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Can You Really Win Money Playing Mobile Games?


It’s all fun and games until there’s extra cash on the line. Fortunately, there is a lot of extra cash on the line when you play games that pay.

Seriously, this pastime is helping people win extra cash every single day. Mobile game developers pay out millions of dollars to cash prize users every single year, and this lucrative pastime has been sitting under your thumbs this whole time.

If you’re ready to get a cut of the mobile gaming dough, continue reading our complete (and realistic) guide to winning real cash by playing mobile games.

What Kinds of Mobile Games Pay Cash?

There’s no one way to win cash playing mobile games. Chances are, if there’s a game you like, there is a mobile game version of it that pays real cash prizes.

Whether you like bingo, card games like solitaire, or puzzle games like Candy Crush- there is an app out there that pays real money to winners.

Sure, you can search up any game on your phone’s app store, but it could take some painstaking trial and error to get down to the bottom of whether that game is legit or not. Instead, go straight to the games on

We have tested and confirmed that every game on our site is legit. Find cash prize games across all genres in addition to helpful review guides and insider tips that can help you win more often on the RealMoneyGamer site.

How Cash Prize Tournaments Work

Cash tournaments on any real money gaming apps use the entry fee model. Meaning that all participants must pay a small entry fee to play.

Don’t worry, these entry fees aren’t huge investments. They start at just 10 cents and can go up to $10 or so. Entry fees are priced according to the cash prize pool, so the more the entry fee costs the more you can win. If you win the game, you’ll profit from your entry fee. You can win up to 10x your entry fee in any cash prize tournament.

Because of the entry fee model, most cash prize tournaments come with a bit of risk attached. But this risk is inherently different from the risk you take on at a casino.

This is because real money games are based entirely on skill. There are no bots on the games on RealMoneyGamer, so your win is totally up to performance of you and your competitors.

How Much Can You Win?

Your winning potential on any cash prize app comes down to how much you’re willing to play. Certain games offer higher paying cash tournaments than others, but every app on RealMoneyGamer offers a wide range of tournaments so you can play your way.

You can win $1 or $200 in just one round of gameplay in a cash prize tournament. Just note that higher cash prize pools mean that participants will have to pay higher entry fees.

If you want to limit your risk while competing for cash, try playing games from Papaya Gaming or Avia Games. These game developers offer free entry to their cash prize tournaments through gems. Earn gems by playing in the free practice rounds and save them up until you have enough to use them to enter into a cash prize tournament for free. Who doesn’t want a shot at free cash?

Who Can Play Mobile Games?

Every game on RealMoneyGamer offers unlimited free practice rounds that are available to anyone with the app, but there are some key requirements one must meet to be able to play for cash prizes.

All cash prize competitors must be at least 18 years old and reside in a location that permits mobile cash prize gaming. This varies from app to app, so be sure to enable location services in your app so you can confirm your eligibility. If you do not meet the location requirements for a game, you can still enjoy the unlimited free practice rounds or try another game.

Apart from the age and location requirements, there are no other qualifications one must meet to start winning. These mobile games are simple enough for anyone to learn regardless of their gaming experience.

Final Words

So, can you actually win real money by playing games on your phone? Yes! To get started, check out RealMoneyGamer’s list of legit mobile games. There are tons of options for iOS, Android and desktop games that you can start playing today. Go get your share of the cash prize pool