Money Turn vs Mistplay: Which Gaming App is Better?

Money Turn vs Mistplay: Which Gaming App is Better?

money turn vs mistplay

Are you into rewarded play apps? If you are, then we’re sure you’ve probably heard of Mistplay and Money Turn. These two apps are both highly-acclaimed, rewarded play apps that offer cash prizes and gift cards to users just for playing mobile games through their platform.

Although both of these apps are great options for anyone looking for a little extra cash, today we’re going to find out which one is better by putting Money Turn and Mistplay head to head and comparing each one’s features to determine which app is better overall.

We will be going over games available, rewards offered, pros and cons, earning potential, usability, and more for each app. That way, there will be no questions left unanswered, and you can ultimately find out which app is better suited for what you’re looking for!

Without further ado, let’s get straight into the Money Turn vs. Mistplay comparison.

What is Money Turn?

Money Turn

Money Turn is an Android app (not available for iOS) that rewards you for playing mobile games. When you play games, you earn coins every minute, which you can exchange for cash or gift cards. It’s one of the most popular money-making apps on the Google Play Store, with over 100 thousand downloads and an impressive rating of 4.5 stars.

The best part is that the app is completely free to download, and there are no in-app purchases or deposits required. You don’t have to pay anything to start earning. Another great thing is that all the games in the app are rated E, so anyone of any age can enjoy and make some extra money with this app.

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What is Mistplay?


Mistplay is an Android exclusive app that pays users with cash and gift cards for playing games in their arcade. The concept is similar to Money Turn, the app is completely free, and requires no in app purchases in order to participate. The only requirement Mistplay has is that you must be at least 14 years old to play.

Mistplay is a big hit on the Google Play Store, and has already been downloaded over 10 million times since it launched in 2015. It currently has over 380K reviews, and an overall rating of 4.1 stars.

CEO Henri-Charles Machalani and co-founder and COO Eugene Joannides are behind this rewarded play app, and their creation has rewarded users worldwide with over $24 million thus far.

To get started, all you need to do is download the app, sign up, provide your age and gender, and choose from the different games offered on the app to download and play. After that, enjoy rewards like cash and gift cards just for spending time playing games.

Mistplay personalizes your game library based on your preferences, creating what they call a customized “Mixlist”, where you’ll find new games every day to try out that you’ll love. Mistplay has thousands of fun games to try of all different genres including casual games, slots, and saga games. Play the classics like Yahtzee, Poker, or Words with Friends, or explore new, unique games!

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Money Turn vs. Mistplay: Head-to-Head Comparison

In order to decide which app is superior, the key is to compare the important features of each one. This includes types of games, available rewards, earning potential, usability and design, and finally eligibility.

Types of Games

Both Mistplay and Money Turn offer a wide variety of games to choose from, so you won’t go wrong either way. That being said, everyone has different preferences, and it’s important to see what types of games each app has available.

Money Turn

Money Turn offers a large selection of downloadable games, providing hundreds of options to play and earn rewards.

Some popular games available on Money Turn include:

  • Giant Rush
  • Episode
  • Wordgrams – Crossword Puzzle
  • Solitaire Deluxe 2
  • Slots Era
  • World Series of Poker

Overall, Money Turn has a tons of different games of different genres, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

money turn vs mistplay


Like Money Turn, Mistplay has a bunch of different games available on their app. However, something that’s important to note with Mistplay is that the games they offer depend on where you are in the world. Some games are only offered in specific regions, so just keep that in mind!

Some popular games available on Mistplay include:

  • Solitaire Cube
  • Bubble Cash
  • Solitaire Cash
  • Pool Payday
  • Yahtzee
  • Rise of Kingdoms
  • Raid: Shadow Legends
  • Scrabble
  • Family Farm

Again, the genres you receive will depend on where you live, so I recommend checking them out yourself to see what’s available. In general, most styles include strategy, tycoon, or puzzle games.

money turn vs mistplay

Available Rewards

Determining the available rewards each app offers is crucial to deciding which app to download. Ultimately, you are downloading these apps in order to benefit from rewards like cash and gift cards, so let’s figure out which one will have the best prizes!

