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How to Actually Get Paid to Play Mobile Games


Smell that? That’s the cash waiting for you right beneath your nose.

No, we haven’t planted any cash in your wallet. We don’t have to, all of the extra cash you could hope for is waiting to be claimed in the app store.

If you have a smart phone, you have the opportunity to win real money today. Mobile games are facilitating cash to thousands of users every year, and you can be getting a cut. The secret to actually getting paid is knowing the apps that fulfill their end of the bargain. And once you’ve found the apps with the real cash, there are still some things you’ll need to do it get your winnings to your wallet.

Here’s how it’s done.

What are Cash Prize Mobile Games?

Let’s start with a quick overview for the uninitiated.

Cash prize mobile games are just as they sound- simple games that you can play on your smartphone that offer tournaments that pay real money to winners. These games are free to download and free to play, the cash prize opportunities are just an added bonus.

Cash prize gaming apps use the entry fee system, meaning that all users in a cash prize tournament must pay a small entry fee to play. The sum of everyone’s entry fee is what makes up the cash prize pool, which will be distributed to the top scoring contestants.

These games are fundamentally different from the games at a casino because they are entirely based on skill. No bots, and no betting against the house. Every tournament’s winner earns their prize with their in-game performance.

Finding Games That Pay Cash

Go on to the app store, search cash prize games. You’ll see thousands of search results, but there’s no telling how many of them will be legit.

Your time is precious, and you shouldn’t be wasting it on scammy “cash prize” apps. The truth is, not every game is created equal. So we’ve created a solution to make it easier than ever to find the top paying cash prize games.

Instead, head straight to to find your game. They’re constantly searching the app store high and low to find cash prize games that are worth your while. You can find games from every genre on the site, and they even offer exclusive tips and tricks to help you beat out your competitors.

How to Cash Out

Every game will have its own cash out process, but here are the standard steps that will get you to your first cash prize.

  • Download the app

Find your free game and install it onto your device.

  • Register your account

Once you open the app, you’ll be sent to some game tutorials. Once these are complete, head straight to the app’s settings and register your account. Most apps will not prompt you to do, but it is an essential step to securing your cash winnings. Your account should include your full name, date of birth, email, and payout preference.

  • Set up your entry fees and compete for cash

Once your account is registered, set up your entry fee payments with a deposit. After your entry fees have been accounted for, start to play for cash!

  • Cash out

After you have accumulated some cash winnings, deposit them to your PayPal account through the app’s settings. Then wait for your funds to hit your account, most users receive their winnings within five business days.

Can you Win Free Cash?

You can get cash winnings without paying any entry fees. Several apps offer free entry into cash prize tournaments, so you can win at no cost to you. Here’s an insider tip: you can almost always find free cash opportunities on apps developed by Avia Games and Papaya Gaming.

Get Started

Your next cash prize is closer than you could have imagined. Start by finding a cash prize game on Every game on the site is beginner friendly, so users of all experience levels can win. Play for free or for cash, then send your winnings to your digital wallet through PayPal, Cash App, gift card, and more.

Join the thousands of players like you who are collectively winning millions of dollars every year.