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Big Run Solitaire App Review- How Much Does This Competitive Solitaire Game Pay?

Solitaire is one of the most popular mobile gaming genres on the app store, and for good reason. The game of solitaire can promote relaxation and focus, and when you play with the right app it can even help you win some extra cash.

Finding the right solitaire app can be quite the challenge. While most games offer a similar style of gameplay, (it’s all solitaire after all) some games are more winnable, lucrative, and all around more worth your time.

So, is Big Run Solitaire one of those apps that can actually help you land some extra cash? That’s the big question we’re here to solve.

We will be covering all of the nitty gritty details of this app, including if it’s legit or not and how much you can actually win as you play. Continue reading to learn whether Big Run Solitaire is RealMoneyGamer approved.

What is Big Run Solitaire?

Big Run Solitaire is a free, competitive solitaire app available on all iOS and Samsung devices. The app offers unlimited free play in addition to cash prize opportunities.

Big Run Solitaire is in the traditional klondike solitaire format- of you haven’t heard the term klondike solitaire, just know that this version is probably what comes to mind whe you think of solitaire. (Seven tableau stacks, four foundation piles- the usual solitaire jam.)

Developed by Big Run Studios Inc.- the same company behind real money gaming giants like Blackout Bingo (hold your applause.) Big Run Studios covers all of the game functions, including the stunning graphics, smooth and easy to learn controls. The app is also backed by Skillz games, one of the biggest names in cash prize gaming today.

When we say a big name in real money gaming, we mean it. Skillz facilitates millions of dollars in cash prizes across their platform every year- over $650,000 on a daily basis. If you’re hoping to win some cash while playing solitaire, Big Run Solitaire is an excellent place to start.

Is Big Run Solitaire Legit?

Yes, Big Run Solitaire is a legit cash prize game. Like we mentioned, Big Run Solitaire is developed and backed by two of the most prominent game developers in the industry: Big Run Inc., and Skillz Games.

Big Run Solitaire is skill-based and has tons of legit cash prizes. The app reviews speak for themselves. Currently Big Run Solitaire has a 4.8-star rating with over three thousand user reviews. It’s a similar story on the Samsung Galaxy Store, where the Big Run Solitaire app has a 4.5-star rating.

How Big Run Solitaire Works

Big Run Solitaire offers free play and cash prize competitions to all iOS and Samsung users.

In a free play tournament, users will play for Z Coins, Skillz’s free in-game currency. To participate in a practice round, users will “pay” (don’t worry, it’s free) three Z Coins, the winner of the practice round will win five Z Coins that can be used towards other practice rounds.

Cash prize games on Big Run Solitaire take a similar approach. The app uses the entry fee model, which is the standard in the real money gaming world. Here’s how it works.

All cash prize participants will pay a small entry fee to participate. On Big Run Solitaire, the entry fees start at 60 cents and can go up to $15 or so. The sum of the participant’s entry fees is what makes up the cash prize pool, which will be distributed to the winner in 1v1 games and the top three scorers in tournament-style games.

The more the entry fee costs, the more cash will be on the line. When you first download the app, you will only have access to low stakes tournaments, games with higher paying cash prizes will unlock as you level up and log in some playing time.

Okay, okay- now that we have the business out of the way you’re probably wondering how competitive solitaire even works, and how it can be truly skill based. It’s no secret that when cards are shuffled, the odds of winning are varied. Here’s how Big Run Solitaire solves that problem. Every competitor in a Big Run Solitaire tournament will be dealt the same hand of cards, given the same amount of time to solve the deck, and work with the same scoring guide. Whoever scores the most points will win the game. This completely levels the playing field, so each competitor’s solitaire skill is what takes center stage. Who said solitaire can’t be a competitive game?

How to Play Big Run Solitaire

If you know how to play solitaire, you already have a head start. If you have some catching up to do, we recommend this solitaire tutorial.

All you have to do is play solitaire as usual, the only difference on Big Run Solitaire is the time limit. You’ll only have five minutes to solve the deck, and the clock starts ticking as soon as your cards are dealt.

Not every game is solvable, so be sure to end the game early if you have made all the moves you can. This will give you the advantage of a time bonus, which is a significant portion of your score.

How Much Can You Win on Big Run Solitaire?

Does Big Run Solitaire pay cash? Yes, but how much it pays has a much more complicated answer.

This is because your winning potential depends on your level in the game, the amount of entry fee cash you’re willing to play with, and how often you play for cash. When you first download the game, you will only have access to three tournaments: a practice game, a $1 prize pool game, and a $65 tournament with up to $32 participants.

As you continue to level up, you will unlock even more tournaments of varying risk levels. The highest paying tournament on the app has a $200 prize pool, but it will take some consistent gameplay to get there. Don’t let this hurdle discourage you, you can get to top-paying levels even if you only participate in free practice rounds.

But when you first get started, your winnings will be pretty slim- but there is a silver lining. Big Run Solitaire is one of the only solitaire apps that offers head-to-head competitions. When you play head-to-head, you’ll be competing against one other person, which makes your odds of winning significantly higher than if you were to play a game with, let’s say, 32 participants.

1v1 tournaments are a great, especially for beginners- but they do tend to offer smaller cash prize pools, so take your pick.

Regardless of what type of tournament you’re playing, you shouldn’t expect to become a millionaire with Big Run Solitaire (or any game for that matter.) The cash prize offerings are just there to make the competitions more fun!  If they don’t, then stick to the free practice rounds of the game.

How to Get Started on Big Run Solitaire

Here’s everything you need to know about receiving your first cash prize on Big Run Solitaire.

  • Download and play the game tutorials – Big Run Solitaire is available for free download on all iOS and Samsung devices. Once the app has been installed, you’ll be sent to play a few game tutorials.
  • Save your account – After you’ve completed your tutorials, take the time to save your account through the app’s settings. You’ll need to include your name, date of birth, location, and email so you can confirm your eligibility and accept your cash prize payments. To compete for cash, you must be at least 18 years of age and reside in an eligible location.
  • Develop your skills – When your account is all set up, start developing your skills through free practice rounds!
  • Cover your entry fees – When you’re ready to play for cash, start by submitting some entry fee cash. You can do so by tapping the shopping cart icon located in the menu in your home page.
  • Start playing for cash and withdraw – Once your entry fees are accounted for, start playing for cash! You can withdraw your winnings to your PayPal account after you have accumulated at least $10 in winnings. Most users receive their funds withing five business days.

Things to Remember

Big Run Solitaire is a free solitaire game that offers unlimited free play and cash prize opportunities. The game is fair, skill based, and ad and bot free. This noteworthy solitaire game is available for free download on all iOS and Samsung devices now. 

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