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Money Turn

For Money Turn, some of the free gift cards you can redeem include Amazon, BestBuy, Google Play Store, PlayStation, Nintendo, Starbucks, H&M, and Steam.


As for Mistplay, you can redeem free gift cards like Amazon, Prepaid Visa or Mastercard cards, Best Buy, Cinneplex, Google Play Store, Roblox, iTunes, and Uber Eats.

Earning Potential

I know you’ve been eagerly waiting for this part: Which app pays more? You can expect to earn similar amounts with both apps due to their similarity. Either way, let’s get into exactly how much you can expect to earn.

Money Turn

To expand on earlier points, you earn coins from Money Turn‘s earning opportunities. These coins can be used for rewards, either by converting them to cash through PayPal or redeeming gift cards. The available gift cards depend on the country you live in, and for PayPal withdrawals, the minimum amount varies by country. Usually, it’s around $0.50, which costs 5,000 coins.

If you choose to withdraw or redeem a higher amount, the conversion rate is better. For example, withdrawing $1 via PayPal requires only 9,700 coins instead of 10,000. So, higher amounts are more cost-effective. Money Turn’s payment system is straightforward, and I like the convenience of using PayPal for payments.

Overall, the earning potential is a bit low for Money Turn because coins do not convert to much money when you go to exchange it. For example, if you have 1,000 coins, that only equals about $0.10 of real money. That being said, it’s quite easy to earn coins. Here are a couple ways you can earn coins on Money Turn:

Playing the featured games:

The main way to earn from Money Turn is by playing the mobile games they feature. When you log in to the app, you’ll see a list of games you can play. Just choose a game, and it will take you to its app page. Install the game from there so Money Turn can track your progress and award you coins. You’ll earn coins as you level up in the game, but the rewards will decrease as your level increases. It’s best to try out different games to maximize your earnings.

Paid offers:

Another way to earn is through paid offers, which may include surveys or installing other apps. There aren’t as many offers compared to similar apps, but you can complete surveys after setting up your profile. If you qualify for a survey, you’ll earn coins upon completion. Paid offers generally offer higher rewards than playing featured games.

Coin deposit:

For a passive way to earn, you can deposit the coins you’ve earned. Each time you earn coins, you’ll also receive investor points, which increase your investor level. The higher your investor level, the higher the interest rate you’ll get for depositing coins. You’ll receive a daily payout based on the interest rate, but keep in mind that deposited coins cannot be used to redeem rewards.

Referral program:

Lastly, you can passively earn coins through Money Turn’s referral program. Invite people to use the app, and when they join and become your referral, you’ll get 100 coins instantly. You’ll also receive a 25% commission whenever your referral earns coins, and the same goes for them when you earn coins from playing games or completing offers.


When it comes to earning rewards on Mistplay, the amount of rewards depends on the game that’s played. Generally, there is no set amount you can expect to earn just by playing games on the app, rather it depends on the game you choose to play.

Just a quick recap: Units are points that can be exchanged for gift cards from Amazon, Spotify, Starbucks, prepaid cards like Visa or Mastercard, or cash via PayPal. To earn units, play games in your library, reach new levels and hit milestones, refer friends, etc.

The catch? You can only earn units for up to two hours of gameplay per game each day. Mistplay will cut you off from playing if you try to spend more than 2 hours playing one specific game. Another important thing to note, once you reach level 20 for a specific game on Mistplay, you won’t earn more units for that game.

On Mistplay, you can refer friends to earn 100 units for each friend who plays a game up to level four. These 100 units are worth around 12 cents if you redeem them for the smallest Amazon gift card. As an example, to get the lowest-level redemption of a $0.50 Amazon gift card, you’ll need to earn at least 400 Units. That being said, you won’t be swimming in cash after playing Mistplay for a few days, but it is a legit way to earn some extra cash here and there.

