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Bingo Blaze Review: Skillz Puzzle Game With Cash Prizes

bingo blaze review

Shark Studio’s Bingo Blaze stands out among the myriad mobile bingo games available. Found on the Skillz platform and the App Store, Bingo Blaze marries the charm of traditional bingo with modern gameplay elements.

Bingo Blaze is not just another bingo game. It’s a meeting point for bingo enthusiasts globally. In its community, players exchange experiences, discuss strategies, and enjoy the game’s rhythm.

This Bingo Blaze review highlights the game’s blend of classic bingo feel with modern gameplay, showcasing Shark Studio’s skillful design.

This review also notes the game’s relevance in today’s digital gaming world. Beyond the game of numbers, Bingo Blaze facilitates player connections and strategies and offers a chance at real cash prizes.

Shark Studio’s approach with Bingo Blaze is straightforward: to innovate within the realm of mobile bingo games. As it grows in popularity, it doesn’t just find its niche; it serves as a benchmark for similar games.

Bingo Blaze
  • Fun Factor
  • User Experience
  • Earning Potential
  • Beginner-Friendliness

Bingo Blaze Review Summary

Bingo Blaze is a unique app that puts a spin on the typical bingo game. This engaging experience blends strategy, competition, and community. Play for free or pay a small entry fee to play for cash prizes. iOS users can get in from the Apple App Store. Android users can download it from Skillz.


Engaging Gameplay

Community Hub

Artful Design

Monetary Play

Positive Feedback

User-Friendly Interface


Monetary Play Concerns

Geographical Restrictions

Learning Curve

Dependency on Community

Who Can Play Bingo Blaze?

Bingo Blaze, available on Skillz, Galaxy Store, and the App Store. Although it’s not availble on Google Play, Android users can get it from Skillz. The iOS version is rated 17+ and the Android version is rated 18+. It caters to mature gamers looking for bingo-based contests with cash prizes.

Cash tournaments are not available in Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, and South Dakota. However, players in these stats can still complete in free games with virtual currency play.

Developer Information

Shark Studio has carved a niche in the vibrant world of hyper-casual games, distinguishing itself with a blend of innovative designs and immersive gameplay. Their portfolio brims with captivating titles that are a testament to their expertise in the gaming industry.

Shark Studio partners with Skillz, allowing players to compete for real cash prizes in their games. Both Bingo Blaze and CubyDoo offer this exciting combination of competition and real money rewards.

With their unwavering commitment to quality and a unique knack for melding traditional gaming elements with modern twists, Shark Studio stands as a beacon in real money hyper-casual gaming.

bingo blaze

Is Bingo Blaze Legit?

Yes, Bingo Blaze is a legit real money gaming app. Users can compete in free games for virtual in-game currency, or pay a small entry fee to compete in cash tournaments.

Bingo Blaze’s integration with the Skillz platform helps to solidify its legitimacy and provide confidence to new players. Skillz is a popular, trusted platform with millions of users.

It’s also important to note that you can lose money playing Bingo Blaze. If you join cash tournaments, you’ll lose the entry fee unless you win.

Bingo Blaze Reviews

Aside from providing our own reviews based on our experience, we like to look at the reviews from other users and players. Bingo Blaze has a 4.7 rating on the App Store, based on 12 user reviews. It has a 4.5 rating on the Galaxy Store based on three reviews.

Pros and Cons of Bingo Blaze


  • Engaging Gameplay: Bingo Blaze offers a seamless blend of the classic allure of bingo with modern gameplay mechanics, promising an exciting and engaging experience.
  • Community Hub: The game serves as a nexus for bingo enthusiasts worldwide, providing a vibrant setting for players to share experiences and strategies.
  • Artful Design: Its distinctive design marries traditional bingo halls’ ambiance with contemporary game features, ensuring a unique gaming experience.
  • Monetary Play: Players can compete for real cash prizes, raising the stakes and the thrill.
  • Positive Feedback: With its increasing popularity, it’s evident that many users find Bingo Blaze to be a top choice among mobile bingo games.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The hand-painted UI and beautiful color combinations offer players a relaxing and immersive environment.


  • Monetary Play Concerns: While the opportunity to win real cash prizes can be exhilarating for some, others may find the game risky.
  • Geographical Restrictions: As with many games that offer cash prizes, there may be location-based restrictions that can limit the full experience for some users.
  • Learning Curve: There might be a slight learning curve for those unfamiliar with modern gameplay mechanics or digital bingo versions.
  • Dependency on Community: The game heavily revolves around community interactions, which might not appeal to players seeking a more solitary experience.
bingo blaze review

Bingo Blaze Gameplay and Mechanics

Diving into the mechanics of Bingo Blaze, players are tasked with an intriguing challenge: to swiftly fill out the designated bingo pattern before their counterparts do. Once a player accomplishes this pattern, the current round wraps up, and the participant with the pinnacle score seizes the win.

