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Money Turn App Review: Get Paid for Your Time Gaming


There are tons of rewarded play apps that claim to pay users for their time spent gaming. When there are so many apps of this kind on the market, choosing the right one can be an overwhelming task. Which are worth the hype and worth your time? Find out below.

Let’s examine Money Turn. We’re going to cover how it works, how to play, and how much you can earn.


What is Money Turn?

Money Turn is a rewarded play app available for free download on all Android devices. Money Turn hosts tons of the games you know and love, and when you play games through the Money Turn app you can get rewards and gift cards.

This app is developed by JustDice GmbH, who are the same developers behind other popular rewarded play apps like Appstation and Money Flame. Money Turn, released in 2022, is their latest app that offers cash for gaming. The app already has over one hundred thousand downloads and a 4.7 out of 5-star rating on the Google Play Store.

All of the games on the app are rated E, so there is no age requirement to download, play, and earn. The app does not have any hidden charges or require in-app payments, which makes it even more approachable to people of all ages and gaming experience levels.

How Does Money Turn Work?

Money Turn is a rewarded play app, not a real money gaming app. That’s not to say that you won’t get money by using the app, it’s just a different way to earn by playing games. When you play real money games, you win cash by paying an entry fee and beating your competitors. But when you play with a rewarded play app like Money Turn, you earn cash rewards for your time spent gaming.

That means no entry fees, no losses, and no risk when you game.

Here’s how you get the cash. You’ll accumulate coins as you use the app. Different actions like downloading games, playing games, and watching ads result in different coin amounts being paid to your account. The app will automatically add to your coin bank as you play. Once you have enough coins, you can cash out and exchange your coins for real cash rewards.

Who Can Play Money Turn? 

Because there is no age requirement, basically anyone with an Android device can download and play on Money Turn. This app supports tons of games from every genre, which makes rewarded play more approachable than ever. Money Turn helps you get paid no mater your gaming preferences or skill level.

We think Money Turn is best for those who enjoy spending their time playing mobile games whether they’re being paid or not. However, this can be a viable side hustle for anyone who likes to relax on their phone. Even if you aren’t an everyday gamer, you can still enjoy the addicting games on the app.

Gaming is for everyone, so getting paid to game should be for everyone! As long as you have an Android device, you’re all set to download Money Turn and start gaming.


How to Get Started 

Using Money Turn is simple. Here’s how you can start earning in the app.

  • First, download Money Turn onto your Android Device
  • Then, choose your favorite games off of the arcade wall and download the ones you want to play
  • Finally, start gaming and earning coins

Once you start gaming, Money Turn will work in the background to add your coins as you game. The app will also take notice of your gaming habits and preferences to create a personalized arcade wall, so new games you’ll love will always be easy to find.

How Much You Can Earn on Money Turn