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The Real Reason Why Mobile Games are So Popular


The term “mobile game” has climbed the zeitgeist once again, but what’s the hype app about?

Mobile games are having a renaissance. Flinging angry birds across a screen and slicing fruits are SO 2012, game developers have been working for years to make the mobile platform more exciting. So, how have they revamped the mobile gaming genre? It’s a simple as incorporating real cash prize opportunities into their games.

What’s the Deal with Mobile Games?

Winning cash while playing mobile games might sound too good to be true, but it’s the new wave. Users are winning cash every single day, and way more of it than you would imagine. The top cash prize mobile game developers are facilitating millions of dollars in cash prizes every single year and you can cut a cut of that cash.

Cash prize mobile games are completely skill based and they connect you with other real people. You will never have to compete against a bot or bet against the house to win, all you have to do is show your strategy and skill against other real-life people.

There is a common myth that you have to be some sort of gaming genius to win these games, and that is definitely not the case. The cash prize apps on are beginner friendly games that anyone can learn. You can win and score some extra cash even if you have never played a video game before. These games are totally beginner friendly and exciting enough for advanced users to be endlessly entertained.

Can you Win Real Cash?

Yep. Real money games don’t get their name for no reason. The apps offer tournaments that pay out real cash to users through PayPal. After you have stacked up some cash winnings, just transfer them to your PayPal account through the app.

It’s important to note that users win cash with these games, they don’t earn cash. Cash prize games are not a guaranteed way to get money like a side hustle would be, but they are a simple way to win extra cash through friendly competition.

All cash prize participants will pay a small entry fee to play. These entry fees are what make up the cash prize pool that will be divided among the top-scoring competitors. Entry fees are relatively small investments, starting at just 60 cents and priced according to the cash prize pool amount.

If you win the game, you’ll profit and win back up to 20x your entry fee. But if you lose the game, you will lose your entry fee.

If you aren’t willing to take on the risk of cash prize gameplay, then just play for free. All of the games on are free to download and offer unlimited free play practice levels.

What Games Pay Cash?

If you have a favorite game in mind, there is probably a cash prize version of it you can start playing today.

There are real money games in every genre including solitaire, bingo, puzzle games, word games, board games, card games, adventure games, esports, shooter games and so much more.

Where to Find Legit Cash Prize Games

Games that claim to pay cash prizes are everywhere,but apps that actually deliver on their promises can be hard to come by. does the hard work of searching for worthwhile games for you.

Sure, you can search for cash prize games on your app store, but the trial and error of finding a legit game can be pretty grueling. We recommend going straight to a trusted source for legit games. RealMoneyGamer tests every game on their site and is constantly looking for more games that pay real cash. Find legit games in every gaming genre today.