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The Most Relaxing Way to Earn Extra Money


Making money is stressful. Despite what hustle culture might try to tell you, nobody likes tacking on additional labor to their nine to five grind. Even though no one wants to work more, everyone wants more cash.

Now there’s a way to get some extra cash in your wallet without taking on any extra stress. No second job, no fruitless side hustle, just fun. We’re going to walk you through how you can start raking in some extra spending money totally stress free.

How it Works

Hear us out. Believe it or not, there are endless cash prize opportunities right under your thumbs. All you have to do to access them is play mobile games.

Seriously, the mobile gaming industry pays users millions of dollars every year through their tournaments. Bringing in some extra cash is as easy and playing a mobile game that you love, here’s how it works.

Mobile games offer tournaments where users can choose to play for real money. You’ll always play against other real competitors who share your skill level. You’ll never have to play against a bot or bet against the house with these legit cash prize games.

If you choose to play for cash, you will have to pay a small entry to participate. These entry fees are usually pretty small, starting at just 60 cents. If you win the game, you will win back your entry fee and then some. Some games offer winnings of up to 20x the entry fee. However, if you lose the game, you will lose your entry fee.

If you aren’t into the risk of playing for cash, that’s totally fine. All of the games on are free to download and offer unlimited free play.

What Can you Play?

The sky is the limit when it comes to real money games. There are thousands of games across several genres including solitaire, bingo, board games, card games, adventure games, word games, puzzles, shooter games, esports and more.

If you have a favorite game, chances are there is a cash prize version of it available on your device.

How Much can you Earn?

There’s no limit to how much you can win playing mobile games. Your winning potential is determined by how much you play and how much entry fee cash you’re willing to play with. Most cash prize tournaments are pretty low key, offering prize pools in the $1 to $25 range. But if you want to turn the competition up a notch, you can find tournaments with prize pools reaching $200.

No matter what level of cash tournaments spark your interest, it’s important to note that cash prize games are not a side hustle. They’re just a fun way to channel your competitive spirit and win some extra cash here and there.

Can you Get Free Cash?

Yes, there are tons of free cash opportunities available in the real money gaming world.  Some apps will offer free entry into their cash prize tournaments when you save up gems.

Gems are earned through the free practice levels of a game, so all you have to do to win for free is play for free.

This opportunity eliminates all of the stress of playing for cash. There are free entry tournaments all over the app store, but Papaya Gaming and Avia Games are the developers to look out for if you want to win free cash.

Where to Find High Paying Apps searched the app store high and low for the best cash prize games. All of the games on their site are tested by the best and proved to be 100% legit. If you want to play with the knowledge that you’ll actually receive your winnings, make sure your games are RealMoneyGamer approved.