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Legit Real Money Games Like Match to Win

What is Match to Win App & How to Play

Ever wanted the chance to win thousands of dollars without having to pay a cent? That’s what Match to Win is all about.

Match to Win is a free puzzle game that offers legit ways to earn extra spending money. The best part? There are no necessary purchases required to be able to win on this app. Here’s how it works.

This app sponsors legit cash sweepstakes for all players. As you play the mega-fun puzzle game, you’ll receive tickets to enter into cash giveaways that take place daily and weekly. Daily sweepstake giveaways are worth $250, and the prize pool for weekly giveaways can reach the thousands. This app has already given away more than $25,000 to its userbase, and it shows no signs of slowing.

There are unlimited puzzle levels on this app. After you compete each level, you will get a free scratcher. There are several different rewards you can get from the scratchers including sweepstakes tickets, coins, and even cash. Match to Win rewards a handful of users with $250 scratchers every single day.

Big cash prizes are always awesome, but you are more likely to receive small sums of cash, coins, and tickets from the scratchers. Don’t worry, you can continue to take your chances on bigger prize pools with daily bonuses, prize wheels, and more. This app has tons of extra ways to take home cash.

It’s hard to find a genuine sweepstakes app, and Match to Win is a total diamond in the rough. You don’t have to pay a dime to win cash and enter into their sweepstakes- we can’t overstate how rare that is. Match to Win is all about simple fun and opportunities for easy money, that’s why we love it.


This game is a match-three puzzle similar to Candy Crush. The object of the game is to unlock the target number of icons in the lowest amount of moves possible. Pairing gems of the same color in groups of three or more will help unlock target icons on the grid. Swipe two gems to switch their order in the grid to free the target icons.

Download Match to Win & Start Earning

Match to Win is available for free download on all iOS and Android devices.

Once the app installed onto your device, you can start playing the game and earning cash. You have the opportunity to take home cash with the scratchers after every level. You can play an unlimited amount of levels every day, and every scratcher come with the possibility of earning free cash.

Once you’ve accumulated $7 from the scratchers, you can send your winnings to your PayPal account.

A Few Games Like Match to Win

There’s nothing quite like winning free cash. Lucky for you, there are tons of ways to take home extra money just by playing games on your device.

Here are our favorite games like Match to Win that can help you take home some extra dough.

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1. Block Puzzle

4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)
  • Highlights: Beat the clock with this color matching puzzle game
  • Device: iOS
  • Rewards & Benefits: Win cash prizes when you compete in head-to-head and tournament competitions. 
  • Developer: eGoGames
  • Apple App Store Rating: 4.3/5 with ratings

If puzzle games are your thing, you should be winning cash when you play. Color match blocks in this Tetris-style game to solve puzzle block in time. Get matched with competitors who share your skill level or challenge your friends to win some extra cash with this mega-fun game.

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2. Cube Cube

4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
  • Highlights: Compete against players across the world with this Tetris- style puzzle game
  • Device: iOS, Samsung
  • Rewards & Benefits: Compete for fun or for real world prizes and cash rewards
  • Developer: Skillz Gaming
  • Apple App Store Rating: 4.6/5 with 12.5k ratings
  • Samsung Galaxy Store Rating: 4.4/5 with 1.01k ratings

Cube Cube brings a new competitive flare to Tetris-inspired puzzles. Show off your strategy and play against people across the world for cash and other prizes. Cube Cube has pro and practice levels, so you can choose between free play or cash games with higher stakes.

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