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Person wins $20 million playing lottery but takes home HALF

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A fortunate lottery winner recently won $20,000,000 on the Mega Millions last month in New York. However, they didn’t receive the full amount they were hoping for.

Mega Millions offers winners two options, like numerous high-stakes lotteries.

They can get the announced prize, in this example $20,000,000, in annuity installments over the course of time. Or, they might get a one-time cash payout in the form of a smaller lump sum.

The jackpot’s total cash value is $10.5 million. However, in addition to additional state and local taxes in New York, wins are also subject to federal taxes. In the 46 participating jurisdictions, Mega Millions tickets may be purchased for $2. However, it is common for jackpot winners to get substantially less than the stated sum.


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