Golden Tee Tournament Edition feat. Cash Prizes Comes to App Store with Skillz Partnership - Real Money Gamer

Golden Tee Tournament Edition feat. Cash Prizes Comes to App Store with Skillz Partnership


Incredible Technologies and iconic PGA video game partners with Skillz Inc., so you can win legit cash prizes while you play.

A new way to win cash has just launched on the app store, and it’s a game that you may know well.

Since its inception in 1989, 33 years ago, the Golden Tee arcade game franchise has been a staple for casual gamers everywhere. The latest news for Golden Tee? A partnership with Skillz Inc., a gaming developer behind some the most popular and high paying games on the app store.

Skillz facilitates millions in cash prizes every year through their mobile gaming platform, and Golden Tee: Tournament Edition is set to facilitate hundreds of thousands in cash prizes every day.

The Golden Tee arcade game is hailed as one of the best arcade games of all time, and this new addition to the franchise offers new ways to play the game. On the app, players can choose between full nine-hole games and mini games for quick modes of play.

This partnership couldn’t be more exciting for real money gamers and Golden Tee arcade lovers everywhere. But you don’t have to have any experience with this game to able to be able to win cash on this app. This game is easy to learn and endlessly entertaining, making it the perfect pick anyone.

Like all games backed by Skillz, you can win extra cash or even cool prizes like gaming consoles and gift cards.

In addition to prizes, you can expect beautiful graphics and smooth mechanics on this game. The app will take you through several classic golf courses as well as fantasy courses.

The newly launched app is free to download on all iOS and Samsung devices, and there are no mandatory in-app purchases to be able to play.

Golden Tee: Tournament Edition was released onto the Apple and Samsung app stores November 7, 2022. You can download the app here.