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Signs You Could be Earning Cash on Your Phone


Getting paid on your phone definitely isn’t for everybody, but it could be for you. If any of these signs sound like you, then you can be getting paid for the time you spend on your device.

We’re not talking gift cards; we’re talking cold hard cash sent directly to your PayPal account. Getting it is way easier than you might have imagined. There’s no extra labor or fruitless side hustle, just leisure and the opportunity to win some extra cash- no strings attached.

Here are the five major signs that you could be getting paid on your smartphone.

You Enjoy Simple Games like Solitaire

Who doesn’t love a little bit of gameplay? If you find yourself shuffling cards or even playing quick mobile games like Candy Crush, then you should be getting paid for it.

All it takes is the right mobile game. There are actually tons of games that pay real cash prizes to users. You can get paid in gift cards or cash just for playing. These games are 100% skill-based, so it’s not like gaming at an online casino. You’ll never play against a bot or have to submit to an algorithm to win- every win is based on how well you play.

You can win cash for playing all sorts of games. There are cash prize versions of solitaire, bingo, card games, puzzle games, word games and so much more.

You Turn to Your Phone for Boredom Relief

Do you find yourself scrolling away the dull moments in life? If you find yourself pulling out you phone during your downtime, it might be worth considering switching up your screen time routine. Instead of refreshing your feed over and over again, try playing a quick game and win some extra cash while you do so.

Most games take less than five minutes to play, so you won’t be distracted for too long. The bottomless pit of social content can turn your quick boredom relief into an all-day time suck, but a game won’t do that.

You can play completely for free or for real cash prizes and win in five minutes or less. 

You Love Friendly Competition

Some people live to channel their competitive spirit. If that’s you, cash prize mobile games are right up your alley.

You won’t have to play into the void of a game’s algorithm. When you play a real money game, you’ll be competing against other real people. Find tournaments for cash or just for fun at any time of day and win up to $75 in just one skill-based game.

You Like Getting Free Cash

Want to get gifted in cash? You don’t have to win at all, you can actually just get paid. There are endless free cash opportunities on these cash prize games. That means that you won’t have to pay any entry fees to win.

Users can even get paid to play regardless of whether they win or lose when they game with rewarded play apps. These apps will pay cash for your time spent testing new mobile games, reaching levels, and completing challenges. Rewarded play users can earn up to $25 with just one week of consistent gameplay.

You Find Your Games on

Bookmark it now and thank yourself later. Not every game on the app store will actually follow through on their cash prize promises, but the games on are worth the hype. Find legit cash prize games from every gaming genre that actually pay their users.

Then, find all of the insider tips you need to beat your competitors and win even more cash. It’s all on the site.