Shoot Hoops for Prizes – Moneyball App Review: Is it Legit?

Shoot Hoops for Prizes – Moneyball App Review: Is it Legit?

Moneyball App Review

Did you know that you can earn real money online by playing mobile basketball games? Moneyball is one of the hottest new games that money-earners are raving about.

No jersey required. Moneyball is based on skill and brings some much-needed excitement to your gaming rotation. The cherry on top is that this binge-able game also features real cash rewards!

We know Moneyball sounds too good to be true. Keep reading this Moneyball app review to find out if Moneyball is a legit way to put some extra money into your wallet.

What is Moneyball?

Moneyball is an interactive game that brings all the excitement of basketball to your phone. Start collecting points by shooting as many baskets as you can.

Developed by Tether Studios, Moneyball highlights seamless graphics and easy-to-use features. Downloadable on iOS and Android devices, don’t be surprised if Moneyball quickly becomes your new go-to game.

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Moneyball Reviews

Moneyball’s popularity is reflected in the app’s 4.9-star rating on the Apple App Store. Although the app is on the newer side, with only a few hundred reviews at this time, it will undoubtedly join the ranks of Tether Studios’ top-performing apps.

The app also has a 4.5-star rating on the Galaxy Store, based on more than 50 reviews from Android users.

Here are a few of the things users are saying about Moneyball:

User CAS1928 says, “Simple, but highly addictive game. More challenging to play well consistently than it first appears.”

User AdventureGamingHQ says, “Wow, I’m impressed with this game! This game is really fun, easy, and simple, and I get the money.”

Who Can Join Moneyball?

Moneyball is for you if you want to earn money in your free time by competing against fellow gamers! Apple users can download the game from the App Store. Android users can get it from Skillz (not available in Google Play).

It’s important to remember that Skillz games have a strict age requirement of at least 18 years old to enter cash tournaments. For players residing in AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, and SD, you will also be unable to compete for real money prizes. You can start winning money by showing off your basketball skills as long as you are eligible.

For those who are ineligible to participate in cash tournaments, we recommend that you still try Moneyball. As you continue reading this Moneyball app review, you will come to see that this game is too fun to pass up. Moneyball features free gameplay, so no user is left out!


Is Moneyball Legit?

Yes, Moneyball is legit and pays out winners every day through Skillz. Skillz has countless apps under its gaming umbrella, paying millions of dollars in rewards to users like you.

While Moneyball earnings aren’t guaranteed, you’ll still have the chance to win extra spending money if you receive a high score in tournaments. It doesn’t hurt to try Moneyball, especially if you love basketball.

A small cash entry fee is required for those looking to compete in cash tournaments. Meaning that there is a level of risk when it comes to earning on Moneyball.

Tournaments are available at every level, so you can decide if you want to compete in lower or higher-risk games. To sum things up, yes, Moneyball is a legit real money gaming app that already boasts a whopping 4.9-star rating on the Apple App Store. 

Continue reading this Moneyball app review to get a detailed explanation of how to play and increase your earnings.

How Does Moneyball Work?

You might be wondering how Moneyball works. Well, this skill-based game allows users the chance to compete for guaranteed cash prize pools of up to $250,000. The exciting app is easy to learn and is available for every skill level, so no one is left out from increasing their bank account balance.

Moneyball is a free gaming platform that features free gameplay and cash tournaments. Shoot quickly and strategically to sink baskets. The goal of this mobile basketball game is to rack up as many points as possible by shooting hoops.

To make things fair when playing in tournaments, you’ll be matched with players of similar skill levels and compete using the same board. This helps ensure that one player doesn’t have a leg up over the other. The player with the most points at the end of the tournament wins.

Cash prize pools are made up of the entry fees that you are required to deposit into the game to compete in tournaments. As long as you improve your skills and win, you can have the chance to profit from your winnings. The highest performing players can even triple the amount of money they deposited into the Moneyball tournament.

How to Play Moneyball

Moneyball is easy to learn but harder to master. The aim of the game is to earn as many points as possible by sinking baskets and doing trick shots.

It’s important to practice your basketball skills through free gameplay. As you practice, you’ll find out new strategies to increase your score.

The game is set up with four regular balls and one moneyball. A moneyball is always reusable, while the other four balls are reusable until you miss a basket. Keep shooting until time runs out, or you lose your balls. The further you move up, the crazier and harder the challenges get.

Our top tips to outscore your competition and maximize your points through quick thinking and perfect aim. We recommend hitting trick shots to catch all bonuses and multipliers that help boost your score.


How Much Can You Win on Moneyball?

Now, to the good stuff and probably the reason you clicked on this Moneyball app review. How much you can win on Moneyball?

It’s important to keep your expectations realistic when going into any mobile game that pays real money. Most mobile money earners make enough money to add extra cash to their rainy day fund but not enough to quit their 9 to 5.

When trying to win big on Moneyball, consistency is important. Players who keep Moneyball in their top gaming rotation and practice using free gameplay can expect an increased earning potential. Tournaments are available with cash prize pools with guaranteed prizes of up to $250,000. However, these large competitions are risky and are few and far apart.

Since you have to pay cash entry fees and risk losing money on the app. We recommend participating in tournaments with smaller cash prize pools for a much better chance of winning. On average, these prizes range from $5 to $50, which is still a considerable amount of money.

Moneyball’s games only last a quick two minutes. Meaning that you don’t have to spend your whole day competing in a tournament. In the time you spent reading this Moneyball app review, you could’ve won real money already!

How to Get Started on Moneyball

Download Moneyball

Moneyball is free to download on iOS and Android devices. Play head-to-head against players worldwide to cash out real money online.

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Start Shooting

Once you’ve downloaded and signed up for Moneyball on your device, you are ready to start practicing your basketball skills. You can start competing in cash tournaments when you feel confident in your abilities.

The more you practice, the better you get, and the more you win. By working your way up to higher-risk tournaments, players with the highest scores can win up to $25,000 in league play.

We recommend hitting trick shots to collect bonuses and multipliers to help boost your score. By sinking your way to the top, you have the chance to win real money prizes!


How to Withdraw Your Money

Whenever you are ready to withdraw your earnings, you can transfer your in-app rewards into real money and deposit them into your PayPal or bank account. Yes, you heard that right. Money is deposited directly into your account. Moneyball can help Increase your balance and give you a fun and interactive passive income.

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Moneyball App Review: Final Thoughts

Moneyball is a legit skill-based game that features cash tournaments with guaranteed cash prize pools of up to $250,000. Test your basketball skills against real users across the world to win cash prizes.

If you enjoyed this Moneyball app review, we recommend downloading the app for free on your iOS or Android device. Moneyball makes mobile basketball that much more thrilling with cash incentives.

Now that you have learned all the ins and outs of this adrenaline-pumping game, you can start playing for the chance to win big today!

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