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How you Can Win Real Cash Playing Mobile Bingo


Winning bingo used to be a one in a blue moon occurrence, but now you can win every day. Seriously- it’s time to rethink everything you knew about bingo.

Bingo halls are relics of the past; you can leave the frantic daubing, crowded rooms, and inky fingers behind and replace them with legit bingo apps instead.

Mobile bingo is a bigger deal than you may have realized. Bingo game developers facilitate millions of dollars in cash prizes every year, and you can go for your first win in just a few minutes. We’re going to walk you through how it all works.

Welcome to our guide to winning cash while playing bingo on your phone. Start with this guide to win real money whether you’re an Apple or an Android user just by playing bingo.

How Does Mobile Bingo Work?

Let’s start with this fact: mobile bingo games are not your grandma’s game of bingo. Apps like Blackout Bingo, Bingo Tour, and Bingo Cash have totally transformed the game- here’s how they work.

Classic bingo is entirely based on luck; if you have the lucky card, you’ll win! But mobile bingo games have made some much-needed updates.

Cash prize mobile bingo incorporates some skill and strategy to the game. Apps have set a comprehensive scoring guide to quantify every player’s skill. Players can win points for their speed and can use strategy to leverage the game in their favor.

Players will earn points for every number on their card that they daub; the faster the daub, the more points they can receive. And in most games, the faster you daub a number, the more power ups you will receive. Power ups will help you fill your card even faster and using them correctly is the key to claiming your wins.

Every real money bingo app gives a full run down of their tournaments so users can make an informed decision before they decide to play. The amount of competitors and cash prize awards are posted onto every tournament.

Every participant in a cash prize bingo tournament must pay a small entry fee to play. These entry fees start at just 10 cents and increase according to the cash prize pool amount. If you win the game, you will profit up to 10x on your entry fee. But if you lose the game you will lose your entry fee.

You can even find bingo apps like Bingo Duel that are entirely based on skill. In these games, every competitor has the same exact card to work off of, whoever can use their power ups most effectively to completely daub their card and achieve the highest point total will win.

Your odds of winning are higher on a completely skill-based game than they are on a game with skill-based elements, but skill-based bingo apps tend to offer smaller cash prize pools.

How Much Can You Win?

There is no limit to how much you can win with mobile bingo. Your winning potential mostly depends on how much you play and how much entry fee cash you’re willing to lay on the line.

Lucky for you, there is a wide variety of tournaments with different risk levels available 24/7. You can find games with $1 prize pools or $2,000 prize pools. Typical wins are in the $5 to $45 range, and the majority of legit bingo apps offer cash prize withdraw to your PayPal account.

Where to Find Legit Bingo Apps

There are tons of bingo apps that claim to play cash prizes on your app store, but they don’t always follow through on their promises.  If you want to cut down the trial and error and find all of the top bingo games in one place, check out RealMoneyGamer.

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