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Money Moves to Make in your 50s


As you approach your 50s, it’s time to start thinking about your financial future and making smart money moves that will help you achieve your financial goals. While some people might view their 50s as a time to slow down and take it easy, it’s important to stay active and engaged with your finances to ensure that you’re on the right track for retirement. Here are some money moves you should consider making in your 50s.

  1. Evaluate your retirement savings: Your 50s are a critical time to evaluate your retirement savings and make sure you’re on track to meet your retirement goals. This might involve increasing your contributions to your retirement accounts, such as a 401(k) or IRA, or looking for ways to save more money each month.
  2. Pay off debt: If you have any outstanding debt, such as credit card debt or a mortgage, now is the time to start paying it off aggressively. The less debt you have when you reach retirement age, the more financially secure you’ll be.
  3. Plan for healthcare costs: As you get older, your healthcare costs are likely to increase. Make sure you have a plan in place to cover these costs, whether that means signing up for Medicare or setting aside extra money in a healthcare savings account.
  4. Review your insurance policies: Make sure you have adequate insurance coverage, including life insurance, health insurance, and disability insurance. This will help protect you and your family in case of any unexpected events.

Enjoy down time and earn extra cash at your leisure when possible: While it’s important to stay engaged with your finances, it’s also important to take time for yourself and enjoy your hobbies. One way to do this is by playing games and taking surveys for extra cash. This can be a fun and easy way to earn a little extra money each month, while also giving you a chance to unwind and have fun.


When it comes to playing games and taking surveys for extra cash, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure you’re using a legitimate website or app that pays you for your time. Second, be realistic about how much you can earn. While taking surveys and playing games can be a fun way to earn a little extra money, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme.

In addition to these money moves, it’s important to stay engaged with your finances and continue learning about new financial strategies and tools. This might involve working with a financial advisor or attending financial planning workshops or seminars.

By taking these steps in your 50s, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your financial goals and enjoying a secure and comfortable retirement.