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An Honest Review of Solitaire Fortune


There are thousands of competitive games for you to choose from on the Appstore, and we’ve found one that you can’t pass up.

Let’s review Solitaire Fortune. We’re going to be covering how the game works, how to win cash, and how much you can win on the app.

What is Solitaire Fortune?

Solitaire Fortune is a competitive solitaire game available for free on the Apple app store. The app offers both unlimited free play as well as tournaments with legit cash prizes. Users can win cash in just five minutes with instant cash prize transfer through PayPal.

The app is developed by Tripledot Studios, mobile game creators who specialize in bringing cash tournaments to approachable and familiar games like solitaire, puzzles, and more.

On the app store, Solitaire Fortune has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating, with 21.2k ratings. Solitaire Fortune is in the top 100 card games on the app store with thousands of active players. As of November 2022, the app is only available on iOS with no other versions of the game available for Samsung or Android devices.

How to Play Solitaire Fortune

Solitaire Fortune takes the classic rules of solitaire and adds a point system and a time limit. Each round of solitaire has a five-minute limit. Every time a card is moved to progress the deck, points are added to your score.

Each competitor in the round of solitaire will be playing their own individual game, but all players will be using the same deck. Whoever scores the most points in the least amount of time will win the round.

Unlike a game of solitaire with a regular deck of cards, every game of Solitaire Fortune is solvable. When the cards can’t win, it’s best to play until the deck is solved so you can get as many points as possible.

If you’ve played solitaire before, then you’ll know how to play Solitaire Fortune. But if you’re looking to pick up solitaire for the first time on Solitaire Fortune, catch yourself up with these solitaire basics.

Solitaire Basics

  • The object of solitaire is to organize your deck with a series of tableau stacks and foundation piles. Tableau stacks are organized in descending order, from king to two, with alternating card colors. Cards of the same color cannot be stacked on each other in tableau stacks.
  • At the top of your screen, you will see spaces for your foundation piles. Foundation piles are organized by suit from ace to king. As soon as an ace becomes available, move it to your foundation piles and start stacking twos, threes, and then on for every suit.
  • Once you run out of moves from your tableau stacks, start drawing from your stack. Cards can only be moved if they are the top-most card, or if the cards below are in the correct order.
  • Once ever card in the deck has been solved, the game will be finished.

How Much can you Win on Solitaire Fortune?

Solitaire Fortune is a legit cash prize mobile game that pays out users every single day.

Even though Solitaire Fortune pays users in cash winnings, it may not be reasonable to expect to become a millionaire from playing this game. However, you can win some small fortunes here and there.

Solitaire Fortune has a wide variety of cash prize listings, ranging from $5 to $100 per game. Here’s what we love about Solitaire Fortune: they offer both 1v1 tournaments and cash prize pools.

Be sure to tap on the posted prize to see how it will be divided among players. In cash prize pools, the top three participants will split the posted prize, and in 1v1 tournaments just one player will get to take home the total sum of the prize.

How to Start Winning on Solitaire Fortune

Ready to start playing for cash on Solitaire Fortune? Here are the steps that will get you there. 

  1. Download the app onto your iOS device – The app is free and ready to be downloaded onto any iOS device. Free tournaments will become available instantly!
  2. Deposit some entry fee cash – In order to participate in a cash prize tournament, you will have to submit an entry fee. Entry fees prices are set according to the amount of the cash prize. The higher the cash prize, the higher the entry fee will be. However, entry fees are relatively small investments considering the potential payoff. Your cash prize can be worth quadruple your entry fee. Submit your first deposit to cover your entry fees to start playing for cash.
  3. Confirm your age and location – Before your cash tournament, you will get a pop up from your phone to confirm your location to guarantee that you are complying with the laws in your state. Mobile cash tournaments are currently not available in Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, or South Dakota. If you’re at least 18 years old and living in an eligible location, you’ll be able to confirm that with a tap of a button.
  4. Start playing for legit cash prizes – It’s time to start playing your first cash tournament. Once you’ve built up some winnings, instantly transfer them to your PayPal account for the fastest payout possible.

Things to Remember

Solitaire Fortune is a legit cash prize game available on all iOS devices. This game offers low-key free play and tournaments with triple digit cash prizes all in one app.

Here are three things to remember before you start playing Solitaire Fortune.

  • Play in 1v1 or prize pool tournaments and cash out instantly with PayPal
  • Play unlimited free practice rounds on the app
  • Get added bonus cash for every cash deposit