Royal Match App Review: The King of Puzzle Games

Royal Match App Review: The King of Puzzle Games

Royal Match

Calling all puzzle lovers! There’s an app called Royal Match that is the ultimate haven for thrilling puzzle games. The best part is that the game is 100% free to download and play, so it’s a great way to pass time or de-stress without worrying about there being a catch.

With tons of events to explore and puzzle options to choose from, this could be your new mobile game go-to this summer. So, let’s get straight into this Royal Match review so you can learn all about Royal Match, and see if this puzzle game is right for you.

Who Can Play Royal Match?

Anyone can play Royal Match. There are no age or location restrictions. Simply download the free app and enjoy! Also, keep in mind that this app is not a real-money game, it is simply for fun, and all prizes are in-app only.

Developer Information

Royal Match was developed by Dream Games, a leading mobile gaming company founded in 2019. They hold offices in both London and Istanbul, and their objective as a company is to combine technology and creativity to develop high-quality mobile games that will be played for years. Dream Games has one other game on the app store called Royal Kingdom, and it is also a puzzle solving game. Royal Kingdom boasts similar success to Royal Match, with an App Store rating of 4.7 stars, and over 17K reviews.

Pros and Cons


  • Fun Gameplay: Experience fast-paced gameplay with randomly matched players for thrilling matches.
  • Exciting Competitions: Engage in exciting royal competitions as you compete against opponents.
  • Challenging Levels: Challenge yourself with super levels that offer smooth and seamless action, providing an endless thrill of cool running.
  • High Quality Graphics: Enjoy high-definition graphics with vibrant and captivating colors that enhance the overall visual experience.


  • Update Speed: Some players may find it challenging to adapt to the relatively fast update speed, potentially leading to difficulty keeping up with changes.
  • No real money cash prizes

Gameplay and Mechanics

The objective of Royal Match is to help King Robert create the most beautiful royal castle. You will do this by completing tasks and colorful levels of Match 3 to collect chests with rewards.

To keep reaching new levels in Royal Match, you need to reach the goals set for each level. The goals are shown at the start of each level and can be viewed anytime in the top left corner of the screen. Match 3 or more objects of the same color to reach the goals.

Completing levels earns you stars. Stars are important for completing tasks and improving territories. You also earn coins for finishing levels, which can be used to buy amplifiers, boosters, and extra moves.

To move forward to the next level, you need to meet the goals set for that level. The goals are shown on the screen’s top left corner while you play. Match three or more items of the same color to complete the level. Remember, each level has a limited number of moves. If you run out of moves, you have to replay the level. Combining amplifiers can help you pass levels. Mix them together to make them more powerful and clear more items from the field.

Your progress also depends on the number of lives you have. Lives indicate how many tries you have left to pass the level. You start with a maximum of five lives. Whenever you fail a level, you lose one life. But no worries! Every 30 minutes, one life is restored. The number of lives is shown as hearts on the main screen.

There are also boosters and amplifiers you can take advantage of to help you increase your score. Some of the boosters include: Rocket, Dynomite, Disco Ball, The Arrow, and so many others. Learn what the boosters mean and how to use them to maximize your points.

Royal Match Puzzle Game

Promotions and Rewards

In terms of rewards, you’ll find a bunch of them on Royal Match. For example, open treasure chests for rewards like coins, boosters, and props, which make the game more fun.

You also have the option to explore different rooms in King Robert’s home, like the throne room, gardens, and more. Each room has unique surprises and experiences. You can even challenge your friends on Facebook and aim for the top of the leaderboard, which is a fun way to test your skills and see who’s the best.

Doing any of these things will result in in-game currency, bonuses, or limited-time deals. Remember, these rewards are virtual, not real-world prizes or cash.

Payments and Purchases

Although this app is completely free to both download and play, there is an option to make in-app purchases if you choose to do so. These purchases are 100% your choice, and there’s no pressure to buy anything. However, if you do choose to make any in-app purchases, you can visit the store on their app to buy extra coins using either Google or Apple pay. Coins can be used to buy extra lives, moves, boosters, and amplifiers.

Royal Match Review: Final Thoughts

To sum things up, Royal Match is a must-try app for puzzle lovers of all ages. Developed by Dream Games, this free-to-play mobile game offers a thrilling and captivating gameplay experience.

Royal Match keeps players engaged and entertained with its fun and fast-paced matches, exciting competitions, and challenging levels. The high-quality graphics enhance the visual experience, adding to the game’s overall appeal. The objective of helping King Robert create a beautiful royal castle through completing tasks and colorful Match 3 levels provides a satisfying gameplay loop.

Additionally, the game rewards players with stars, coins, and various virtual prizes, making progression even more rewarding. While in-app purchases are available, they are optional and don’t impede the enjoyment of the game. To conclude this Royal Match review, we think you should definitely check out this game app. You can download it today on iOS and Android.

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