Digital Hustle: Play Competitive Billiards for Real Cash


Some things might just be better when they’re digital. Buying groceries, talking to strangers, and billiards. Online billiards totally beats out in person billiards. Why deal with billiards halls and dark bars when you can play pool for real money at any time. Online there’s no hustling, just fair play and cash prizes that go straight to your account.

Pool sharks and gamers alike have an awesome opportunity to take home some extra cash doing what they do best. Competitive billiards is more accessible than ever, all you need is your phone or computer.

You can win hundreds in cash prizes by playing pool online. Whether you’re into classic billiards or 8-ball, there’s prize money for you. No matter what level of billiards expertise you’re at, you can start winning.

We’ve made a list of some of our favorite apps and sites that pay. Here are some of our favorite places you can earn some money for playing pool.

Make Money Playing These Pool Apps

If you’re ready to start playing, you’re only a few steps away. You can be a billiards champion no matter what device you use. iOS, Android, and Samsung users can all enjoy these billiard apps.

Pool Payday: 8 Ball BilliardsAvailable on iOS and Android. Earn cash prizes when you play in 1v1 and tournament style competitions. The apps will pair you with competitors who match your skill level so it’s always a fair match. Join the number one pool app that pays winners cash.

8-BallThis iOS game is perfect for online pool sharks who want to win some extra cash here and there. This billiards app heats up the competition with prize pools, point boosts and weekly challenges.

What Websites Can You Play Pool for Cash?

If mobile apps aren’t your thing, no problem! You can still win cash playing billiards with your desktop. All you need is an internet connection and a computer. Here are some of our favorite online gaming providers that offer billiards games with cash prizes.

Real Money PoolWin sizable cash prizes with the desktop game that users are claim is the closest match to the real-world experience. Download for free to start winning today.

GameDuell Get your favorite card games, awesome slots, and pool when you download this desktop gaming service that pays cash prizes.

Other Sports Apps you Can Play to Earn Cash

There are tons of options for games that are just as fun online. Gone are the days where you have to hang at a sports bar to play pool, darts, and arcade games. You can do it all on your phone. You’ll find plenty of games to choose from no matter what device you use.

If you love pool, we think you’d also love some of these sports apps that pay users cash prizes as well.

Darts StarsThis iOS game brings darts to your iPhone. You get real money when you win 1v1, tournament, and bracket competitions. See if you can earn extra cash and prizes by getting on eGoGames weekly rankings board. Show off your aim and skills with Darts Stars.

Golf CashWin real cash prizes with this mini golf game for Android devices. You win cash just for playing the game. Start winning cash prizes in the background while you defeat your enemies and complete tons of maps on Gold Cash.

Big Buck Hunter: MarksmanReady? Aim, Fire! Big Buck Hunter is the marksman skill game that pays winners real cash prizes. Available on iOS and Android, your aim and speed skills can win you hundreds of dollars. Find your favorite way to play, Big Buck Hunter supports 1v1 and tournament games, where you compete against gamers who match your skill level.