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How To Play Bingo for Money at Home

Kill your boredom with some easy fun while playing bingo. The best part is that you can even earn some extra cash from it. If you’re looking to have some fun at home, a Bingo night might be the perfect solution.

Learn about the different ways how you can play Bingo online in the comfort of your own home.

Ways To Play Bingo at Home

1. ZOOM with friends and family:

Throughout the pandemic people everywhere have turned to free video conference site, Zoom to connect with others. You may have used Zoom for work meetings or office appointments, but who says Zoom is only for business?

Getting all your friends and family in one room can be difficult. Throughout the pandemic Zoom parties established a new way for people to stay connected despite distance, and we shouldn’t leave that connection behind as we move past the pandemic. Here’s the thing about Zoom parties, they can be awkward. Lag can make flowing conversation difficult and can even kill the party vibe altogether.

The solution is Bingo. The game will make everyone feel connected and ease the pressure to force conversation though the inevitable video call lag.

Everything can be done online, even bingo. If you have friends and family scattered across the globe, you can still game together. If you want to offer cash prizes, have your bingo guests buy in to the game through Venmo or Cash App.

2. Virtual Bingo Night:

Want to skip the video calls and cut straight to bingo? Eventbrite is a  virtual event site that hosts tons of live Bingo events that you can tune into. Eventbrite has tons of bingo events that offer cash prizes, like drag bingo and charity bingo.

Find an event that you can make it to and purchase the necessary buy in amount. Remember, these events are completely live, so you must logon at the designated time.

Eventbrite’s bingo parties are like a virtual bingo hall. You can have all the fun of a large bingo event without leaving your couch.

3. Play Bingo Apps for Real Cash!

These games turn classic bingo up a notch. Game developers have turned bingo into a skill-based game, so winning is no longer dependent on the luck of the draw. You can start building your bingo skills today, because that’s totally a thing now.

You can play bingo against real competitors at any time with these apps. And of course, you get paid cash when you win these games. You’ll see bingo in a whole new light with these innovative games.

Blackout Bingo

Available on iOS and Samsung, you can travel the world as you complete new levels and exciting challenges. Over 5 million people have already downloaded and are using Blackout Bingo and winning cash prizes. Games only take two minutes to play, so you can learn fast and master new bingo challenges every day.

Bingo Clash

Available on iOS and Android, Bingo Clash uses classic bingo rules to test your speed and wits.  See how fast you can get a bingo with this game.

Bingo Blitz

Available on desktop, iOS, and Android Bingo Blitz is a completely immersive bingo experience. Explore an awesome virtual world and get to know lovable characters as you play this fusion of bingo and board games. You can play several different bingo games and fun mini games, all in one app. Play and win with your friends and with other players across the world with Bingo Blitz.

4. Host a Bingo Event at Home

While there are tons of virtual bingo options, sometimes being in person with your loved ones is the best. Hosting a bingo game night is an exciting way to change things up with your friends and family. Even better, bingo parties are relatively inexpensive to host.

All you’ll need are a few minimal supplies and some friends to play some bingo! We’ve outlined everything you’ll need and gathered some accessible options for you to host your first bingo event. Continue reading to get down to the nitty gritty of hosting your bingo party.

How to Host Your Own Bingo Event at Home

1. Print or Buy Cards

First, you’ll need some cards, its easiest and cheapest to download and print these at home. You can find some awesome bingo boards at

If you want a sleeker look, or you if don’t have access to a printer, you can always purchase a bingo game set from your local party store. Here’s a set of 100 cards we ready for purchase on Amazon.

2. Markers

Everyone in your group will need a marker to daub their card during the game. There are tons of inexpensive options you can find on Amazon. If you’re using printable cards, regular pens and markers will do the trick. If you have cards with no markers and you don’t have time to shop for them you can use pennies to cover the numbers on a bingo card.

3. Online Bingo Caller

Hopefully you’ve noticed that you do not need an old timey bowler to get random bingo numbers. And you especially don’t need to designate one person to call out the numbers. At your party, everyone should be included in the bingo fun, including you.  Try this automatic bingo caller so nobody has to sit out on the fun!

4. Play Bingo for Cash or Bragging Rights

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of friendly competition and playing for cash will definitely ignite the competition. The cash prize amount can totally depend you and your friend group. You can play for hundreds in the pool or play for pennies. No matter how much you could win, you’ll feel like a high roller when you get to shout BINGO!

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