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Soda Can Strike App Review


Soda Can Strike is a new e-sports app by ePlay Studios that we think could be the perfect way to challenge yourself in your down time by going head to head with real life players. Soda Can Strike is available on all iOS and Android devices and is completely free to download. All you need to do is strike cans down to win virtual tickets that you can exchange for cool prizes. So let’s go straight into the review so you can learn all about what Soda Can Strike has to offer and if it’s worth the download.

Who Can Play Soda Can Strike?

Soda Can Strike has no age restrictions specified. However, while there are no specific age restrictions, parental guidance is recommended for younger players just because there is mild cartoon violence and challenging gameplay. The game is available globally, giving players from all different places a chance to join in on the fun.

Developer Information

Soda Can Strike is developed by ePlay Studios, which is an independent gaming company that has partnered with the Skillz gaming platform to provide fun, fair, and stimulating games for people of all ages. They claim to have a passion for creating high-quality, fun, and competitive mobile games. Although they are relatively new to the mobile gaming scene, we think Soda Can Strike could be a big deal for them, especially with its well designed features and simple yet addictive gameplay. The app currently has a rating of 4.6/5 stars on the App Store and over 1.2K ratings.

Pros and Cons


  • Addictive gameplay: Soda Can Strike’s inclusion of real life physics makes players use strategy while playing, giving them a chance to increase their skill as the game progresses. This also makes the game more addictive and engaging, as you start to challenge yourself to do better and better. 
  • Social features: We like that the app includes fun social interaction features that allow players to connect and compete with friends.
  • Different game modes: It has a variety of game modes and challenges, like timed challenges and precision strikes, that keep things fresh and engaging. You also have the chance to enter into tournaments with other players as you improve your skills.


  • Game crashes: A con we found with Soda Can Strike is that there seems to be a small issue with the game crashing, which has been reported amongst users on the app store. This is an issue that the developers are currently fixing, but just be aware that there is a chance your game could unexpectedly quit on you.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Soda Can Strike is all about a simple yet totally addictive objective: you need to launch projectiles to knock down strategically placed cans across different levels. It’s not just about blindly aiming and shooting, though. You’ll have to be careful with your aim, adjust the power just right, and come up with smart strategies to hit those target cans and rack up points. The game even includes realistic physics, so you need to strategize the perfect way to strike the cans. To keep things interesting, the game offers various modes like timed challenges, precision strikes, and levels filled with tricky obstacles. With controls that feel natural and mechanics that respond well, Sodca Can Strike definitely gives users a satisfying gaming experience that is a great way to relax during downtime.

Promotions and Rewards

Soda Can Strike has a few promotions and rewards to enhance the gameplay experience. These include in-game currency bonuses, limited-time power-ups, or special events that offer unique challenges and rewards. You also get awarded bonuses for different things, depending on the day. For example, when you first sign up, you are given a sign in bonus of z-coins (which is their in-game currency). It’s important to note that these promotions primarily provide virtual rewards within the game and do not offer real-world prizes or cash.

Soda Can Strike

Payments and Purchases

Sodca Can Strike is a free app, and there is no need to purchase anything in order to enjoy the game. However, if you did want to up your gaming experience, you have the option to purchase z-coins that will allow you to play extra games as well as get closer to redeeming prizes. There is also an option to deposit real cash into the app and use that cash to compete in cash-prize tournaments, however, this is completely optional and only recommended if you feel confident enough in your skills to put up real money.

Soda Can Strike Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, after playing Soda Can Strike and reviewing the gameplay, special offers, and analyzing the pros and cons, here at Real Money Gamer, we believe Soda Can Strike is a truly addictive, fun, and easy to play game that is worth trying. It is free to download and play, and with its implementation of real physics into the app, it makes gameplay much more realistic and therefore more engaging. You’ll constantly be entertained with new challenges, bonuses, and modes available daily. You will also be able to go head to head against other real people, which creates a competitive vibe to the game, and encourages players to improve their skills. If you’re interested in Soda Can Strike, be sure to check it out on the  Apple or Samsung app stores.

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