Earning points in Bingo Blaze is a mix of precision and strategy. Points accrue as players adeptly mark off numbers on their bingo cards and accomplish various lines or patterns. To optimize their score, players might zone in on certain high-value numbers, hasten the completion of patterns, or deftly wield available power-ups and bonuses to their advantage.

Yet, as with any game that rewards speed and accuracy, Bingo Blaze introduces the element of risk. Players need to tread cautiously as inaccurate markings or overlooking numbers can lead to penalties. The game’s allure is further heightened by its time-bound rounds. With every ticking second, players feel the adrenaline, urging them to finalize their pattern within the set window.

For success in Bingo Blaze, it’s not just about chance; it demands a cocktail of skill, sharp attention, and tactical prowess. And for those looking to dominate the game, a few tips might be in order.

Keeping ears sharply tuned to the number calls, reacting promptly, especially when bonuses are on the line, understanding the lay of the land with commonly recurring bingo patterns, and harnessing the game’s array of bonuses like free spaces and multipliers can make a world of difference.

With these strategies in place, players are well-equipped to navigate the vibrant world of Bingo Blaze.

bingo blaze review

Promotions and Rewards

Bingo Blaze is more than just a bingo game; it offers competitive events with Skillz, letting players join tournaments for fun and recognition.

The heart of Bingo Blaze pulses with its real-time leaderboard, which offers participants a live gauge of their global standing. The ranks beckon as they amass points and hone their gameplay, promising the thrill of climbing to the top.

While the prospect of winning real cash in select tournaments dials up the excitement, the intrinsic challenges and the tug of rivalry anchor player commitment to Bingo Blaze.

Payment and Purchases

Bingo Blaze presents players with a smorgasbord of in-game procurement options. Recognized payment channels, including PayPal, Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, and standard credit cards, ensure a frictionless purchase experience for enthusiasts. These purchases span from entry fees for distinguished tournaments to features amplifying the gaming experience.

Yet, the standout attraction remains the gateway to cash tournaments. By committing to these purchases, players unlock doors to tournaments that promise substantial cash rewards.

When cashing out in Bingo Blaze, users find it easy and safe. With trusted options like PayPal, the process is quick and clear. (See more of our favorite PayPal games that pay real money.)

At its core, Bingo Blaze aims to create a fortress of security around transactions while ensuring players can effortlessly claim their hard-won treasures.

VIP or Loyalty Program

Skillz has the Black Tier program, a grand testament to allegiance and commitment. For players to grace this elite circle, they are tasked with garnering 800,000 Ticketz within a single month. Every play session becomes a step toward this illustrious realm.

Should the Black Tier crown waver, Skillz leaps into action with timely notifications, ensuring players remain in the loop and can act to maintain their treasured status. But Black Tier isn’t merely a badge — it’s a treasure trove of perks. Members bask in a whopping 6x Ticketz boost with every game, win or lose. Cash withdrawal timelines are dramatically slashed for them, plummeting to just ten business days compared to the standard 4-6 weeks.

Further enriching this elite experience, Black Tier players have the privilege of a dedicated VIP Concierge team, ever-ready to iron out any wrinkles related to their account or gameplay.

bingo blaze

Bingo Blaze Review: Final Thoughts

Powered by Skillz, Bingo Blaze has carved a niche in the mobile bingo market. The game offers more than traditional bingo—an avenue of competition and achievement. With its dynamic leaderboard, players are challenged to climb ranks, testing their attention and strategy.

The allure of the game isn’t limited to its core gameplay. While potential cash prizes in select tournaments are a highlight, the game’s mechanics and competitive edge are its true anchors. Understanding the game’s intricacies, particularly the bonuses, is crucial for newcomers. These mechanics aren’t just add-ons but are essential for those eyeing significant cash rewards.

Promotions and in-game purchases are integral to Bingo Blaze. Although they may seem overwhelming initially, the game’s trusted payment methods and user-friendly interface simplify the process.

Bingo Blaze is an engaging experience, blending strategy, competition, and community. Beyond being a source of entertainment, it’s a challenge for those keen on leveraging the game’s mechanics to win. Participants are not just marking numbers with each play—they’re strategizing for victory. For fans of bingo mobile games, check out Bingo Duel, Bingo Party, and Bingo Fortune as some top picks!

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