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How To Get Perfect Shots on Big Buck Hunter

Our smartphones have brought classic arcade games to our fingertips, and we’re so glad that they did. If you want an arcade game that still lives up to the hype, Big Buck Hunter is for you.

Test your aim, focus, and timing. We’ve made a guide on how to get the perfect shot so you can start winning cash prizes today.


What is Big Buck Hunter

Big Buck Hunter is the mobile version of the classic arcade game of the same title. This game challenges you to get the perfect shot and earn points through taking down targets as they run on and off the screen.

You might remember paying quarters to play this game in an arcade, but now Big Buck Hunter can pay you. That’s right- the mobile version of this game supports tournaments with legit cash prizes, so you can win money for the perfect shot. You can play for kicks with free play or turn up the competition with a real cash tournament.

Big Buck Hunter is backed by Skillz developers, who pair you with real people who match your skill level for every competition. Nope, no bots here. Your wins aren’t determined by an algorithm, they’re determined by actual skill.

This app has already given out thousands of dollars to players, and there is more prize money waiting for you.


Aim for Perfection & Win Big

There is no secret to Big Buck Hunter, it all just comes down to timing to get that perfect shot. Here’s how it’s done.

When you launch your game, you’ll see a serene woodsy environment. Unlike other first person shooter games, you do not have the option to adjust your field of view. The controls are fairly limited, which makes the gameplay simple. The only thing you have to focus on in Big Buck Hunter is aiming and firing your shot.

A few seconds after the game begins, you will see bucks run across the screen. You only have a few seconds to get your shot before the buck runs off the screen and out of your field of view. Tap the screen to pull up your scope. Once you’re looking through the scope, the target will move in slow motion. Be sure to fire before the scope timer runs out; you can fire by releasing your finger from the screen.

Like the classic arcade game, the Big Buck Hunter app scores you based on your accuracy. You get the highest number of points for shooting right through the center of the buck’s chest, so that should be your objective every time you aim.

Here’s the trick: you need to account for the speed of the buck and the speed of your arrow. Fire before the buck is just where you want it and try to have your arrow meet in the middle. In a perfect scenario, the buck will practically run into the arrow for you when you time it perfectly.

Don’t worry if you can’t get the perfect shot every time. In Big Buck Hunter, your target is kind of like a dart board, and the heart is the bullseye. You can still get enough points to win if you get the buck anywhere within its midsection or neck. Try to avoid the limbs and head of your target to ger the most points as possible.

Bucks are only half of the game, you will also see critters like possums, skunks, owls and beavers run across the screen in groups of three. These targets are worth less points, but they are easier to hit. You don’t have to bother with aiming for a specific target on the individual critters, you’ll get points as long as you hit them. Act fast to get points for all three critters before they run out of your field of view.

You will also see larger predators like bears and wolves in the game. Usually, only one of these larger animals will appear in a round and they’re worth a lot of points when you aim perfectly. Aim for the chest on these targets. If you hit anywhere else, it will take multiple arrows to take down the target.

The only thing that’s off limit in Big Buck Hunter are does. Before you aim at deer, make sure it has antlers. If you hit a doe, you will suffer a severe point deduction.

In short, Big Buck Hunter all boils down to timing. It takes some practice, but mastering this game is in the cards for gamers of all experience. Perfecting your shot is critical, the higher you score the more cash you can win. Once you’ve gotten accustomed to getting that perfect shot, enter into some Big Buck Hunter tournaments with cash prizes.

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