Mom wins the big Maryland jackpot, she yells so loudly that her coworkers go to see how she is. - Real Money Gamer

Mom wins the big Maryland jackpot, she yells so loudly that her coworkers go to see how she is.


Recently, a mother from Maryland took a little break from her workday to scratch her Lucky Times 10 lotto ticket.

According to a press release from the Maryland Lottery on May 1, the 48-year-old said that she often plays the lottery and that she had a lucky penny that she uses on all of her scratch-off tickets.

The lottery participant informed authorities that she had previously won both a $100 and a $500 reward in the game. This time, she won a significantly larger sum: $50,000.

“I had to close my door after I started to scream. My coworkers enquired as to my well-being,” the woman added. I still find it hard to believe. The winner said that when she had collected herself, she contacted her daughter and husband to break the news.

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