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How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards in Minutes


Amazon is the marketplace of the twenty first century. We all know it well- you can get everything from the site, it’s never been more continent to shop.

Want to maximize the connivence? You can even get some free Amazon credits with this little-known secret that thousands of people are using today. Getting free Amazon gift cards is easier than you might realize, and it requires no grueling labor or out of date coupon codes.

The secret to getting free Amazon gift cards is in mobile games, rewarded play games to be more specific. Rewarded play apps pay users in gift cards to their favorite stores like Amazon just for testing new mobile games.

Gaming for money might sound intimidating, but anyone can do it. You can too, even if you have never played a mobile game before.

In this beginner’s guide to rewarded play apps, we will be covering how it’s done and how much you can get paid. Buckle up everyone, free Amazon cards await.

What are Rewarded Play Games?

Rewarded Play apps are free gaming platforms that offer rewards opportunities for users. There are a few rewarded play apps on iOS devices, but they are more plentiful on Android. Rewarded play platforms offer free winnings and do not require any entry fee submissions to win.

Some of the most popular rewarded play apps are Cash Alarm, Money Turn, Mist Play, and Coin Pop.

How Does Rewarded Play Work?

We can sense the question on your mind: how do these apps afford to give out free gift cards? Could it be the Amazon fairy godmother? A mobile game subsidy? A gift from Bezos himself?

The answer is simple- the cash comes from advertising money.

Mobile game developers are willing to fork up a lot of cash to get users to interact with their games. Rewarded play apps spread the wealth of this advertising money to their consumers. When you complete a task in the app, you’ll get points that can be redeemed for gift cards.

If Amazon isn’t your thing, you can earn gift cards to stores like Starbucks, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and more. There is no shortage of rewards to choose from.

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How to Get Paid

You won’t have to jump through any intense hoops to get your gift card rewards. Just find a rewarded play app and download it. Then, create your profile and scroll though their list of games that will pay. Once you’ve found a task you think you’ll enjoy, download the game through the rewarded play app. Be sure to follow the app’s directions for downloading, this will ensure that the app is able to track your progress.

Continue playing games and completing tasks until you have stocked up enough points to redeem your gift card. Your reward will come to your email within five business days.

How Much Can You Earn?

Your winnings depend on how often you play, and how quickly you complete tasks. The more tasks you complete, the more you can ear. When you play consistently you can earn up to $10 a week, but the most active players can earn up to $45 a week.

Every rewarded play app offers a different number of points per task, and some of them pay better than others. It’s best to shop around for the best rewarded play app for you and your gaming style.

How to Get Started

You can start earning in your free time with these legit rewarded play apps on Find your app and start playing for your next free Amazon purchase today.