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What’s the Deal with Lucra Sports: The App that’s Making Sports Waging Approachable for All

What is Lucra Sports?

Lucra Sports is the peer-to-peer gaming app and website that gives friends and fans a new way to compete for cash. The app provides a platform for users to create friendly competitions for cash or just for kudos on the sports they watch and games they play in real life. All the while, users can skip the hassle and the learning curve because Lucra Sports bypasses traditional gambling sites and sportsbooks.

Sports betting can be extremely intimidating. We’ve known this for years; the complicated rules of sports waging aren’t really hospitable to newcomers. From the bookies to the intricate rules of sportsbooks and the unsavory risk imposed on participants, sports waging has been gatekept by the seasoned pros for years.

But this app is quickly changing the sports betting landscape, especially for casual fans.

The friendly competition doesn’t stop when your favorite sports season is over. There are over 100 casual games on the Lucra Sports app that you can play with people on your friends list or people in the Lucra public feed.

Is Lucra’s new model of sports waging and competitive gaming paving the way for a more approachable future for sports competition? We think it might be.

How is Lucra Sports Different from the rest?

Lucra Sports is the first sports waging platform that puts the social aspect first. Their motive is to bring friendly competition to casual fans. This company likes to keep things light and fun, most of the wagers on the app are for $5, but every user can set their own terms in the competitions they create.

Unlike some of the other online sports waging platforms, Lucra was not created as a way to get rich off of your sports knowledge.

All wagers in Lucra are intended to put fun first, so users can wage in low-stakes friendly competition and become an active participant in the sports they watch without having to take on the risk and workload of entering into a traditional sports book.

In the app, users can play against their friends or get connected with other fans from all over the country through the community feed.

Here’s the most important difference between Lucra and the rest

What is the Lucra App?

Lucra offers a few styles of competition where users can wage real cash or play for free. On the app users can create competitions on their own terms in sports wages, casual games, and real-life challenges. Users create their own competitions, so you can play on your terms. Compete just for fun with free play or for legit cash prizes on Lucra. When competing in free play sports wagers, users will compete with Lucra Bucks in place of cash.

Lucra Sports is available on all iOS devices and on desktop. Currently, there is not an Android or Samsung version of the app, but it will likely expand the platforms soon.

The Lucra app is divided into two primary sections: Sports You Watch, and Games You Play. The Sports You Watch section is where you can find your feed of Lucra sports wagers. Here you can keep up with your friend’s competitions, discuss the game, and even talk some smack.

The Games you Play section of Lucra is where you can find quick mobile mini games that you can challenge your friends to. In addition to on-screen competition, Lucra offers a platform to keep track of your in-person competitions. Challenge your friends to fitness challenges and any friendly competition you can imagine.

Because you have the ability to set your own terms on all of your wagers in the Lucra app, you can be more creative with your wagers than in any other app.

Here are the friendly competitions you can find on Lucra.

Sports You Watch

All sports waging on Lucra is under the “Sports You Watch” section in the app.

Player vs Player

Who do you think will score more points this week, Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson?

If you have any predictions about a player’s performance, you can wage on your hunch in Lucra Player vs. Player competitions. These competitions allow you to stake real money on a player’s stat vs another player and their stat.

The two players do not have to be from the same sport, but they do have to be playing within the same week. So, you can compare Lebron James’s performance against Tom Brady’s as long as they are both playing in the same week. All player vs. player competitions must be based on public data that is automatically shared with Lucra.

Unlike fantasy sports or other sports betting apps, Lucra allows you to set your own terms for every contest. All of your competitions will be created by the users competing within them.

Any player vs. player contest on the app can be shared privately amongst your friends or posted to the public contest feed for fans across the world to opt into.

In Game Contests

In-game contesting allows you to make wagers on the game after a game has already begun. Every in-game contest on Lucra expires three minutes after the game’s creation, so if you want to play you have to place your bets within three minutes of when the competition was published.

This makes in-game contests a great option for speedy wagers as you watch the game play out.

You might be wondering: Can I create an in-game wager three minutes before the game is over? That’s a clever thought, but it’s not the case.

There has to be a significant amount of time on the clock if you want to place an in-game wager. Every sport has a different requirement for when a new in-game competition can be created. Here’s how Lucra breaks it down.

The following time must be left in each game to create a new in-game tournament.

  • Football- at least one quarter
  • Basketball- at least one quarter
  • Hockey- at least one period
  • Soccer- at least a full half
  • Golf- at least 9 holes
  • Tennis- at least one set
  • Baseball- at least 2 innings

Other than those time constraints, Lucra in-game wagers are completely customizable by the creator, so you can set your own terms.

Games You Play

All casual games and competitive activities in Lucra are listed under the “Games You Play” tab in the app.

Lucca offers a wide variety of mobile games on the app like golf, ping pong, darts, board games and more. Users can compete in quick, casual game play for free or just for fun. But if casual games aren’t your thing, you can compete with your friends on and off the screen.

If you like to play your games on a bigger console, you can now track your competitions through the app. Lucra now offers competition in video games such as NBA 2k, Fifa, Call of Duty and more.

If you want to carry out some healthy competition off the screen, you can now do that through Lucra’s fitness competitions. Motivate yourself and your friends through fitness competitions in the app. You can challenge your friends to pushup competitions, steps per day competitions, lift challenges and more on the app.

How Does Lucra Make Money?

Lucra provides a platfrorm for all users to win some cash here and there, but they aren’t just passing money around between users.

Here’s how it works: Lucra takes a 5% commission from all winnings generated from the app. So if you win a Lucra wager, account for a small amount of it being cut from your total winnings. Apart from their regular winnings commission, Lucra has made some serious headway for the app with investors across the world.

The app started with a bang and it’s steadily growing. Since 2019, Lucra CEO and founder Dylan Robbins has worked to amass funds exceeding $14 million to jumpstart and grow the app. Lucra investors include all stars in the financial world and the sports world, such as Raptor Group, Seventy Six Capital, Victress Capital, Emmanuel Sanders and Zach Ertz.

Lucra Sports Video Review:

Prefer to watch a video that will tell you everything you need to know about Lucra sports and how the app works?

Check out the video below:

In Conclusion

If you want to raise the stakes in your sports viewership, Lucra might be right up your alley. The ability to play sports wagers with such low cost of entrance is a huge deal. Bypassing the not-so-great aspects of traditional sports waging opens the door to casual fans who might not have ever felt welcome to do so before.

Lucra is definitely making waves in the sports waging world, which is the primary focus of the app.

As far as casual gaming goes, Lucra will do the job but developing cutting edge mobile games probably isn’t their main priority. If causal cash prize gaming is your thing, you might want to find some games that specialize in that. However, the opportunity to set your own terms for mobile game tournaments is unique to Lucra and may be worth exploring.

Overall, Lucra Sports & Games is a new app that cash prize competitors should be keeping an eye on.

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