How to Win at Bubble Cash: Tips, Tricks, & Strategy

How to Win at Bubble Cash: Tips, Tricks, & Strategy

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Your next payday is just a few bubbles away! Bubble Cash is a top-ranking app that can help add a little extra padding into your pockets.

This bubble-shooter game is based on skill and adds a competitive money-earning element through exciting cash tournaments. Increase your chance to win by improving your gaming tactic.

Luckily for you, we are giving you a head start! Continue reading to learn how to win at Bubble Cash and learn our recommended tips, tricks, and strategies. No need to thank us, just download Bubble Cash and start playing today!

What is Bubble Cash?

Bubble Cash is a classic bubble-shooter game available for free download on all iOS and Samsung devices.

Bubble Cash was developed by Papaya Gaming and is a great example of Papaya’s signature interactive gameplay and eye-catching graphics. Unsurprisingly, Bubble Cash boasts a 4.6-star rating with over 95 thousand raving reviews on the Apple App Store.

Some of these 5-star reviews come from users like Coulson7, who wrote,

“I decided to take a chance on this game because I’ve always loved bubble-popping games. […] I was able to withdraw my first $100 last night. I received an email this morning saying the money was deposited, so I checked it was most definitely there. This game is NOT a scam! You can actually win money, and it’s seriously addicting that I can’t stop playing it.”

Rack up your points by popping as many bubbles as possible before your three-minute timer runs out to outscore your competition!

How to Play Bubble Cash

Take aim and launch! Start playing Bubble Cash by challenging your quick-thinking skills and strategy.

Launch your bubble-shooter to pop bubbles of the same color in groups of three. To launch, hold your finger on the screen and swipe to aim. Once you’ve found your shot, simply release your finger to shoot.

When done successfully, all the matching bubbles in the cluster will pop. With each bubble popped you will be awarded points that will go towards increasing your score for a chance to rank to win.

Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Score

Every skill-based game has tips, tricks, and strategies that you can use to maximize your points. Here are our recommendations to get the highest score possible while playing Bubble Cash. So, you don’t lose your entry-fee money and instead make a profit off of the game.

1. Swap Out Your Bubbles

bubble cash tips

While playing Bubble Cash, you might find yourself having a bubble in your shooter that you cannot use immediately. Luckily for you, players are loaded with two bubbles in their launcher at all times, so if you run into this problem, simply tap the launcher to switch to your second bubble.

Most people don’t realize they can switch between their bubbles during the game, so they end up wasting moves. Get a leg up and make every move count by switching out your bubbles.

2. Aim for the Top

bubble cash tips

When you aim for the top-most bubble clusters, the bubbles hanging beneath them will also fall, gaining you easy points.

Aiming for the bubbles at the top will help you clear your board faster. The faster you clear your board, the higher bonus you will receive for every second left on your timer. 

3. Bounce Your Shot Between the Walls

bubble cash tips

When shooting, you can increase your range by aiming at the walls. Bouncing your bubble off the wall will cause it to ricochet and potentially hit more clusters in one go.

By gaining more points with one shot, you will ensure that you are using each move to the best of your ability. This tip helps you hit more clusters and gain more points super easily and effectively.

4. Stack Your Bubbles

One of the best ways to maximize your points is by stacking your bubbles. To do this, it’s important to leave two bubble colors on the board and purposefully misfire your bubbles to create even bigger clusters.

With bigger clusters come more points. So continue misfiring until you’ve built up a giant cluster, and then take aim and pop them all. This hack can help you double your point total at the end of the game. Pushing your score that much further above your competition.

It may take some time to perfect this strategy, but the more you practice, the better you will get! Trust us. This technique is not widely known or shared, but it is what sets tournament winners apart from the rest of the players.

bubble cash tips

Building Up Your Bubble Cash Balance

After you have utilized the free gameplay to practice these Bubble Cash hacks, you can start playing in cash tournaments. Keep in mind that there are entry fees that you are required to pay via deposits that you make into your app from your bank account.

Once your fee has been paid, you can instantly start competing in tournaments against players of a similar skill level. We recommend out scoring your competition by swapping out your bubbles, aiming for the top of your board, bouncing your shot between the walls, and stacking your bubbles. Using these tips can easily double your point total and help you win your tournament.

After you have built up $10 in rewards from winning, you are ready to transfer your funds to your PayPal by hitting the withdraw button in the app. On average, you can expect to wait three to seven days for your payment to be deposited. After that, you will be able to see and access your real cash prizes!

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How to Win at Bubble Cash: Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to win at Bubble Cash by using our recommended tips, tricks, and strategies, it’s time to start playing.

Understanding and utilizing strategies like swapping out your bubbles, aiming for the top, bouncing your shots off the walls, and stacking your bubbles can greatly enhance your chances of winning. Being able to think to make quick decisions strategically is crucial when it comes to Bubble Cash.

Bubble Cash adds a competitive flair to classic bubble-shooter rules, bringing an exhilarating experience to players. Embrace the risk of cash tournaments and make money by playing Bubble Cash. This game is free to download on iOS and Samsung devices and is a fun way to treat yourself!

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