Skill Cash: Solitaire, Match 3 Strategy – Tips & Tricks to Win


If you’ve been playing the games on the Skill Cash app and want to see yourself in the winner’s circle more often, we have git you covered.

The games on the Skill Cash app are skill-based, so there aren’t any cheat codes or system hacks that will guarantee your win- but there are some simple game strategies that can boost your score into the winning threshold.

Here are our go-to tips for Skill Cash: Solitaire, Match 3.

What is Skill Cash

Skill Cash: Solitaire, Match 3 is a new mobile game arcade available on all iOS devices.

The app offers unlimited free practice rounds in addition to cash prize tournaments in a variety of casual games. Skill Cash was developed by Winkel Games and created to be a gaming destination for users of all experience levels.

All of the games on the Skill Cash platform are easy to learn, so anyone can play and win regardless of their experience with mobile games. Skill Cash: Solitaire, Match 3 is totally beginner friendly, with high quality graphics that will keep experienced mobile game players returning.

What Games Does Skill Cash Offer?

Skill Cash: Solitaire, Match 3 offers an entire arcade of games on the app, and the developers are constantly adding new games to the roster. Here’s what you can play on Skill Cash now.

  • Super Match 3
  • Solitaire
  • Spiderette

How to Play Skill Cash Solitaire

Skill Cash Solitaire takes the classic rules of klondike solitaire and makes it a competitive experience. The game is just like any other game of solitaire, but it adds a point system and a timer. The object of the game is to solve your solitaire deck as quickly and efficiently as possible to outscore your competitor.

You and your competitors will be playing your own solo games of solitaire, but you will be playing with the same exact deck. Whoever scores the most points in the least amount of time by the end of the round will win.

Skill Cash Solitaire Tips and Tricks

Here are our tips to score even more on your next game of Skill Cash Solitaire.

Maximize your time bonus

The speed of your gameplay is paramount when it comes to Skill Cash Solitaire. The faster you solve the deck, the more points you will receive in your time bonus. Because everyone is playing with the same deck, the point margin to win can be small. Often times, it is the time bonus that separates the winners from the losers.

Play smart throughout your game but prioritize your speed to make the most out of your time bonus.

Empty stacks when a king becomes available

It may be your instinct to empty tableau stacks as soon as possible. However, you should only clear a stack if you have a king ready to go in the empty slot.

If you do not have a king ready to go, emptying the space will restrict the moves that you can make. This is a mistake that can cost you the game, so be sure to keep a tab on any kings in your deck.

Prioritize foundation stacks

Ultimately, your goal in any solitaire game is to organize your cards into the foundation stacks. Foundation stacks are organized in ascending order from ace to king by suit.

You will receive the most points for placing cards into foundation piles, so move cards from your tableau stacks and draw piles into your foundation stacks as soon as possible. All aces and twos can be moves into foundation stacks as soon as they become available.

How to Play Skill Cash Match 3

Skill Cash Match 3 is a classic match 3 puzzle game that challenges users to clear the icons in a puzzle grid by swapping their places. When you swap an icon into a row or column of three or more of the same icon, they will disappear and make room for more.

To swap icons, just swipe your finger across the two icons that you are hoping to switch.

Your main objective of the game is to clear as many icons from the grid as possible before the timer runs out. You and your competitors will all be playing with identical puzzle grids, and whoever can score the most points with the grid will win.

Skill Cash Match 3 Tips and Tricks

Here are the tips that we rely on to maximize our Skill Cash Match 3 scores.

Match more than one group of icons at once

Keep your eye out for moves that will clear multiple sets of icons. You only have so many moves in the game, and you’re going to want to make the most of them.

Clear out multiple icon groups with one swap whenever possible to multiply your score.

Play at the bottom of the board

When you clear icons from the board, all of the icons above the cleared space will adjust to fill the gap. When you play from the bottom of the board, more icons will adjust, and thus more potential moves will appear.

If you play at the top of the board, you won’t see a big impact on your grid. It’s best to play from the bottom of your screen, it will increase your point potential by unlocking moves that would not have come into play.

Save power ups for when they will make the most impact

You can stack up power ups on your puzzle grid. Resist the urge to cash in on your power ups as soon as they become available. Instead, wait until they can be combined for an even greater impact on your score.

Skill Cash Video Guide

In Conclusion

Skill Cash: Solitaire, Match 3 is a free iOS app that offers several classic games. You can play every game on the Skill Cash app for free or for real cash prizes. Now go out there and perfect your strategy with our tips and tricks and watch your scores improve in no time.