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Can Chess Payday Help You Win Some Cash?

Since its first inception in the 600’s, chess has been one of the best ways to measure one’s gaming skills. The strategy game requires planning and quick thinking, making it a shoe in for the real money gaming sphere.

Chess Payday poises itself to be one of the only chess apps that offers real money tournaments. The say that you can literally get paid in cash to win on this app, and we’re going to put that claim to the test.

Let’s take a look at Chess Payday and determine if this game really has what it takes. We’re going to cover how to play this game, who can win some extra cash, and how much cash you can walk away with to determine if Chess Payday is the real deal or not.

What is Chess Payday?

Available for free download on the Apple and Samsung Appstore’s, Chess Payday is a premier chess app that offers legit cash prizes to its userbase. Over on the Apple Appstore, the app has a 4.6-star (out of 5) star rating and 5-star rating on the Samsung Galaxy Store.

These store ratings are especially high for the real money gaming sector, which goes to show how much users are loving Chess Payday.

The apps is backed by Skillz gaming developers, who are behind mega popular games like Blackout Bingo and Solitaire Cube. Last year, Skillz facilitated over $650,000 in cash prize payouts to their userbase, and that number is expected to grow.

You know what that means-there is tons of cash to go around.

Who Can Play Chess Payday?

Chess Payday is designed for iOS and Samsung users age 18 and up, and there are a few geographical restrictions to who can actually win cash on the game.

At this time, cash prizes are not available in Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, and South Dakota. Even though users in these states cannot play for cash, they can still play the free practice levels.

So, who can play Chess Payday? Let’s recap. Chess Payday is made for iOS and Samsung users who are at least 18 years of age and living in an eligible location to receive cash prizes.

How to Play Chess Payday

Chess Payday knows that you can beat the classic, so they take the basic rules of chess and adds a point system. There are no extra twists to this app, it’s just chess with the opportunity to play for cash.

Free Play vs Cash Tournaments

The app offers unlimited free play in addition to cash prize tournaments. In a cash prize competition, the winner will get to walk away with the prize pool.

All cash tournaments will pair you with a real-life competitor who matches your skill level. You and your competitor will play the AI in identical games. Whoever scores more points against the AI opponent will be awarded the cash.

When you play free play competitions, you’ll play for Z-coins, the in-app points system for Chess Payday. Use your Z-coins to enter into tournaments or even exchange them for prizes.

How Much Can You Earn on Chess Payday?

Let’s get one thing straight: Chess Payday won’t make you a millionaire, but it is an awesome way to make some extra cash on your phone. It’s true- Chess Payday is a legit way to make some extra cash, and you can win up to $20 per game when you play consistently.

The more time you commit to the app, the more cash you can win. When you play often, you’ll unlock new leagues with higher earning potential. Cash prizes will be set around $1 to $5 per game when you first download the app but playing consistently will unlock tournaments with cash prizes reaching $25 or more.

Steps to Getting Paid on Chess Payday

If you want to try your hand at winning some extra cash on Chess Payday, you’ll have to set up your entry fees in the app.  Every cash prize tournament has a required entry fee for every player.

These entry fees usually cost a few cents, and if you win, you’ll make back your entry fee and then some. Cash prizes can be worth up to 400 times your entry payment fee, so winning will always be a net positive.

Start by inputting some cash into your account. You can input cash in set increments of $5, $10, $20, of $35. This cash can only be used for your entry fees.

To input your cash, tap the shopping cart icon at the bottom of the screen, choose your desired amount, and start playing for cash!

Bottom Line

Chess Payday is one of the best ways to show your skill and get paid for it on the app store. Whether you’re a chess player who wants one of the best free ways to play on your phone or you’re looking to win some extra cash, you’ll love this game.

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