Is Number Bubble Puzzle Legit? An Honest Review

Is Number Bubble Puzzle Legit? An Honest Review

Number bubble puzzle

If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you’ve stumbled upon this new bubble popping puzzle game called Number Bubble Puzzle, and you want to see if it’s worth taking up precious data on your phone or tablet.

Lucky for you, we had the same curiosities, so we decided to download the game ourselves to give you a full rundown on what this game is, how to play, and if it’s legit or not. So, without further ado, let’s get into this app review so you can ultimately determine if Number Bubble Puzzle is right for you!

What is Number Bubble Puzzle?

Number Bubble Puzzle is a brain-teasing number matching puzzle game for Android and iOS that was released in May of 2023 by LeisureLogic Studios. The goal of the game is simple: Match and pop the bubbles with the same numbers to advance through the levels and unlock new areas.

This game does not offer real money prizes, however it is a great way to both challenge and entertain yourself when you have a moment of downtime. If you’re looking for a similar game that does offer real cash prizes, see our Bubble Cash review or check out this list of bubble shooter games.

Who Can Play Number Bubble Puzzle?

Anyone can play Number Bubble Puzzle! As long as you have a device compatible with the game, which would include all iOS and Android devices, you’re good to go!

There are neither age restrictions nor location restrictions with Number Bubble Puzzle. Simply download the free app off of your device, and start matching and popping numbers!

Developer Information

LeisureLogic Studios is a small game development company fairly new to the industry. Other than Number Bubble Puzzle, they have one other app on the market called Happy Fruit Blast, which was also released earlier this year.

It seems that Number Bubble Puzzle has really put them on the map as an app developer because, in just over 2 short months, the app has incurred over 500K downloads, and an overall rating of 4.5/5 stars on the Google Play Store.

Pros and Cons


  • Addictive Gameplay: This app is extremely addictive due to its challenging yet fun gameplay. It’s the perfect blend of a brain-teasing and relaxing game that is perfect to play when you’re bored or want a way to wind down.
  • Vibrant Graphics: Number Bubble Puzzle includes vibrant 3D graphics that elevate the overall experience while playing the game.
  • Regular Updates: Regular updates and new features are introduced to Number Bubble Puzzle, ensuring that the game stays fresh and keeps players engaged with exciting content.
  • Completely Free: This app is 100% free to download and play, and no in-app purchases are required to participate in gameplay.


  • Not a Real Money Prize Game: This app does not offer real cash prizes for playing, only in-game prizes that can only be used within the app.
  • No Tournament Opportunities: This game can only be played with yourself, and there are no options to play against other players in 1v1 or tournament-style games.
Number bubble puzzle

Gameplay and Mechanics

As previously mentioned, Number Bubble Puzzle is a number-matching puzzle game. The objective is to match and pop bubbles with the same numbers to earn points and unlock new levels and areas.

Another objective to keep in mind if you want to score the most points possible is to create high-scoring combinations, as well as collect and use power-ups strategically to double your score. Doing this will help you challenge yourself and get you farther in the game.

Promotions and Rewards

As of right now, there are no specific promotions or rewards available on Number Bubble Puzzle. When you play and win games on the app, the reward comes in the form of reaching higher levels and winning in-game points that will help you unlock new areas to play in.

Number Bubble Puzzle does not reward players with real cash. Rather, its purpose is to provide entertainment to players in the form of a fun and addictive bubble-popping puzzle game.

Payments and Purchases

There are no payments or purchases applicable to this app. As of right now, the app is for entertainment purposes only. It is free to both download and play!

Number Bubble Puzzle Review: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Number Bubble Puzzle is an outstanding game that is the perfect way to stimulate your brain while having fun. It has high-quality 3D graphics that immerse you into the world of this bubble-popping puzzle game and create a pleasant atmosphere while you match and pop bubbles to score points and reach new levels.

Although Number Bubble Puzzle doesn’t offer real money prizes, it makes up for it by providing a rewarding experience while you challenge yourself to beat new high scores and strategize most effectively to maximize points earned. We recommend Number Bubble Puzzle to anyone looking for a high-quality, entertaining mobile game!

You can download Number Bubble Puzzle on all iOS and Android devices.

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