Legit or Not: Appstation - Real Money Gamer

Legit or Not: Appstation


Learn how to earn real gift cards to Amazon, Best Buy, and more by playing mobile games on Appstation.

What Is Appstation?

Have you ever come across a time when you find yourself sitting at home on the couch bored, or maybe you’re in your car at curbside pickup waiting to pick up some food? Perhaps you may be out in a waiting room checking in for your next appointment at your doctor’s office for a check-up?

Did you know that these short waiting periods are a great way for you to earn cash on an app called Appstation? That’s right! Appstation pays you to be on the app and play games that you come across.

If you have an Android mobile device, you will be able to download Appstation on the Google Play Store, and once downloaded, Appstation offers featured apps that will be available to the user to use and get paid for using them.

The longer you use the apps that you’ve downloaded from Appstation, the more you’ll be able to get paid while using them. Each minute spent on the app, depending on the game you select, will give you more coins to use and redeem for cash.

So, don’t waste your time waiting around and doing nothing when you can actually discover how you can earn more money while using the free time you have on the Appstation app. Once you start making more cash, you won’t regret the decision you made.

How to Play & Win with Appstation

Appstation itself offers the apps you need to use to help work your way into earning more cash. While you use the apps, you are paid through coins while using the apps recommended by Appstation.

Now depending on your location and other traits, Appstation will recommend the top apps that best suit your demographic and will provide you the chance to get more coins to earn more money.

The more coins you earn from the apps you’re on, the more you will be able to redeem them when it comes to redeeming them in Appstation.

Another way to earn more coins in Appstation is by referring friends or family members to hop onto Appstation and earn money with you. Each friend or family member will receive recommended apps that best fit their profile which allows for everyone to earn while playing the games that entertain their lifestyle.

Appstation also offers users to take advantage of participating in surveys to earn more coins faster, which will offer a better redemption in the cash, prizes, and gift cards you may select from.

What Can You Win?

When you’re on Appstation, the cash you can earn is quick and easy. As a user, you’ll be able to earn cash based on the currency you’ve attached to your geographic location.

Once you’ve accumulated the number of coins that are available to redeem from the games you played on Appstation, you have the option to select from multiple redemption options.

These options range from redeeming a cash payout through a secure service using PayPal. But you are also able to redeem the coins you earned through gift cards that are offered by Appstation.

Do you play games that are usable on the Playstation Network or maybe on Xbox? Well, Appstation offers gift vouchers that can be redeemed for use on these types of games.

Additionally, you’re also able to redeem coins for Amazon gift cards if you find yourself leaning more towards that option because you’re an avid Amazon shopper.

If you enjoy shopping for the top athletic apparel clothing and accessories, Appstation also offers gift cards for places like Nike or even shopping cards for Walmart shoppers.

You’re not limited to what you can redeem when using Appstation, so take advantage of your time and earn more cash when you use Appstation.

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