17 Ways to Download Apps for Cash (Easy Money!)

17 Ways to Download Apps for Cash (Easy Money!)

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While it may be hard to believe, countless legit reward apps out there are ready to start paying you real money for every app you download. Seriously, get cash for downloading an app on your mobile device!

There are so many apps already and even more new releases offering money incentives. Although these apps provide cash-earning opportunities upon downloading, it can be hard to determine which apps are actually worth using your precious storage on.

Apps only take a few short seconds to download, so if you have a couple of minutes to spare, download a few of these recommended apps to try out! If you already spend time on your phone, you might as well start getting paid for it.  

All the apps covered in this article are super accessible and offer great ways to breathe some life back into your wallet. No matter if you have a lot of time on your hands or just a little bit, there are easy money-earning opportunities that fit your busy schedule. 

If you are ready to take your finances into your own hands and sleep a bit easier at night, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to hear our recommended ways to download apps for cash to start earning instantly!

Best Ways to Get Paid to Download Apps 

Looking for new ways to get paid to download apps? Download these different apps available to make money in your free time.  

1. Swagbucks ($10 sign-up bonus)


Swagbucks is a free rewards app that pays cash to users just like you to watch advertisements and videos from their phones. No in-app purchases are necessary. 

Every video you watch rewards you with real cash rewards. This app is available for free on iOS and Android devices. It is incredibly user-friendly and doesn’t require any prior experience. 

Easily fit Swagbucks into your free time to earn up to $250 by watching videos online, something most of us do every day. When you join Swagbucks, you instantly receive a $10 bonus for free.  

Download Swagbucks

2. MyPoints ($5 sign-up bonus) 

mypoints review

MyPoints is one of the most popular ways to earn money online, and for good reason. This app connects users with simple surveys to complete for legitimate cash rewards. 

Share your opinions on various topics, including new apps and some of your favorite stores. Choose from a list of surveys that spark your interest, and honestly give your feedback. 

Download this free app on your iOS or Android device to join now to start collecting points, which are redeemable in real cash rewards such as PayPal money or gift cards. 

Join MyPoints today to get a $5 bonus put directly into your account and start taking online surveys to earn up to $50. 

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Download MyPoints

3. InboxDollars ($5 sign-up bonus)


Get paid to complete small, easy tasks via InboxDollars to start earning legit money today! 

Complete paid surveys and test games on InboxDollars to receive real-world rewards. Get cash back on your daily purchases to put even more money into your account. 

InboxDollars is extremely accessible and easy to start using. This app takes away all the stress of trying to find earning opportunities by connecting you with their sponsored tasks. So you can focus your time on making money! 

Log in to your app daily to optimize your earning potential and get access to exclusive promos and bonuses. InboxDollars is even giving new users $5 for free upon downloading and joining the app. Yes, that’s right. Quickly receive your first $5 on InboxDollars by simply downloading the app. 

Download InboxDollars

4. Mistplay 


Upon downloading Mistplay onto your Android device, you can instantly start testing apps and collect up to $50 a month. 

Mistplay provides users with countless apps to test and review— every minute you spend playing awards you with legit money. Play games you love and discover new favorites from your customized Mixlist (Mistplay’s version of an arcade wall). 

If gaming isn’t your thing, Mistplay also features surveys and videos that users can make easy cash from. 

Since its release, Mistplay has rewarded their players with over $24 million in rewards, and they want to cut you in on the deal. So what are you waiting for– download this app to earn money fast! 

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Download Mistplay 

5. Cash Giraffe 

Cash Giraffe

Start earning fast money by downloading Cash Giraffe onto your Android device. 

Cash Giraffe boasts a simple-to-navigate gaming interface that features a wide range of gaming app genres that everyone will love. By playing sponsored games through Cash Giraffe, you can earn anywhere from $1 to $7 per hour of gameplay. 

As a welcome bonus for downloading the app, Cash Giraffe is giving new users 1,800 gems for free. This means that in as little as 10 to 20 minutes of playing, you can have enough coins to receive your first payout. 

If you’re already an avid gamer or love spending time on your phone, Cash Giraffe pays you for doing something you already do. 

