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Popular Game Studio Winkel Games Offers Real Cash Reward Games

Winkel Games

Winkel Games, based in London, is changing the face of mobile gaming with an electrifying blend of creativity, adventure, and real-world rewards. In a time when the mobile gaming world is more lively than ever, this dynamic company is making big waves, breaking past the restrictions of the traditional gaming landscape.

Winkel specializes in games that are hyper-casual and in e-sports.

This game company is keeping up with the changing industry and actively creating its future, producing significant waves that challenge the current quo. Winkel Games excels at breaking free from the confines of the typical game world, and its success is embodied in its ability to transcend these constraints, creating gaming experiences that are not just immersive and pleasant but also innovative.

One of their notable achievements to date is the creation and launch of Skill Cash. This ground-breaking eSports platform elevates gaming to a whole new level by allowing players to convert gaming skills into real cash rewards. Offering a variety of games like Bubble Shooter, 3 Tiles, Spiderette, Super Match 3, and Solitaire, Skill Cash caters to all gamers.

Skill Cash

But Skill Cash is more than just a gaming platform. It’s a comprehensive app that nurtures competition, encourages skill development, and provides a gratifying experience. Beyond cash rewards, Skill Cash ensures a seamless and secure cash withdrawal system and additional ways to maximize in-game potential, such as earning daily bonus rewards and watching ads for free gems.

Skill Cash is free to download and play, and real cash tournaments are accessible in many regions, with some exceptions including AZ, AR, CT, DE, LA, MI, MT, SC, SD, and TN. Also, real-money Solitaire games are not available in IN and ME.

Winkel Games’ portfolio doesn’t end with Skill Cash. They’ve introduced Swiing, a thrilling one-touch arcade platformer that has players dodging hazards and navigating treacherous terrains at high speed. The game has ten challenging levels across five unique stages, with players vying to become the ultimate Swiing King.


There’s also JUUMP!, an endless jumping adventure that’s perfect for quick play sessions. JUUMP! tasks players with climbing as high as possible while avoiding a myriad of spikes. With a host of unlockable blobs and several ways to navigate the environment, JUUMP! ensures continuous engagement and entertainment.

Winkel Games is breaking barriers and reshaping the mobile gaming landscape. With a commitment to constant growth, they promise new characters, customization options, and challenging game concepts in the pipeline. Embracing a free-to-play model, Winkel Games ensures everyone can indulge in their offerings.

More than just a game developer, Winkel Games is a trailblazer, setting trends and injecting originality into their games. Their portfolio goes beyond mere games, encompassing real-world rewards, exhilarating gameplay, and one-of-a-kind experiences. From the adrenaline-fueled Swiing to the limitless climbs of JUUMP! and the cash-winning potential of Skill Cash, Winkel Games is setting a new standard for gaming.

Winkel Games stands out as a breath of fresh air in a crowded market saturated with cookie-cutter smartphone games. They are disrupting the status quo and promising even more captivating advancements. Keep a close watch on them as they reshape the gaming landscape, delivering not just games but extraordinary experiences.

Winkel Android Games

Winkel iOS Games

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