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Cube Cube Strategy: Tips & Tricks to Win

What is Cube Cube?

Cube Cube is a free iOS and Samsung block puzzle game that offers unlimited free play and real cash prize tournaments.

The Cube Cube app has a 4.6-star rating on the Apple Appstore and a 4.5-star rating on the Samsung Galaxy Store. The game is an all-time favorite amongst puzzle game enthusiasts and real money gamers alike.

Cube Cube was developed by Tether Studios, the mobile game developer behind mega-popular games such as 21 Blitz, Solitaire Cube, and Yatzy Royale. The Cube Cube app is also backed by the Skillz Gaming platform. Skillz is a leading cash prize game developer that brings legit cash prize opportunities to popular games like Blackout Bingo, Dominoes Gold and Pool Payday.

Skillz facilitates millions of dollars in cash prizes across their gaming platform every single year. Playing in Cube Cube cash tournaments can help you get a cut of the big money on the Skillz platform.

Does Cube Cube Pay Real Money?

Yes, Cube Cube pays real money to winners every single day through their legit cash prize tournaments.

But it should be noted that the Cube Cube app is not a side hustle, meaning that it does not pay users for their time spent on the app. Cube Cube is a fun mobile game that has the added bonus of legit cash tournaments. If raising the stakes by playing for cash sounds like fun to you, then Cube Cube is right up your alley.

Cube Cube players can win up to $40 on the app in just one round of gameplay. Meaning that you can win $40 in just three minutes or less! The app has a wide variety of tournaments with varying risk levels, you can play for as little as $1 or up to a $100 prize pool.

However, you do not have to play for cash to be able to enjoy the entirety of the game. Cube Cube offers unlimited free practice levels, where you can play against other real competitors at no cost to you.

In summary, yes- users can win real money through Cube Cube cash tournaments, but Cube Cube is not an app where users can earn cash for their time. But every cash prize that you do win on the app is 100% legit, the app will always get your cash winnings into your pocket.

How to Play Cube Cube

Cube Cube is a classic block puzzle game that challenges user’s quick-thinking and organizational skills.

The object of the game is to fill your puzzle grid with the various Cube Cube puzzle piece shapes until the three-minute timer runs out. Your main goal throughout the game is to survive the entirety of the round by ensuring that you have enough space on the puzzle grid for every piece that you are dealt throughout the game.

You will be dealt three puzzle pieces at a time, and you must place them all on the grid to get new pieces. Every Cube Cube piece is randomly assigned, and the pieces vary greatly in size and shape.

When you fill an entire row or column with puzzle pieces, it will disappear to make room for more pieces. As you play, you will have to thoughtfully place pieces to clear the rows and make sure that there will be enough room to place puzzle pieces on the board.

You will be awarded points for every square on the grid that you fill and clear, and you will receive boosted points for combos and streaks. If at any point you do not have the space on your board to place a new piece, you will run out of moves and your game will be ended early.

Any game of Cube Cube can be broken down into two sections: building in clearing.

The first part of your game should be focused on building. This is when you arrange blocks as seamlessly as possible that can then be cleared in singular moves. It’s okay to leave some gaps in your puzzle grid at this time but try not to block your gaps in entirely.

After the building section, focus on clearing your rows and columns. The clearing portion of your game is crucial when it comes to building up points. When in the building process, you should have set up your grid so that it can be cleared with ease. If your building section was successful, then your clearing process should be easy. As your clearing, place every Cube Cube piece thoughtfully so you can maximize your core with streaks and combos.

Cube Cube puzzle pieces.

Every competitor will play their own single-player game of Cube Cube on their own devices. To keep things fair, Cube Cube will deal the same puzzle pieces to every competitor in any given tournament. That way no one has an edge because of a lucky hand- you’ll have to take the W with skill and skill alone.

You have until the clock runs out or until you’ve run out of moves to place pieces on your Cube Cube grid. When your game is complete, submit your score. The app will automatically compare every competitor’s score and give out prizes accordingly.

Cube Cube Tips and Tricks to Win More Cash

Cube Cube is a simple game that anyone can play, but there are some helpful tips and tricks you can employ to watch your score skyrocket. Here is everything we know about maximizing your score on this game, use these tips and tricks to win more often on the Cube Cube app.

Take your Time

Speed is a primary factor when it comes to beating out your competitors on other cash prize mobile games, but that’s not necessarily the case for Cube Cube. This is because Cube Cube does not have a time bonus or a move limit.

Instead of putting your effort toward speed, put your effort toward survival. Take the time to place your pieces carefully to ensure that you’ll have space for what’s next to come.

Clearing rows and columns as fast as possible is great, but it won’t increase your point total. But being able to place Cube Cube pieces for the entirety of your allotted game time will help to boost your point total.

Build from a Corner

You’ll want to keep your puzzle grid neat and tidy with minimal gaps. One way to do this most effectively is to build your pieces from one corner and work your way up. This will ultimately help your organization and make the clearing stage if the game easier.

Only Build on One Half of the Grid

You will learn that making space for new pieces is one of the most important aspects of the game. If you want to be prepared for whatever puzzle piece Cube Cube has in store, then you should try to only build on one half of the puzzle grid.

When you condense you pieces to one half of the board, you will be able to clear them more effectively. Once you’ve cleared out some space, continue building on the same half of the grid that you built on before and do it over again.