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Download Cash Giraffe 

6. Rewarded Play 

Rewarded Play

Start playing some of your favorite games for money by downloading Rewarded Play for free on your Android device. 

Say goodbye to hidden in-app purchases and start making money by simply testing games. The best part is that you don’t have to be a pro at any game to receive your money. Rewarded Play also features ads that users can watch to further supplement their bank account balance.

 Just think of all the time you’ve spent playing games and watching ads for free! Rewarded Play is working to change that by paying you for your valuable time. On average, active gamers can expect to make $240 a year for free. 

While this may not seem like a lot, it is a great way to make cash in your free time without too much back-breaking work. 

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Download Rewarded Play 

7. AppStation 


AppStation is available for download on Android devices to make some extra cash via gift cards. Boasting a 4.4-star rating on the Google Play Store, you can rest assured that your earnings are in good hands! 

This app highlights popular games like Angry Birds 2, Dragon City, and so many more. Rack up as many points as possible by gaming through AppStation and cash out your points in the form of gift cards to your favorite stores like Amazon, Walmart, Nike, and PlayStation. 

If you are looking for an easy side hustle to give your bank account a break, AppStation is the perfect app to download. 

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Download AppStation

8. Money Turn 

Money Turn

Money Turn is one of the easiest money-earning apps on the market. Download this app from the Google Play Store to start earning extra money-by-the-hour testing games. Completely free to use, players won’t have to spend any of their money to make cash. 

Choose games from Money Turn’s arcade wall to start earning coins immediately. We recommend investing your coins in the deposit dashboard to make the most money possible.  Earn a minimum of a 3% return on investment to earn coins at a faster rate easily.  

Download Money Turn today because the more you play, the more cash you earn! 

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Download Money Turn

9. KashKick


KashKick is a top rewards and loyalty app that helps you earn rewards and save more money. 

Free to download on the Google Play Store, KashKick features a seamless platform that connects you to sponsored money-making opportunities.

Whether you have a lot of downtime on your hands or just a few minutes to spare, KashKick has offers that work for every schedule. 

Take home up to $125 by testing games you download through KashKick like Dice Dreams and Board Kings. Fortunately, your cash flow doesn’t stop there. KashKick features countless additional opportunities, like paid surveys, that help make spending money a little easier. 

Download KashKick

10. Testerup 


If you love unwinding by playing fun games on your phone, Testerup is the perfect app for you. Not only does it feature countless popular apps on its arcade wall it also pays you for playing. 

Simply download Testerup onto your Android device to supplement your paycheck by becoming an online tester. Testerup is completely free and doesn’t require users to deposit any of their hard-earned money into the app, so you can rest assured knowing you won’t lose any money into the app. 

Choose from a variety of offerings and start earning instantly. Players should carefully note all testing guidelines so they ensure they can reap the rewards of their time. 

On average, Testerup tests take around one hour, so you won’t have to waste your whole day completing one trial. Many of these trials offer a minimum of $120, so you can imagine all the cash you can make on Testerup. 

Players who download the app and stay on task to follow the detailed instructions have the opportunity to make a pretty penny on Testerup. 

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Download Testerup 

11. Upside 


Upside is a free app available for iOS and Android users that pays you real cash back. 

Earn money by spending money. Buy essentials like gas and groceries, or treat yourself to a shopping spree or a nice meal out and get cash put back into your wallet. 

To start saving money, claim an offer and then make your purchases as usual. It’s as easy as that! Receive up to $125 a year in cash back by using Upside in your everyday life. 

Thanks to Upside, spending money has never felt so right. 

Download Upside 

12. Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel 

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

You may recognize Nielsen Company as one of the most trustworthy research companies that pay people to participate in research projects. However, it can be tricky to dedicate time out of your busy schedule to go to these in-person trials. 

To combat this, the Nielsen Company has developed a computer and mobile panel to make participating in research projects that more accessible. 

Download the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel onto your iOS or Android device and allow the app to start learning about you and your spending habits. As you interact with the app, you will be rewarded with points that are redeemable as real-world prizes. 

Get paid up to $60 a year by Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel by testing games and participating in research opportunities. 

