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This Two-Minute Hobby Could Help You Win $100 This Month


Less than five minutes- that’s all it takes to win extra cash.

The time you spend sitting in the drive though line, standing in line at the grocery store, or even waiting for commercials to play though can be turned into cold hard cash when you take up this entertaining pastime.

No, this isn’t a gimmick or a side hustle pitch, it’s a real way to get some extra cash and make the most out of the little moments of downtime. Instead of scrolling Instagram or refreshing your email again, try your hand at getting some extra cash while playing free mobile games.

Transform your Downtime by Winning Real Cash

Seriously, the cash prize mobile gaming industry is actually paying users millions of dollars every year. Most games take five minutes or less to complete, making them the perfect mini-escape for the on-the-go users.

The best part is that you don’t have to learn any new tricks to start winning cash on these games. The majority of cash prize games are classics like solitaire, board games, bingo, and puzzle games similar to Candy Crush and Bejeweled. But if you want to learn a new classic, you can totally do so and even win some extra cash while you’re at it.

If you’re looking for a gaming experience, chances are you can find a cash prize version of it available on your device.

Now you can fill those awkward moments of time with something engaging and rewarding. You can get your winnings sent to your PayPal account in as little as five minutes with the games available on

How Does it Work?

Most cash prize games operate on an entry fee model, where all participants in a cash prize tournament pay a small entry fee to compete for the cash prize pool. Entry fees are pretty low-key investments, starting at just a few cents. If you win the game, you’ll win back your entry fee and then some. Some apps offer winnings worth up to 25x your entry fee.

You can even win cash without paying any entry fees at all. Many cash prize gaming apps offer free entry into their tournaments! All you have to do is play the unlimited free practice rounds of the game, save up your gems, and use them to play for real cash prizes.

How Much Can You Earn?

Your winning potential all comes down to how often you play and how much entry fee cash you’re willing to bargain with. Some users win hundreds of dollars every month, and others win $5 every now and then. It all depends on your gaming habits.

Yep, you can earn that much cash even when you’re only playing in the background of your life.

Who Can Play?

Anyone with the app can play unlimited free practice rounds, but there are some requirements one must meet to be able to play in cash tournaments. All cash prize competitors must be at least 18 years old and living in an eligible location. Location requirements vary from game to game, but you can guarantee your eligibility when you find your game on

Find your Cash Prize Game

It’s time to transform your day to day with little moments of fun! has cash prize tournament games in every genre so you can start winning real cash your way. Every game on the RealMoneyGamer site offers legit skill-based gameplay, so you can play stress free!

Find your new favorite game today and see how much you can win in the background of your life.