Learn Which Pieces go Together

There are only so many Cube Cube piece shapes, and you’ll learn them fast. Some pieces are made to fit together, so it’s best to learn them and look out for them throughout your game.

Watch Competitor Replays

The best part about competing against other real players is that you can learn from them. Once everyone’s scores are submitted, you’ll have the opportunity to watch a game recap, where you can see your competitor’s gameplay.

Make the most out of your losses and learn the strategies that your competitor used to win with the Cube Cube game recap.

Helpful Cube Cube Strategies

Here are the overarching strategies that you can use in tangent with our tips and tricks to get the most out of every game of Cube Cube.

Prioritize Streaks over Combos

Clearing multiple rows in one move is a combo and clearing rows in back-to-back moves will start a streak. Streaks will award you more points than a combo. So if you have the space and pieces to allow it, opt to clear one row at a time over multiple moves instead of clearing multiple rows in one move.

Clear on the Third Move

You will be dealt three puzzle pieces at a time. If do not have an active streak going and you see an opportunity to clear a row, wait to clear it until you are on your third piece that was dealt to you.

Starting a new hand with a streak will make it easier for you to carry out the streak. You may even get better pieces if you move into the new hand with an active streak.

How Scoring Works on Cube Cube

You’ll get points for every piece you place on the grid and for every piece you clear from the grid. Here’s how Cube Cube breaks those points down.

  • 10 points for every square on a piece. So, a single square piece is worth 10 points, and a 3×3 square is worth 90 points.
  • 100 points for every row or column cleared.

Clearing multiple rows in one move will give you a point boost, see how many points you can get with one move below.

  • 1 row, 100 points
  • 2 rows, 300 points
  • 3 rows, 600 points
  • 4 rows, 1,000 points
  • 5 rows, 1,500 points
  • 6 rows, 2,100 points

Clearing rows in back-to-back moves will start a streak. See the Cube Cube point breakdown for streaks below.

  • 2 move streak, 250 extra points
  • 3 move streak, 400 extra points
  • 4 move streak, 550 extra points
  • 5 move streak, 700 extra points
  • 6 move streak, 850 extra points
  • 7 move streak, 1,000 extra points
  • 8 move streak, 1,150 extra points
  • 9 move streak, 1,300 extra points
  • 10 move streak, 1,40 extra points

Note that streak points are cumulative, so if you reach a 10-move streak your point total for the streak will be 7,650 points.

What is a Good Score on Cube Cube?

If you’re looking for a magic number that would qualify a good score on Cube Cube, you won’t find one (but that’s good news.)

Cube Cube is a game that can be played by anyone regardless of experience levels, so there isn’t an exact threshold that defines a successful score. This is because the app analyzes your gameplay to pair you with other competitors who match your skill level. That way beginners never have to face advanced players, so everyone has a fair shot at the win.

Every game of Cube Cube is different, so don’t let the number of your score be the primary insight to your success.

A win is a win, no matter what your score is. But if you’re hoping to set a goal for yourself, a good score to aim for is anywhere is 18,000 points.

How Start Winning Real Money on Cube Cube

Ready to start racking up cash winnings on Cub Cube? Here are the steps to take to get started.

The Cube Cube app is 100% free and available on all iOS and Samsung devices.

  • Start playing unlimited free practice rounds

As soon as you download the app you will be asked to confirm your username and avatar (these can both be changed later.) Once that is complete, you’ll start with a practice round tutorial.

Take the time to gain some skills and confidence in your Cube Cube gameplay. The practice rounds are literally free, so take advantage of them! Make sure that you have your strategy down to a T and that you know all of the game rules before you start playing for cash.

  • Deposit some entry fee cash

When you’re ready to start competing for cash, you’ll have to deposit some cash to cover your entry fees. Before you do so, there are some extra steps you should take.

First, confirm that you’re an eligible cash prize participant. All cash prize competitors must be at least 18 years of age and living in an eligible location. Currently, Cube Cube cash tournaments are not available in AR, AZ, CT, DE, LA, MT, SC, SD, or TN. But the free practice rounds on the app can be played by anyone, regardless of your location.

Next, take the time to register your account before you start playing for cash. This will only take a few minutes, all you’ll need is your name, email, and a PayPal account to receive your winnings. This process is sperate from confirming your avatar and username.

Completing your account isn’t as fun as playing the game, but it’s a necessary step to ensure that your cash payout goes smoothly.

Once you’ve guaranteed that you meet the requirements to play for cash and registered your account, submit some cash to cover your entry fees. You can do so by tapping the shopping cart icon located in the bottom menu of your screen.

All deposits are instant and secure. Cube Cube has partnered with Apple Pay and all major card holders, so you shouldn’t have any issue here. 

  • Play in your first cash tournament

After you’ve set aside some entry fee cash, you’re all set to start competing in cash tournaments on Cube Cube!

  • Start collecting cash winnings

Once you’ve accumulated at least $10 in winnings, you can cash out through PayPal. Allow 3-5 days for your winnings to hit your account, then enjoy your extra cash!

Final Words

Cube Cube is a legit cash prize game that pays real money to users every single day. You can download and play Cube Cube for free on any iOS or Samsung device. Build up your skills with unlimited free practice rounds then see how much you can win with Cube Cube cash tournaments.

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