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Match n Flip: Win Real Cash App Review


We’ve found something new for card game aficionados everywhere. Meet Match n Flip: Win Real Cash, a free game inspired by Uno that can help you put some extra money into your wallet.

Let’s take a look into Match n Flip: Win Real Cash. We’re going to cover how to play and how much you can win on this exciting new game.

What is Match n Flip: Win Real Cash

Match n Flip: Win Real Cash is a mobile card game developed by AviaGames Inc. Right now, the app is exclusively available on iOS, but it will likely expand to the Samsung Galaxy Store soon.

The game is free to download and play, and it offers unlimited cash tournaments with prize pools reaching up to $150 per game. In each game, you’ll be matched with up to five other real competitors who match your skill level, and the top three scorers will split the cash prize pool. On Match n Flip, you have three times the chance of taking home a portion of the cash prize.

How to Play Match n Flip: Win Real Cash

Match n Flip is essentially a solo version of Uno. So, if you’ve played Uno before, you already have a leg up in this game. But the learning curve is short compared to most other card games, so you’ll learn quickly even if you’ve never played Uno before.

Here’s how it works.

It’s the object of the game to clear the deck before the clock runs out. To do so, tap cards of matching color or number. If you run out of moves, tap into your draw pile on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen or use one of your wild cards from the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Be cautious with your wild cards and draw pile, because you have a finite number of these cards. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Do whatever you can to clear a chain of cards without tapping into your draw pile. You will get points for every card cleared, and you will get maximum points for quickly clearing cards without utilizing your draw pile.

Once you clear the deck, you will get a 1,000-point bonus added to you score in addition to a time bonus. Once each player has finished their individual game, all point totals will be compared, and prizes will be given out accordingly.

Tips and Tricks

Get ahead of your competitors with these Match n Flip tips.

  • Play for Time – Once you get the strategy of this game down, you’ll notice how easy it is to clear the deck. This makes for an exciting game with small point margins between players. Sometimes, the time bonus score is what tips the scale in your favor. Once you get your footing in the game, play for speed to get the highest pint value possible.
  • Split the Deck – Once you’ve cleared a column of cards, you can split the remaining columns to reveal more cards. Be sure to split decks to reveal as many cards as possible throughout the entirety of the game, so you can make chains without tapping into your draw pile.
  • Utilize the Undo Button – Not every game gives the option to take back your last move, but Match n Flip does! One wrong move does not have to be the thing that makes or breaks you, and it doesn’t have to. Use the undo button when necessary but be careful not to let it take up too much of your game time
  • Save Wild Cards for Last – Do whatever you can to reserve your wild cards for the end of the game. Once you only have two colors left, use your wild cards for a speedy finish

Is it Legit?

Match n Flip: Win Real Cash is a legit way to win some extra cash in your free time. “Win cash” is in the name for a reason!

AviaGames Inc. is a trusted real money gaming developer, and they pay out thousands in cash prizes every day. Once you’ve built up some winnings, send your cash directly to your PayPal account in the app.

An Honest Review Of Match n Flip: Win Real Cash:

Who Can Win on the App?

You don’t have to have years off gaming experience in your back pocket to be able to win extra cash on Match n Flip.

Contrary to common belief, even people with little to no gaming experience can win on games like this. Just about anyone can master the game in just a few rounds of gameplay, making Match n Flip perfect for beginners.

Cash prize tournaments on Match n Flip: Win Real Cash are only available to those 18 years of age and older living in an eligible location. As of right now, cash tournaments are not available in AK, CT, DE, LA, or SD but users in those US states can play unlimited free rounds of gameplay on the app.

How Much Can You Win on the App?

Match n Flip: Win Real Cash offers legit cash prizes reaching up to $150 per game. Prize pools are split between the top three players, so you can win up to $50 per game when you secure the top prize.

To enter into your first cash prize tournament, you’ll have to submit a cash deposit to cover your entry fees. Entry fees are required on most cash prize tournaments, and they typically cost anywhere from a few cents to a dollar or so depending on the value of the cash prize.

If you win the tournament, you’ll win back your cash prize and then some. When you place first, you can win up to 200x your entry fee. 

In Conclusion

Match n Flip: Win Real Cash is an ultra-fun and fast card game that can help you win some extra cash in your free time. Here are three things you should remember about this game.

  • Play unlimited free levels or for cash
  • Download for free on iOS
  • Collect gems to enter into cash tournaments for free