Usability and Design

Now, let’s take a look at how user-friendly the apps are and how enjoyable it is to use them. Both apps are expected to be quite similar in these aspects.

Money Turn

Money Turn is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. It has a very simple interface that lets you access games and rewards without extra hassle. The app has an organized layout that makes it simple to find your favorite games and gift card options. Plus, with regular updates and new game additions, you’ll always have something fun to explore. Overall, Money Turn is a straightforward and enjoyable platform for earning rewards while playing games.


Mistplay is the same as Money Turn in this regard, with an easy to access interface, and a straightforward navigation system that will allow you to effortlessly access games, earn rewards, and cash out.


If you live in a country that supports only one of these apps, you can start earning right away without considering the other.

Money Turn

Money Turn is available in most countries; however, if you live in the United States of America, Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand, you may be able to receive extra rewards.


Mistplay is available in 10+ countries, including the United States, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. If your country isn’t on this list, you’ll need to explore other online money-making options.

Money Turn Pros and Cons


  • Unique app design: Money Turn stands out with its distinctive and appealing app design, making it enjoyable to navigate and use.
  • Free to join: There are no sign-up fees or initial investments required, making it accessible to everyone.
  • Unique coin rewards implementation: Money Turn’s creative coin rewards system adds excitement to the earning process, making it more engaging for users.
  • Realistic potential earning: The app offers a fair chance to earn rewards based on the time and effort invested, making the earning potential realistic.
  • Offers the opportunity to play many games under one app: Money Turn provides a variety of games within a single app, providing convenience and a wide range of entertainment options.


  • Uncertainty of receiving any real payouts: Some users may experience uncertainty or delays in receiving their payouts, leading to concerns about the app’s reliability.
  • Potential security vulnerability: As with any online platform, there may be concerns about the security of personal information and financial transactions within the app.
  • The offered games might not suit the taste of many players: The game selection might not cater to everyone’s preferences, limiting the enjoyment for some users.

Mistplay Pros and Cons


  • Game Selection: Mistplay offers a huge variety of games, so all users have game options they’ll enjoy.
  • Available Globally: Mistplay is accessible in more countries, making it available to a broader audience.
  • Amazon Rewards: Users can start redeeming gift card rewards for as little as $0.50 on Amazon.
  • Prepaid Visa Card: You can redeem prepaid Visa cards, which extends the amount of rewards offered.
  • Fun Gaming Experience: Have fun while getting paid!
  • Great Referral Program: Mistplay’s referral program is better than Money Turn in terms of rewards offered from referring friends.


  • Low Earning Potential: Mistplay’s earning potential isn’t very high, but is comparable to Money Turn in that way.
  • Level Up and Lose Reward Opportunities: As you progress to higher levels in games, the rewards you earn through Mistplay might decrease.
  • Fewer Gift Card Options: Mistplay offers fewer gift card rewards compared to Money Turn, limiting the variety of redemption options available.

Money Turn vs. Mistplay: Final Thoughts

Overall, when comparing Money Turn vs. Mistplay, both end up being great options due to their similarity overall.

On one hand, Money Turn has some unique features like its in-app coins investment, which you don’t see often in other apps. Another special feature is its referral program, which is quite rare among reward apps.

However, what really matters the most is the realistic earnings you can expect. You may receive real payouts, but there’s also a chance that you won’t get any real monetary rewards at all. Only the developer knows the answer to this.

As an example, earlier, I mentioned that you could potentially redeem $0.19 with just 2000 coins. The game also rewards you with an 1800 coins bonus, meaning you only need 200 more coins to earn $0.19.

On the other hand, Mistplay is offered in more countries, gives out Visa gift cards as payments, and has a wider game variety.

At the end of the day, it comes down to what you’re looking for in an app, and what suits your needs best. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

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