 letters.

  • Add common suffixes to words

Add -er, -es, and -ed to any applicable word whenever you can.

  • Make plural words

Adding the letter S to any applicable word is an easy way to lengthen your letter count and increase your point total.


TRIVIAL PURSUIT is trivia meets board game. It is your goal to answer all of the trivia questions correctly as fast as possible. Answer one question correctly in each trivia category to fill your mover with wedges and earn extra bonus points.

Here are some WorldWinner TRIVIAL PURSUIT tips and tricks to win.

  • Aim for streaks

Correctly answering more than one question in a row will result in a streak. Do everything you can to keep streaks active, as they will result in a significant point bonus

  • Use hints and helpers

The game offers a 50:50 tool to narrow down the multiple-choice answers and an option to swap out your question if you’re desperate. You only get one of each per round, so use them carefully.

Wheel of Fortune

Just like on the game show, it is your goal to spin the wheel and solve the puzzle. This time, the objective is to solve the puzzle as fast as you can before reaching the bonus round.

Here are some top tips and tricks to win Wheel of Fortune on WorldWinner.

  • Play for speed

You’ll earn 25 points per second remaining on the clock once you have completed the puzzle.

  • Keep spinning

Spin the wheel even after you’ve figured out the puzzle to get the greatest number of points possible for any remaining constantans.

YAHTZEE Roll Dice, Win Cash

Roll the dice slot machine to fill your score card. The objective of the game is to fill the score card as accurately as possible without taking any zeros.

Here are our tips for YAHTZEE Roll Dice on WorldWinner.

  • Store your power ups

When you earn a fourth power up when you have three stored, you will earn a point bonus.

  • Target the large run

Prioritize filling the large run on your score card, as this is the roll worth the greatest point value.

Where to Download WorldWinner

The WorldWinner app can be downloaded onto any iOS device through the Apple Appstore, and onto any Android device through the instructions outlined here. No download is necessary if you want to play on desktop, all you have to do is create your account on

In Conclusion

WorldWinner offers tons of games through their platform, and you can even win some extra cash through their legit cash prize tournaments. All the games on WorldWinner are easy to learn and totally beginner friendly. There is no special experience to be able to enjoy the games on WorldWinner, you can start playing and winning as soon as you download and create your free account.

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