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Blockolot: Win Real Cash Review- Is This the Best Puzzle on the App Store?


Here is a mobile puzzle game that will test your skills and maybe even pay you some real cash prizes. Let’s review Blockolot: Win Real Cash; we’re going to cover how to play, helpful tips and tricks, and how much you can win.

What is Blockolot: Win Real Cash?

Blockolot: Win Real Cash, or Blockolot for short, is a free puzzle game available on all iOS devices. Developed by AviaGames, Blockolot offers cash prize competitions against other real competitors across the world. The app will pair you with competitors who match your skill level so you can have a fair shot at the win every time you play.

How to Play Blockolot: Win Real Cash

Blockolot is a classic puzzle game that challenges you to get as many pieces on the game board as possible before the clock runs out. But here’s the trick- when you completely fill a row, or 3×3 chunk of the puzzle, the pieces will disappear to make room for more on the board.

You will be awarded points for every puzzle piece your clear from the board in the allotted three minutes of game time.

The game will deal you three puzzle pieces a time, and you must place them all on the board before you are dealt new pieces. This requires you to think on your feet, and to anticipate for new pieces before you know what spaces you will have to fill.

If you end up with a piece that will not fit on the board, you will be out of moves and your game will end before the time is up. Once every competitor has completed the round, point totals will be compared and prizes will be given out accordingly.

Tips and Tricks

Try these block puzzle tips to maximize your points, every time.

  1. Prioritize Completing Rows and Columns – Blockolot is a competitive puzzle game, so to get head of the competition you must tailor your strategy to the point system. The faster you clear columns and rows, the faster you will get awarded with points. Use this to your advantage when placing pieces on your board. Completing rows is less risky and more rewarding than attempting to fill chunks on the board without completing any clearings.
  2. Avoid Leaving Single Spaces Empty – Try not to block in any single spaces on your board. While there are single-space puzzle pieces that can be dealt, they are few and far between. Do what you can to fill single slots before they get trapped behind other pieces.
  3. Learn the Blockolot Shapes – As you play on, you will notice that there are only so many different shaped pieces you will receive. Memorize the shapes to better anticipate for what’s to come. 

Is This Game Legit?

Blockolot: Win Real Cash is a legitimate real money game. That is, Blockolot is a for sure way to test your skills and even win some extra cash while you’re at it.

This game is developed by AviaGames, one of the most beloved mobile gaming developers out there. They are the developers behind real money favorites like Bubble Buzz, Bingo Clash, and Solitaire Clash. These games give out tens of thousands in cash prizes every year, and Blockolot is no exception.

If you want to win some extra cash in your free time, Blockolot: Win Real Cash is a great way to do so, it’s totally legit.

Who Can Win on Blockolot?

Let’s cut to the chase- you do not have to be a dedicated gamer to be able to play and win on Blockolot. In fact, you could start winning cash on this game even if this is the first game you’ve ever played.

Blockolot is extremely user friendly, and perfect for players of all experience levels (even total beginners!) However, there are some additional requirements to be able to play for cash prizes.

You must be at least 18 years old and living in an eligible location to be able to play for cash. Cash prize tournaments are currently unavailable in AK, CT, DE, LA, and SD. But anyone can play in the free competitions on the app.

How Much Can You Win on Blockolot?

Here’s the deal- Blockolot (or any cash prize game) is not a path to become a millionaire, but don’t let that fact discourage you. Blockolot can help you win up to $20 per win, and there are unlimited chances to win on the app.

It should be noted that app posted prizes on Blockolot are prize pools. The top three competitors of each tournament will split the prize money. The first and second place winners will win back their entry fee and then some, and the third-place winner will win back a majority of their entry fee.

If you can secure a first place win you can take home up to 200x your entry fee. Once you’ve built up your winnings send them directly to your PayPal account in minutes.

Things to Remember

Blockolot: Win Real Cash is a competitive puzzle game that can help you win up to $20 in just three minutes. Here’s what you need to remember about this game.

  • Download for free on all iOS devices
  • Play for cash or in unlimited free levels
  • Get more chances to win with prize pool tournaments