Download Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel 

13. MobileXpression 


If you want to start easily making a passive income, MobileXpression is the app for you. 

In just one week, earn up to $5 in an Amazon Gift Card. The longer you have the app downloaded, the more you can earn from MobileXpression. 

It’s such an easy way to make money you would be foolish not to try it out. Keep in mind that this app does track your internet usage and movement, so if you aren’t comfortable with that, MobileXpression may not be the app for you. 

You’ll practically forget that you are earning money from this app. It’s that easy. If you are an Android user, you are ready to download MobileXpression for free money now! 

Download MobileXpression

14. SavvyConnect


SavvyConnect is a passive income app that’s similar to Nielsen and MobileXpression. All you need to do is install the app on your device and allow it to monitor your browsing activity.

The app can be installed on a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Users earn $5 per month per device, up to $15 per month.

If you’re looking for an easy way to earn rewards, it doesn’t get much easier than SavvyConnect.

Download SavvyConnect

15. Rakuten ($30 sign-up bonus) 


Receive cashback on your daily purchases from Rakuten

Whether you are spending your money on daily essentials or eating out, Rakuten has got your back. Scroll through Rakuten’s offers before you shop online so you can compare which stores are highlighting higher cashback opportunities.  

Rakuten is gifting new members a $30 sign-up bonus once you complete your first qualifying order on the app. Stop overspending and get access to all the best money-saving deals out there. 

Download Rakuten for free on your iOS or Android device to start putting cash back into your wallet. 

Download Rakuten

16. Freecash 

Get Freecash on the Google Play Store today for a chance to win up to $250 for free! 

Freecash is currently a favorite among online money-makers for its seamless platform. Get paid for downloading apps, testing games, and taking surveys sponsored by Freecash. 

With over 4,400 offers available now, Freecash stays true to its name and gives you free cash. Keep an eye out for offers that pay out up to $152 for higher earnings! 

On average, active Freecash users make around $12 a day, with the first cashouts occurring in the first 20 minutes of gameplay. 

Start using Freecash today. Trust us, your bank account will be thanking you! 

Download Freecash 

17. appKarma 


If you love gaming just as much as you love money, you’ve come to the right place. AppKarma is one of the best ways to make money online! 

Complete offers and earn points in the app. We recommend maximizing your earning potential by choosing offerings with the highest rewards. 

When you are ready to redeem your money, cash out on the app to transfer your points into real money rewards via PayPal cash or gift cards to some of your favorite brands. 

AppKarma is downloadable for free on iOS and Android devices. And as a new member, you can receive 300 points for free! 

Download appKarma

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I earn money by downloading apps?

Installing apps on your phone is a lucrative way to make money. Players just like you earn cash by downloading apps like these. Although some of these apps offer special cash bonuses to new users, most of the apps listed above pay you to download and complete tasks, test games, watch videos, take surveys, or even shop online. 

Easily start earning cash via PayPal or gift cards with these apps on your mobile device! 

What apps pay you instantly for signing up?

Want free money just for signing up? We recommend downloading these top apps with signup bonuses: Swagbucks, MyPoints, InboxDollars, and Rakuten

What is the easiest app to get money from? 

One of the easiest ways to get money is by downloading MobileXpression. By installing the app on your device, you will start earning money instantly. MobileXpression will seamlessly track your usage and pay you up to $5 a week. All you have to do is download the app and sign up!

Download Apps for Cash Today 

While the apps covered in this article may not replace your day job, they are an excellent way to earn money by downloading apps. Whether you have a lot of experience or just a little bit, these user-friendly apps are easy to learn, making them accessible for every skill level. 

To maximize your earnings, we recommend downloading multiple of these top apps that pay cash. You can find the best ways to earn money online by stacking apps and games. Whether you have a knack for skill-based tournaments or a passion for trying new games, money awaits you around every corner. 

If you have a few minutes to spare here or there or some extra free time, these apps are free to download and try out. If you end up enjoying what the apps have to offer, stay consistent and reap the real money incentives where available.  

What are you waiting for? Start downloading apps for cash! Because there’s nothing better than the feeling of making easy money– especially when it involves thrilling mobile gaming!

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