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Cashman Casino 2024 App Review

Cashman Casino

If you’re into casinos, you’re gonna love this. There’s a free app called Cashman Casino that works as an online social casino gaming platform. It has all of the fan favorite Vegas slot machines all on your phone. It’s the perfect app if you like to play slot games but don’t always want to make a trip to the casino. Today, we’re going to explore this app and give you all the important info about it including gameplay, rewards offered, payment options, VIP programs, the pros and cons, and ultimately if this game is worth downloading. So stay tuned to find out if Cashman Casino is worth the download.

Who Can Play

Cashman Casino is available to all players over the age of 18. The game does require age verification during the registration process to make sure players are legally able to participate in gameplay.

How to Play

Cashman Casino includes both 5-reel and 3-reel 777 classic virtual slot machines for a free social casino experience.

Steps to play:

  1. Registration is very easy and does not require any tedious steps. When you download and open the app, you have three options to register:
  2. Facebook
  3. Gmail
  4. Continue as a guest
  1. Choose a Game: After signing in, you’ll be presented with a variety of slot machine games to choose from. Select a game that interests you by tapping on its icon or name.
  1. Place Bets and Spin: Once you’ve entered a game, you’ll see the slot machine interface. Choose your desired bet amount by adjusting the bet per line or total bet options. After setting your bet, tap the “Spin” button to start the game.
  1. Explore Features: Cashman Casino offers various features and bonuses to enhance your gaming experience. These may include free spins, bonus rounds, and mini-games. Take your time to explore these features as you play.
  1. Collect Rewards: As you play, you’ll earn coins and rewards based on your gameplay. These rewards can be used to continue playing or to unlock additional games and features. Make sure to collect your rewards regularly to maximize your benefits.
  1. Manage Your Bankroll: It’s important to manage your virtual bankroll wisely to ensure prolonged gameplay. Set a budget for yourself and avoid overspending in the game.

Stay Updated: Cashman Casino often releases updates and introduces new games and features. Keep an eye out for app updates to access the latest content and improvements.

Developer Information

Cashman Casino is developed by Product Madness, who also has a couple other popular games on the market like Lightning Link Casino Slots, Heart of Vegas Casino Slots, Mighty Fu Casino Slot games, and more. They seem to be a reputable gaming company with an average of 100k ratings between their apps and a collective average of 4.4 / 5 stars. Product Madness was established in 2007, and the company is highly reputable in the gaming industry.

Cashman Casino

Pros and Cons


  • The app is free to download
  • Easy to use and play
  • Fun slot games and virtual jackpots
  • 5 million free virtual coins as a welcome bonus
  • Virtual bonuses every day, hour and fifteen minutes


  • No real money or prizes
  • No app for window phone players
  • No live chat for customer support

Gameplay and Mechanics

Cashman Casino offers an immersive casino experience, simulating the thrill of Las Vegas. Players can choose from an extensive selection of slot machines with different themes, ranging from classic fruit machines to exciting video slots. The gameplay is straightforward, allowing players to spin the reels and potentially hit big wins. Additionally, Cashman Casino offers traditional casino games like blackjack, roulette, and poker, where players can test their skills against virtual opponents. The game also introduces unique features and challenges to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. For example, some slot machines have progressive jackpots that increase with every bet placed.

Cashman Casino

Promotions and Rewards

Cashman Casino definitely knows how to make players feel special. They’re always giving out cool stuff like daily bonuses, free spins, and special events. These rewards give you extra in-game currency and more chances to play without spending real money. Plus, they’ve got daily login bonuses and hourly bonuses that keep you coming back for more. The app also offers special limited-time events and challenges where you can compete for even bigger rewards. Cashman Casino really knows how to keep the excitement going and make sure you have a great time.

Cashman introduces 3 new coin bonuses for you to collect.

  • Daily Reward: This can be collected 18 hours
  • Turbo Reward: This can be collected every 3 hours
  • Instant Reward: You can collect this every 15 minutes

Each of these guaranteed coin bonuses also gives you a chance to win a unique bonus Jackpot (Daily, Turbo & Instant rewards bonus Jackpots).  These Jackpots are separate from those in-game. * more info can be found here.

Payment and Purchases

When it comes to payment and purchases, Cashman Casino offers a couple in-app purchases that you can decide to buy, but no pressure. The way it works is that you can get more in-game money or unlock special stuff by buying virtual coins or bundles. It’s like having extra power-ups to play more casino games or unlock cool features. They accept credit cards, mobile payments, and digital wallets, so you can choose the option that works best for you. Just remember, it’s important to keep an eye on your spending and set limits so you don’t go overboard with those in-game purchases. Gotta be responsible and have fun at the same time!

VIP Program

Cashman Casino currently does not offer a VIP program.


To sum it up, Cashman Casino is a great iOS app for anyone that already has a knack for vegas slot type games, but doesn’t want to leave the comfort of their home to play, or people inexperienced with casino games and want to try it out. The app is fun, easy to play and also is a great way to socialize with others with the app’s ability to connect you with friends in real time.  Although you cannot win real cash prizes, you can still win in-app rewards to take your gameplay to the next level. Another thing we like about the app is that there is no pressure to make any purchases within the app, you can play for free if you’re just looking for an engaging app to pass time. Overall, Cashman Casino is a worthwhile choice for anyone looking for fun, interactive gameplay, and here at Real Money Gamer we definitely think this app is worth the download just remember no real cash prizes!

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