Word Race Review: Puzzle Game With Real Prizes

Word Race Review: Does This Puzzle Game Offer Legit Real-World Prizes?

Word Race Review

Did you know you can get paid if you have a knack for words or love growing, pushing your brain’s abilities to the limit? We understand that this might not sound like some people’s idea of fun, but you’d be surprised how much fun you can have spelling out words!

Word Race’s free gameplay is currently all the rave among mobile gamers, but it can be hard to determine if the app’s tournaments actually offer legit real-money prizes.

Fortunately, we answer this question throughout this Word Race review. Continue reading this article so you don’t potentially fall victim to an online money-earning scam.

What is Word Race?

Word Race is a fun game that tests your vocabulary knowledge. Trace over letters in any direction to spell out all potential words on your game board.

Tether Studios, the developers of Word Race, is a leading gaming developer of some of the top-ranking skill-based games out there. Word Race is an excellent example of Tether’s high app standards, featuring accessible gaming mechanics and interactive graphics. If you are ready to try Word Race, download the free app onto your iOS or Android device.

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Word Race will become an app you enjoy if you love challenging yourself to light-hearted competition.

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Who Can Play Word Race?  

Word Race offers users free gameplay and a chance to win real money through the app. These real-world prizes are paid out by Skillz, a well-known mobile gaming platform. If you want to participate in cash tournaments, Skillz requires players to meet the age requirement of 18 years or older.

This app is free to download on the App Store for iOS users or Skillz for Android devices (currently unavailable in Google Play). Samsung users can also get it from the Galaxy Store. As a reminder, players in the following states cannot participate in cash tournaments per Skillz’s guidelines: AR, CT, DE, LA, and SD.

If you meet all the stated requirements above, you can start playing Word Race to win real money prizes! However, as you read this Word Race review, you will see why we also recommended this game for players who do not meet the requirements.

Is Word Race Legit?

word race

Yes, Word Race is a legit mobile puzzle app that helps train your brain. The best part is that the app offers real cash prize incentives to high-scoring players. 

You must pay a small entry fee to participate in tournaments to win legit money. Even though there’s a risk factor to competing, Word Race doesn’t guarantee you cash winnings. For those just beginning, we recommend practicing through the app’s free gaming feature to increase your ability to outscore your opponent.

To sum things up, Word Race is a legitimate skill-based game that pays winners real money prizes. However, if you enter cash tournaments and don’t win, you’ll lose your entry fee.

Word Race Reviews

Since its release, Word Race has garnered a 4.7-star rating on the App Store based on 1,000+ reviews and a 4.5-star rating on Android devices based on 100+ reviews on the Galaxy Store.

Here at Real Money Gamer, we think it’s essential to look at what real players say about apps to determine better whether an app is worth our time. Check out some of these 5-star reviews from Word Race players like you.

Droxass said: “I’m the type of person who likes to have my phone on hand almost all the time. I like playing games. This app lets me win money. So far, it’s good. It’s very addicting. You get to chat with other people/make friends, and whatnot. If you want to earn faster, you have to deposit at least $10. It’s worth it if you’re good at it. I haven’t had the chance to withdraw some money, so I don’t know how the transaction will be. For now, this app deserves my 5 stars!”

CoachPell said: “Great word challenge game! Keeps the mind sharp.”

Augustus said: “Be careful with this game. It’s so much fun it’s hard to put down.”

And stsdjw said: “I love a good word game. This word search game is fun to play, not to mention the ability to make money while you have fun is something that just stays with you and keeps you entertained.”

As you’ve heard, this game is an entertaining way to keep your mind sharp while winning money.

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How Does Word Race Work?

Word Race is a skill-based test that tests your vocabulary knowledge. This app is set up as a prize pool gaming app, meaning that tournament participants deposit money into the app for a chance to win real money prizes. 

Although there is a risk factor to Word Race because of the required tournament cash entry fees, players still have the chance to earn real money. Word Race offers free gameplay with in-app incentives for beginners or people who don’t get a thrill from competing.

We recommend practicing Word Race to expand your vocabulary for an increased winning potential. By staying consistent, you can actually profit off the game as long as you rank among the top-scoring players in your tournament.

How to Play Word Race

Word Race is simple to learn but hard to master.

Trace over tiles in any direction to spell out words from the letters given to you on your board. Receive more points by spelling out longer words. Race against the two-minute timer to get awarded the highest score!

Since the game is based on your knowledge, we recommend practicing playing for free before entering tournaments. Through practice, you will learn new words to use in competitions to receive more points.

Flex your vocabulary and quick-thinking skills by going head-to-head against competitors worldwide. Don’t worry about a player having an unfair advantage. When you enter tournaments in Word Race, you will always receive the same gameboard as your opponent. Ensuring the game is only based on how extensive your vocabulary arsenal is.

How Much Money Can You Win on Word Race?

word race review

Keeping your expectations realistic when playing mobile games for real-world prizes is crucial. While games like Word Race offer tournaments with guaranteed cash prize pools of up to $250,000, most people win a less significant amount of money from playing.

Players confident in their abilities and can rank on the leaderboard can expect to win anywhere from $1 to $50 per two-minute game. However, you risk losing the money you deposited into the app if you cannot receive the highest score in your tournament.

Ultimately, Word Race isn’t the answer to your financial woes, but it can help ease some of their pain if you consistently practice and play.

How to Get Started on Word Race


Word Race is available for download for free on the App Store for iOS devices or on Skillz for Android devices (currently unavailable on the Google Play Store).

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Start Playing

You can begin playing once you have downloaded the Word Race onto your mobile device and signed up with your Facebook or email.

Practice for free or play for a chance of winning real money by entering into tournaments. Showcase your vocabulary knowledge by tracing over letters on your game board to spell out words. The more words you know, the better!

Maximize your score by spelling out longer words.

How to Withdraw Your Money

Access your real-world prizes by activating the withdrawal process on Word Race. Your earnings will then be transferred into legit money and deposited into your account.

Word Race Review: Final Thoughts

word race

Word Race is the perfect app if you love learning and training your brain to get stronger! This game puts a thrilling twist on classic word searches and provides users with monetary incentives.

As seen throughout this Word Race review, this game is a legit way to make real money online. While you might not be able to hit the jackpot, it is a great way to supplement your salary in a fun way! If you are already gaming on your phone, you might as well download Word Race onto your iOS or Android device to start winning money from doing something you love.

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