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75-year-old grandma won a huge jackpot in Iowa- Family doesn’t believe her!


A 75-year-old mother of three and grandma of four took a chance at a convenience store while running errands and bought a scratcher ticker. The Iowa Falls lady informed the lottery authorities, “I thought, ‘I should go over there and buy a ticket.'” “So, I went over there, got a ticket, and drove home.”

According to the news release, she scratched her “$500,000 CA$H” scratch-off ticket to reveal the game’s top prize. She wasn’t sure she could trust what she was seeing, though. “I pulled out my phone and checked the app, and it went ‘Ding! Congratulations! You’ve earned $500,000. When claiming her prize, she stated “I was shocked, I was just shocked,” she remarked.

The winner stated, “I told my kids, but none of them believe me either. “I had to send them a picture of the scratch-off ticket.” According to authorities, the winner claimed her gains and expects to invest.


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